The gift may not be easy. The road that is less chosen is the road that wants to be less traveled.  The mindset is a powerful mechanism that can bring us wealth and poverty.  The spirit and the God in you fight the trials and tribulations that are set up for us to fail if we don’t fight!  How we can get caught up in currency and financial failure.  How we all strive to leave a legacy is so important.  Yet we fight to breathe.  To make it from day to day.

The trials and tribulations, hills and valleys that absolutely no one wants to walk nor dwell in.  If the world was perfect that the citizens that live upon it would be perfect too.  All the problems that we endure and issues that plague us with so much hurt and pain would never ever be a lesson.  There could never be any growth.  There could never be any knowledge. 

As I preach this to you.  I preach this to myself.  Let your beacon of light shine as you course through this world.  Hold on, because the reward is coming!  This race is not given to the swift nor the strong. But he who endures to the end! Ecc. 9:11

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