There are some who are the epitome of classy,charm, grand and their ego proceeds them at times. And for the ones that get even in a malicious way, and leave you open.  Those are the ones to watch and be weary of.  For you never know if the game has begun, or if it has ended.....

Never once had I met anyone in my life like Taylor. Taylor was the epitome of class and raw beauty. Sophistication and sex appeal with an edge about her. She drew people to her like a rayon stretch skirt. Her smile, laughter, the way she told a joke. Her raw talent to make people feel good whenever they were around her. The light and aura around her always shone!

A giver and a generous nature about her spirit. She was a concerned human being. And it was not until I Destiny Rodgers knew I had a friend for life. She has been with me and for my family through so many ups and downs. And has remained close to each and all. She is a part of my family. They all consider her to be. She loans and give them money. Some of my brothers who have crushes do little special things for her. She thinks I don’t know. But I do. And it’s okay, she has never crossed any lines with my family. Taylor and I have been doing this friendship for ten years!

Taylor and I were never once jealous of each other. Put each other down, we assisted each other with raw words and real understanding. Attack our problems like real adults. We both taught each other to think with our minds and not emotions. And I love the realness of what we have.

Taylor is something else too. Not one woman I have met to date can get even the little things from anyone who pursues her. I know this cause I am always a part of some mission, or plan to get something done. We are like Lucy and Ethel. Of course me being Ethel. Because some of the things Taylor and I have done I would have never thought of to do or say. And the plans and plots are so theatrical and dramatic. I laugh as I say this, because that’s my girl Taylor, always up to something. And not up to something at the same time.

I had never met someone who was as sharp and could see through people immediately. What I loved most about Taylor was the ability to read in between the lines. Now we as I stated before never once hated upon each other. Never that, but she helped me to look in between the lines. And as I stated earlier, that thing that we as women do. We let our emotions lead our decisions and not our brains. And so many times in our personal and business lives we let our emotions rule and not use our right minds.

Taylor never sweated the small stuff. And when there was major trouble around. She for some reason didn’t let that get her down either. She may had a moment here or there, and maybe later down the line. But she knew that she had to snap out of that very quickly. However this is where the fun begins. The stories of me and my girl. And her and her upscale drama!Scene 1

Take 1~

And Action!


It was Noah’s birthday party. And Taylor was going to throw him a surprise birthday party at her place. Noah was a cool laid back reserved type guy. The type that Taylor always seemed to attract. Never the outgoing bouncy type which she loved. But the ones who wanted to live their lives vicariously through hers.

Noah was an attractive man, nothing spectacular about him to me or Taylor. I knew that he was just something for her to do to pass the time away. Taylor had bigger fish to fry. And he stayed on her like fish to water. Noah was the clingy type, they type of man that drove a independent I will do what I want to do woman like Taylor batty!!!! But of course she had semi-patience with him. And she kept him on a long leash. But he was very nice to Taylor, so she worked on not taking advantage of his sincerity.

Now Taylor had begin to discover some things about Noah that she was tiring of. He was scared of her, but yet wanted her. He seemed to be at times in a confuse state and really didn’t know what he wanted. So this put Taylor in the mode of where she did things for him from the heart. Small things. She would take him to lunch, bring him breakfast at times to his job. Send little sweet encouraging notes. Splurge here and there on dinner dates. Give him small little token gifts. And like I told you she loved catering to people. So she did things like that. Only to confuse him more. And why she took it upon herself to do this? She told me because no woman had treated Noah like this. And it was the last thing he had expected.

Due to the fact that Noah was a shy man, conservative and yet had some things about him that he wanted to find in himself through Taylor. But Taylor felt she did not have time to teach a new man. She needed a man who was already taught to treat and deal with a woman.

Anyway, the clinginess had started to wear. And when you do not have Taylor’s attention, you do not have Taylor’s attention. And then she begins to wander about. Noah had made the mistake by telling Taylor that he was thinking of leaving town. Moving back to New Jersey. He had been mentioning this for some time now. And Taylor knew what he was trying to say but couldn’t. He wanted Taylor to come with him. But how can you want someone to come with, and you can’t commit? Go figure. He had been telling her about the great jobs out there. He could help her get a job making great money. And that she could stay with him. Hmmm… attention. Taylor was not in love, but she had love for him.

Noah had told her this would be his last week here. But Taylor had found out other wise. He had told her that he had given his job his resignation. That he had purchased a condo and was ready to go. And that he would send for her ( she had not agreed to this at all) But for whatever reason in Noah’s warped mind. He just knew that she was going to come live and be with him.

