We fight for it and over it. We chase and run up behind it. We crave and taste to have it. Some of us will do whatever it takes for money, fame, success, love and more! Placing ourselves in precarious situations that we have to dig ourselves out of. And some can't. Some have to endure the pain and the diabolical shame! Greed, narcissism, low self-esteem and not being cognitive of the decisions some of us may make. Leading ones self down a terrible path that now we have to face and cannot run from. What is more important? One must decide...your well being?....peace of mind?...or your soul?

Toy High

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Great book. This is a must read. This book is edgy and full of "whoa" moment without that shock just to shock factor. Easily one of the most intelligently written reads I've had in a long while. The stories paint descriptive portraits, and the poems keep you thinking even after closing the book.

Reginald Williams

great read! get the book!!!!

Cedric Thomas

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ISBN 978-3-7368-9494-5 

Dramatic, riveting, touching, exciting, thought provoking, rich, compelling, page turner, serious, sincere, emotional, jaw dropping, truth, non-factional, deep, dichotomy, daring when all is said and done!  The adjectives that describe the short story filled book!

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A HUGE thank you goes out to Lukasz Lowkis British composer! For the use of his  musical composition "Sick Desire" A wonderful composer! Please be sure to Google him and hear his work on YouTube! Also be sure to go to his website and find out more on this talented artist work!  www.lukaszlowkis.com


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