There are so many times in our lives when we meet or even around our friends or family we see and meet new habits.  Attitudes, the way they react to so many different things and how they live their lives.  And one thing that may get on our nerves is the way THEY do things that WE DON’T LIKE.  And we cannot understand why they don’t have self-esteem, why they may seem weak, or why they stay in self destructive relationships.  Some of our “people” may drink, be drug addicted, can’t speak what is on their hearts and may not have tenacity like some people we know our even ourselves.


Let’s take it even further which is what really effects us as a whole; Parenting, we may have seen our parents or others parents do or say things that WE feel are highly inappropriate and not healthy for a child to see or be around.  This behavior is learned, and for some it may be a red light flashing “I will not be that way when I have children” This (parenting) has a deep and long lasting effect on us individuals.  It steers, guides and leads us into the people we are today.  Sadly that some of us are not able to break the harmful and negative side effects we have seen from our parents.  So we imitate THEIR lives.  Some things that seem to latch upon us and WE can’t shake.  I shake my head at this because I am guilty of some, but not all.  I refused to be an alcoholic, a spouse abuser, emotionally abusing my children and mentally abusing my children.  I chose not to verbally abuse my children.  And I made sure that I placed no friends, drugs, personal life before them. This was my choice, and so many of us that grow up and have children do not think of what it takes to be a “good parent” (because who can be a perfect parent?)


We may have been shy in school, may have not gotten a lot of attention from our parents.  We may have been picked on a lot.  They best dressed, the worse dresser.  And I can think and give you so many more examples.  However, this is what I ask of you today. 



Not everyone of course has had the same upbringing or lived the same lifestyle that you have.  That is why we encounter so many different people in our lifetime that we have things in common with and some we just can’t understand and think are so “different” (i.e. weird) But they are who they are and do what they do, and act how they act because of what they have been through.  And as Ms. Badu says “Bag Lady you gone miss your bus, you can’t hurry up cause you got too much stuff” We all come with some form of baggage.  And the sad part about us as HUMANS is that when we are hurt or experience anything traumatic we latch to it and then that begins to form a new persona and attitude that shows to others.  And so when meeting new people, expressing, showing your TRUE self some may be offended.  Some may not stay around long.  All I am saying to you, to ALL of us there is a method to the MADNESS.  And if we are to understand people, family, associates, spouses etc,. We must be open to RESPECT THE JOURNEY.  I am not saying that you have to befriend and stay friends. Put up with any of their unattractiveness (inner) but you must respect the journey.  Because WE want people to respect us and what we feel and how we feel and relate.


Can I talk to you? Can I tell you something? I cannot recall the many people that I have met in this lifetime and have CHANGED from the person that I KNEW? Some for the best and some for the worse.  There have been some schoolmates and very good friends where I felt my life was endangered and I had to flee!! Some that after years of knowing them hurt me emotionally, and some that have been loyal and giving and turned and were mean spirited because of something life altering experience they encountered in their journey. I was hurt, you may have been hurt by this or things people have done or how they have treated you from friends long past and new.  It may not be PERSONAL.          (Not all the time it is personal) When a woman or man has been molested it alters their course and feelings sexually, mentally and emotionally.  RESPECT THE JOURNEY.


I learned this personally being enlightened by my true inner man.  I got, well let me say this where you all will understand.  An epiphany , and right there in that instant I came to realize a lot of things about myself.  I constantly talk to my daughters and tell them of my journey, not to give an excuse of the wrong I have done.  But for them to understand the journey. 


I am such a different person, and when I hurt by what I see or hear from people close to me.  My flesh wants to bite back a lot (sometimes it does) but most times I kick back and try to UNDERSTAND WHY.  Because with a lot of my close ones I personally know a lot of their journey.  It doesn’t make a lot of things right.  Don’t get me wrong, and just because someone has had a hard life does not give them carte blanche to be cruel or crass to you.  By no means do I condone such behavior. 


I just came today to put a little paint where it ain’t.  To enlighten you to something new.  To help you and others see you and RESPECT YOUR JOURNEY……. Selah


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