Taylor had went to his job to take him flowers the day of his birthday. And as she was talking to a few people, she had found out that he was not leaving. That he had just got promoted, and his secretary told her he had bought a new condo here. Well of course this infuriated Taylor!! This bastard had lied to her. She left the flowers with his secretary. Hopped in her car and called me and told me everything that had happened and what she was about to do. I just shook my head and laughed. She had came up with the best plan to get back at him and get rid of Noah at the same time.

Of course it was too late to cancel the surprise party. And so it was to go on as planned. Taylor had managed to invite people from his job with the help of his secretary. So this was going to be a nice little gathering of sorts. Noah was under the impression that he, his best friend Tompkins, me and Taylor were all going to some secret place to celebrate his birthday. And that they were picking us up from Taylor’s home. Of course Taylor had all guest park up a distance away from her place so that it would not alert Noah to what was going on.

Well the house was decorated to the nine! And the food was catered, we were all dressed accordingly for the evening. Taylor had hired a DJ and a bartender. She went all out for this one. When Noah walked in everyone screamed “Surprise!!!” And he was very surprised. He was blushing, and his eyes were watery. Taylor out did herself with this one. He hugged her and kissed her on the lips hard. He held Taylor’s hand as he was wished happy birthday by his family, friends and colleagues. I was just waiting for the fireworks. Because they were coming. I felt for Noah, but I didn’t because he lied.

As the party had gotten into full swing, people dancing, eating, drinking. Taylor decides to make an announcement.

“Excuse me!!! Everyone, I would like to say first of all thank you all for coming. I do not know a lot of you personally. But I do thank you for coming out to spend time with Noah. And I have Nancy his secretary to thank for that. Because she as you know, she was the one who contacted you all and told you about the surprise party. Noah was just smiling. And it was a pleasure meeting you all, family and friends of Noah. Now this is not only a birthday party for Noah. This is also a congratulatory party as well! Everyone started ooohing and ahhing and clapping. Noah has purchased a condo. Claps. And will be signing on to a new job in Jersey. He has been telling me this for some time now. And for those who work with him. I am sure he will be sorely missed. And I will be going with Noah, as we move into to his condo in Jersey and start a new life there.” She walked over to Noah who’s face looked like he had just been told his mother died. He was very embarrassed. I couldn’t feel sorry for him. To lie and say he had resigned from his job, had been hired for a job in Jersey. And that he had bought a condo out there. Which he was staying here, had gotten a promotion and purchased a condo here. Taylor kissed Noah on the cheek, now people were whispering and were looking confused. No one knew this info.

Taylor started looking around in the room. She saw Nancy standing over there looking really crazy. Because it was Nancy who had told her the real deal. So as people had began to walk up to Noah, Taylor moved out of the crossfire and walked over to Nancy and told her all of what happened. And that Noah had no idea what was going on. Or that Nancy had told her about his new promotion. She ran it all down to Nancy. And Nancy fully understood. See, Noah knew that Taylor was looking to buy a loft. And that her lease was up on the condo she was leasing out. So he dreamt up this whole story, bought a new condo so that she could move in with him. He thought he had it all mapped out,. Not only was Noah a bugga boo. He was very insecure as well. He showed it various ways. If Taylor had male company over, or had a male client in her office when he came by. He asked tons of questions and would become distant towards the person and Taylor.

So this left Noah having to explain to everyone what was going on as Taylor stood by listening.

“I thought you said you were moving to Jersey? Why would you lie to me? Why did you not tell me the truth? Why would you have me leave here and move there? Did you not say you were ready to be together?” And on and on the questions went. And Noah was stumbling all over the place. Needless to say the party bombed. And when everyone had left. I had begun with the caterers to help clean up. As well as get the 411 from Taylor when Noah had left.

Taylor told Noah to never call, come by, apologize, don’t worry, don’t trip. And that he was messing with the wrong female. And that he was not the man for her anyway. And why the hell would she move in with a man that she had just met anyway? She told Noah to kiss her ass three times. And then bring her 40 acres and a mule. Whooo!!!!! That child is something else!


