Life has so many possibilities! Reasons, why's, smiles, tears, angst a plenty! However, the lessons, knowledge, the wisdom and insight one gets is indeed priceless.  Through every great move, through every bitter turn. Life has shaped, formed and given us priceless!

Though we live in an ever moving fast world. The ever changing moving, hustle and grind we need to not get consumed with all the extreme burdens of the world and embrace our goals, dreams, needs and wants.  To share, reciprocity, to listen and be heard. To grown and build.  To love and no hate nor carry envy.  Uplift, care, show empathy and walk by an ever present faith that gives you "I can't stop won't stop and give up! Rise and fight!" 

Focus on you.  What you love.  Whom you love.  And open to love.  Love the human in humanity.  Embrace and share.  Grace and mercies beseech you and your seeds planted blossom and rain on you.

Stay encouraged!

Toy High

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