Sometimes some of us can only think for just the moment.  Never thinking of what the future could and my hold for us.  Though we really should really be too concerned of what other's opinions are of us.  There are some opinions, words and thoughts of other's that can throw us in a bad light.  Think before you do and think before you speak...

I was laughing so hard my best friend Carrie and I always kee-keyed together.  I enjoyed our laughter and our gossip sessions.  Carrie was a hairstylist to some major celebrities and she worked for a major network too styling hair.  I was wiping the tears from my face as she kept going on and on.  She never told me the names of her clients. But some stories she told me I could sort of figure out who she was talking about.

“Stooooop!!!!”  I said holding my sides and stomach. 

“Giiirrrrrrl, I’m telling you a big mess!”  I was still laughing.

“Woooo!  You are a mess and a half!  I cannot with you!”

“I’m just saying.  Listen when you give it up and away to sooooo many people no one wants that!”

“No they don’t I will agree.  Well maybe not.”  Carrie looked at me with a disgusted look.

“Um are you crazy or what?”

“You remember Shane?”  She nodded her head yes.

“Yes I do what about her?”

“She slept with just about all the guys in the neighborhood.”


“My point is the guys still came after her.”  Carrie thought about it for a minute.

“Yes they did but she also had a tarnished reputation.”

“I agree, so maybe men like that…you know, the chicks that are easy.” Carrie shrugged her shoulders.

“I think when you place yourself out there like that and don’t respect yourself it places you in a bad light Mena.”

“I am not disagreeing with you at all Carrie.  It seems the loose women get it. The men still go after them.  What about Super Head?  She wrote a tell all book of all the many men she slept with and the men still go after her.”

“Yeah they do, they come after her for the sex only!  Once the brothers really get to know her they leave her!  She runs her mouth and post videos, pics and tweets of all the men she has been with.  The woman has been married twice and how long did the marriages last?  Not long at all!  The girl has issues beyond what you and I know.”  I nodded my head yes.

“But still and all no one really wants her like that, they only want the sex. Mena no one really wants to wife a hoar.  Carrie huffed.  Do you want a man that is bedding down with any and all women he is sexually attracted to?  And if you did sleep with the man because you have heard that he is wonderful in bed.  After a couple of sessions or relations I guarantee you will be tired of him and his whoring ways.”


“How many people can I mention that we both know that are run downed and are alone because of the life they lead?  Jason, Alex, Brian…uhhh who else?  Mitch and Stan.  All of them I am sure cannot recall all of the women they have been with.  And who was it, let me see…. It was Stan that has been married twice and divorced because he cannot keep peter in his pants! And when a woman who loves herself sees that, they get gone in the wind!”  And she blew air out of her mouth.

“I do agree I am just looking at the bigger picture.  And I am not saying that you are not wrong at all.  No I do not want a man that sleeps around with women as a sport.”

“And do you think that this chick I was telling you about will get wifed up or be in a serious relationship for long?  Girl she has not only slept with all the men stylist she has slept with a lot of her clients, and a lot of them are women too!  I cannot tell you how many times she has hit on me!  The audacity of her when I know all of her business!”

“But again Carrie she is not short of getting it is all I am saying.”

“Tramp and more tramps and low self-esteem is all I can say for the men and women that lay with her and know her history.  I purposely hooked her up with a good man I knew.”  I shook my head.

“Why did you do that?”

“Just to prove my point.  She slept with the man on the first date!”

“Okay so what does that say about him?  That he is a man?  She is a gorgeous woman Carrie no man is going to turn her down.  It is simple.”

“I got you on that one, she is and I am not one to be jealous or envious of her looks.”

“I am beginning to wonder.”  Carrie gave me the side eye and then rolled her eyes at me.

“Anyways, within the same week she was bringing women to the man.  Of course he indulged thinking he had hit the jackpot!  But this is where it gets hairy.  Just so happened that one of the girls she had brought by the next week to have a threesome was the man’s ex-girlfriend!” I covered my mouth!

“Shut up!” Carrie gave me a look.

“And when he told me I acted so surprised. I mean I had no idea she had brought or knew that she had slept with his ex.  I just acted surprised that she was that type of person.  He later found out she screwed one of his boys!  He took her out to some event he was invited to.  He was so embarrassed when his boy told him that he had hit that along with two of his other friends.”

“So what happened?”

“He kicked her to the curb!  That is what he did!  After he got his head right.  Apparently the girl has some serious skills and she is off the bricks mad freaky and will do just about anything! He felt real stupid because within the short time they were together he had dropped some serious cash on her.”

“So you must have not really liked this guy.”

“No he and she were two of the same.  Both of them slept around.  You see my point is, no one really wants used panties and draws at the beginning and end of the day.” I chuckled a bit.

“Amen to that.”

“Just Toy”

Written Expressions


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