Scene 3

Take 1


My mother had just got back from being on a long cruise and visiting her family. They were gone for a month. Taylor said that she was on her way to pick them up from the airport. We were talking on the phone as she pulled up to the airport and a siren had went off. Taylor had looked in the rearview mirror and said that she was getting pulled over. For what we had no idea. I could hear the officer in the background flirting with Taylor. Taylor was livid. Here she thought she was being sited for something, and the man was trying to get at her. Big mistake! So because she refused his advances, he gave her a ticket for parking in the red. She then began to curse him out. So that led to her assaulting an officer and she was carted off to jail.

What a damn headache! I had to call my parents and tell them to get a cab home. Told them what happened. I left work and immediately went to bail out my girl. I knew she was mad and since she had never ever been to jail. I knew she was going through it!

By the time I had gotten to the station she was booked and they were about to put her in a cell. I used my credit card to get her out. And once we got all the information. We spoke to the officers supervisor. This was another episode. As I explained to the supervisor over the cop who had pulled Taylor over I was on the phone the whole time with her. She had her Bluetooth earpiece in. And he had no idea she was on the phone with me. We both showed him our phone log. And it had the same time start and finish of the conversation. All the way up to the time that she had gotten into the station and was told to cut her phone off. The officer not aware of this was now being brought up on charges. And Taylor was now going to sue for sexual harassment. Now there was some crazy things that had happened from that point on. Like Taylor was getting prank phone calls. Someone was following her. So she would stay with me, my parents home and whomever else. It was a mess. And so she decided to hire a private investigator, and truth be told, it was the police officer who was stalking her. This was getting crazier and crazier by the minute.

Once this was found out and the information was taken to the lawyer, and the police were notified, they of course arrested him. Now my girl was trying to remain strong through all of this. She really was. But shortly after this experience, not paying attention. She was still sitting at the red light, about to go. Slightly daydreaming, and she got hit from the rear! Uh geez! What else could happen here? This is what I mean. It is not the small stuff, it is the huge stuff that is major soap opera like type drama with Taylor. She was okay, bruised baldy and real sore. But here is another lawsuit she was going to have to deal with.

Never anything small, always things on a large scale. Now she did get paid from the car accident. That took about six months to get. All because the man who had hit her was in the wrong. And he had mad money anyway. He wanted it to be taken care of immediately. He fought more on Taylor’s behalf. Because the insurance company wanted to linger on with it. Can you believe that? Well I am sure that you can.

Now in regards to the police officer. That was a horse of a very different color. Of course he was fired for misconduct. Because Taylor made sure of it! She went to the radio stations, internet, held a press conference, was on the news, talk shows, whatever she could do to talk about the incident she had ensued with the city police. So because of this, and being in the forefront. A lot of women had began to come forth about their experiences with harassing police officers. It was a good and bad thing at the same time.

It took two years for Taylor to get her money in that lawsuit. Of course she won the case. She had the best attorney to help her. Upscale drama!!!! My girl was in the spotlight, where she liked to be. Lights, camera. Action, and the Emmy for the best day time actress is?

Scene 5

Take 4



This is my favorite story. It really is. Taylor was dating this well to do man name Hunter. Hunter pursued Taylor with no hesitation. And just knew that he would get her because of who he was and what he had. But of course she gave him a run for his money. And all this just made him pursue her even harder. He was use to getting what he wanted and Taylor knew this. When he saw her she was kind, cordial, and gave him respect. Any time he would try to speak to her alone. She would hold up a finger, say “Excuse me. But I need to make an important phone call” This would be after he so-called was coming into her office to speak to her about “business affairs” and when he would call her about those “business affairs” when he would start speaking on other things besides “their business” Taylor would always end the conversation. “Have a nice day” She felt he was trying too hard. And it was too obvious. And it had began to get on her nerves.

He then began to send her notes, flowers all the time to her office. He sent her small gifts, well small for him. He found out through her receptionist what she liked. Fruit baskets, Godiva chocolate, perfumed baskets and body sprays and lotions from Victoria Secrets, Spa certificates. Some things she sent back. And he wondered why she would send it back. This went on for about six months. This is when he had finally came to her office and asked her, “Do you not like me?” Well of course Taylor answered him by saying that she didn’t know that he was interested in her. Because he had never told her so. And she thought the gifts were over the top for the job she had done for him. She also told him that not in any note did he ask her out on a date. That is why she had started sending some things back to him because they were making her feel uncomfortable. He then said he thought he was making himself clear by sending her gifts. Well Taylor told him this is not how anyone got a date from her. That she liked when men asked her. I laughed. Because here is when the story has now begins.

Taylor made sure that she went very slow with Hunter in the very beginning of them dating. She did not want him to think that he could have her like he has ad the many women in his past. Plus she figured he was a playboy of sorts. And he was, he loved throwing money around. And was use to getting his way. So Of course my girl would have the sexiest outfit on, coifed to the nines when she saw him. Always making sure she came home alone after every date. She didn’t accept any offer to go home with him for a “nightcap” this she found very funny. Because who said nightcap? Oh, Flavor Flav. I’m laughing, because it was played out when he was saying it .

She would only see him two or three times a month. She was dating other men. Enjoying her life and not taking Hunter serious at all. Just enjoying the fancy restaurants. The limos coming to pick her up. The flowers and small gifts. Some she kept, some she gave back. And this again confused him.

Well, once he had let his guard down and started showing who he was. That is when Taylor had started to show interest. Because now he was talking to her from the heart and not trying to win her over with his money or charm. And this is what she had wanted from the beginning, She could care less he had money to burn.

Well Hunter really came through. Taylor had him doing things, simple things he had not done in years. Going to parks, beaches, coffee shops, wine sipping, outdoor concerts, shopping at second hand stores, antique shops, watching movies at home. Staying home and cooking for each other. She taught him a few things in the kitchen, he taught her a few things about business. She would book weekend getaways in posh hotels in the city we live in. She made him open up and reveal himself. He loved poetry, and they went to go listen to it. Live jazz bands as well. From what I heard the sex was great between them.

Now it was a Friday evening when we were having a girls night. Myself, Taylor, and three other of the girls we hung out with. We had a book club, and had did little outings together. We were sipping on wine, chatting, and eating on some great appetizers Taylor had made. The phone had rung and Taylor answered it. When she came back to the circle after she got off the phone. She had related to us that the phone call she had just received was from Hunter’s mistress. His number one mistress had called and said he was not only cheating her, but the wife too. All of our mouths fell open. But my girl was calm. So she told us the plan. I knew there would be one.

We listened, were all down, knew are parts and roles. And took them happily. We loved to see Taylor in action. And this was going to be a big one!!!! The wife and the mistress were in on it too. My girl was fierce with it! Don’t play her, or you get played!!!! We were all going on a vacation courtesy of Mr. Hunter! And we were going to the Caribbean!!! Two weeks, and Taylor got the credit card and took all of us shopping. She also got some hard hitting clients from Hunter to invest in her future projects. And Marcus had given her a healthy sum of cash to invest in her company. Marcus had paid her loft off she had purchased. She had Hunter sign contracts stating that he wanted none of the money back, that every cent given to her was a gift. He gladly signed it with no hesitations! I was trying to figure out when this man was going to run out of money. Because he was being juiced by Taylor, his wife and his mistress. And all of them when we met were all gorgeous!!! Trophies! So no one could say what did he see in you? All of the women he had were very smart and independent. They all brought something different to the table. And there was no telling who else was in the loop. But from what the mistress had said, she was wondering where he was because he had put her on the back burner. And she had went through a few channels to locate Taylor. I was like damn! Is it that serious? You knew the man was married, so why trip out? But she was. On the other hand, Taylor didn’t know. He took her to “his” place. And they spent time at his place with no outside interruptions. They had been “together” for over a year. And Taylor was faithful to a married man who was cheating on the wife and the mistress. I know she was hurting. She cried over it a few times. How did she not know and be so stupid. I had to tell her there was no way for her to know. He gave no signs. Taylor hated being used or being made a fool. And this is what made the drama come here. Because this was only the beginning……..

On the last day of our trip, because we all had a great time. All of us were in her suite. She had paid a ticket for her best friend Terry to come and hang out with us. Of course this was courtesy of Hunter as well. He had come solo, he had too. So all of us were in the suite, laughing, having a good time. This is when Marcus had come back in from having a massage. It was timed just right. Taylor was sitting between Terry’s legs. Terry was running his fingers through Taylor’s hair. And had kissed her on the forehead. When Marcus saw this.

“Who is this man?”

“Oh, this is my husband Terry. Terry this is Marcus. He is the one who paid for all of us to come here honey.” Hunter was furious, and right when he was about to start yelling. His wife and mistress walked out of the bedroom. We all got our purses, and we had left the suite. Our luggage was already downstairs. There was nothing left to say.


And there you have it, upscale drama at its finest. Hope you enjoyed the stories. There are a lot more. I enjoyed telling them to you.


“Just Toy”

Written Expressions








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