We wonder how "some people" seem to get and have any and evreything their heart desires. Of course this is from the outside looking in. And for the people who maybe "know" these people I speak of, know that they have not gotten where they are nor have obtained their riches, gold or fame honestly. Let us be careful of the seeds we lay, because there is always somone that sees the"real" you and the consequences may not be sweet as life has been to the liar or cheater.



First and foremost let me begin by saying that at this point and time I am telling you the truth.  For I am notorious for lying, I guess you could say that I have made it my life. And when you are a professional as I would say that I am, sometimes I get so caught up in telling lies it is hard to tell the damn truth! I guess that is normal, I mean I have lied my way into so many things. And I have so much in my life because of it.  I mean I have gotten jobs, found favor with people, made money, got over on women and men.  And when you are a liar like me there pretty much is no stopping you the skies the limit! And not once have I regret telling lies, why should I?  If I want what I want and have a need then I say whatever it takes to get to that glorious point in my life. Try it sometimes you might like it! I mean I have lied about my education, degrees, where I lived, who I knew….the possibilities are endless!





I learned that life is unfair!  And I got fed up with the people in it and that have come into my life that have done me so wrong because I was a “good girl”  I didn’t say that I was a woman you could say, “The sky is falling” and I would believe it.  I am far from naive, I just feel as if I have a sign on my forehead that says, “take advantage while you can!” And let me tell you having hurt feelings is no joke!!! So I decided to do what I have seen a lot of people do, cheat!  I get over on as much as I can and when I can.  I have never been in a faithful friendship or any one on one relationship in years.  If I can get over on taxes, loans, and anything that will give me a step upon life I will do it!  I have been close to being caught a couple of times.  But I said, “I had no idea that I could not do that!”  And I would be shocked and appalled for the person accusing me of such a grave crime!  And that is how I got over.  I have some seedy cousins that know too much for their own good.  I have gotten all types of grant monies, taxes and anything that you could think of that would and could finagle some real cash.  As long as I of course dusted them off.


I cannot be faithful in a relationship because every man that I have been with in a serious relationship has cheated on me.  So I cheat, I “play" like I am in love and get all that I can get!  If there is anything to get and if not I am on my way!






I was hosting a gathering at the Hyatt Hotel downtown.  And I had invited a sleuth of people!  I had sent invites to people that I had my secretary consistently send emails to at least once a month.  I felt that if you wanted someone to do something, anything for you, you always have to keep them encouraged and be super sweet and kind.  So two days out of the week she had to send a personal email from “me” a sign of keeping on touch.  And it worked!  Because they allll responded back. So whenever I needed them, wanted anything I got it!  The promotion game is easy but it is a lot of work.  I had sent over 6,000 invites for this huge gala gathering.




I had met Walton Cambre III a year back at a convention I had went to.  Walton is a very charming and beguiling man.  He could speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and of course English.  Very well dressed and astute man, he was the type of man that caught the attention of men and women when he walked in a room.  He had a flamboyancy that captured you and kept you bathing in his aura.


It didn’t take long for me to find out that Walton was just that, a flamboyant miscreant who wasn’t worth a damn!  I am sure that Walton was not expecting me to find out what I did and how I did.  But I played in the major leagues, and I was a hot commodity and my references, my contacts and what I did for a living was like “my life being on the line”  When I hired someone I did a thorough background check!  I called every reference, friends, family members you placed on your application.  Being hired by me was a 30 day process and I informed all applicants of this.  I had a lot at stake if someone came in and took advantage of me, my business and the people I knew.  There was no such thing as a “quick hook-up” with me.  I could give you vital information, but as far as me sending you to the individual who could make it happen just like that!  Well you had to earn that and I would have to know in my heart of hearts you deserved it.  I am very careful!


Well getting back to Walton.  He had a great game, and he had a sleuth of knowledge.  He was indeed book smart, street smart and business savvy!  For him not to get anywhere in his life one would sit and wonder why he had not made it to the big time! But all those lies he told me.  One fell through, and it was catching him in that one lie that ruined our relationship.  Well me hiring the man I should say.  But I knew for a fact that Walton fit in with me and around the people I knew so I didn’t cut him completely off.  I sent him to an acquaintance of mine that was the same identical way.  He got over in the business because he lied his way to the top and was just as malicious as Walton was.  I figured that would be a partnership of a lifetime.  But you know what they say about thieves…. You can’t trust them, and eventually the other thief is looking at the thief wondering if he got over on him.  But so far their bond and partnership has worked out well. That is if Tom keeps his distance from Walton and let Walton do what he does best; lie, charm and make money.  I am sure that being a business corporate thug you are always up on the competition and have a watchful eye.  I was personally waiting for the day that Tom called me and gave me a soliloquy and diatribe of the way Walton screwed him over.  But then again, Tom gave Walton what he wanted.  Or so he thinks…


Walton always charmed my guest and they loved being around him.  I had so many men and women ask me who he was the first party I gave that I kept him coming to any and every gathering I had.  He was great for my business, Toms business, and he always got something from every other person which is right up his alley.


I didn’t trust the snake, and if he asked me to piss on him if he was on fire.  Just as tacky as that sounded.  Trust me I would rather wet myself!


There was also Camden S. Cartwright!  I had met her a year ago.  A very beautiful woman!  Make-up always flawless, it looked as if she only wore her shoes one time because they never looked worn.  But later this was something that I had found out that she was anal about, her shoes! Camden who liked to be called Cam never had a hair out of place, her clothes no matter what she wore she looked fantastic!  She turned many heads of many men and women.  But you could tell that she was a broken woman on the inside.  I will get to that later.


I was having some financial issues at one point and a close friend of mine referred me to Camden and told me that she could get me out of it.  I trusted this person and was not hesitant at all.  Camden came in and did her thing for me and got me out of the hole (snaps finger) just like that! Camden was a mean accountant!  Sharp and knew her way around anything!


I hired Camden to do things for me only when I was in a 9-1-1 state of emergency. Also Camden was a huge flirt and would take your man or woman from you and dump them leaving them high and dry.  I have never seen her with the same person more than once. I had stopped asking her a long time ago “where is..?” because she always had an excuse or a very simple silly reason she could no longer tolerate that person. 


This was the first party I was inviting Camden to.  I wanted to introduce her to Walton, I mean why not? You have a seriously dangerous liar, and a woman who could cheat her way out of any financial difficulty and come up from her cheating ways.  A match made in heaven if you ask me.  I am sure that just by having them in the same room they would see each other and be highly interested.  Their human nature would take the best of them.  Both of them were lovers of greed, looks, and had been hurt in one way or the other.  I knew that this would be a situation of enormous proportions! I was plotting all for a beneficial reason, and I will get to that later as well.


I had a lot still to do in order to get ready, as much as I love hosting these gala affairs. I hated them because I wanted everything to be as close to perfect as it could be.  And I wanted to make sure that I had on a show stopping outfit.  My hair, feet, make-up, nails, even down to the fragrance I wore had to be unlike anyone else in the room.  And since this was a formal affair.  I had my dress shipped in from Paris .  I knew no woman there would have an exclusive designer dress on from Paris.


I hired the same caterers and decorators I always hired because they were the best! And because they knew me oh so well they always came up with a wonderful menu and exotic drinks. This formal affair was white and silver.  The tablecloths were of satin silver, it looked as if this was more of a reception of a fabulous celebrity wedding.  Each table garnished a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers silver and white candles that were all scented which gave the banquet room a wonderful enchanting smell. 


Now when you come to a gala affair such as mine, my personal assistant along with myself make seating arrangements.  Meaning that you just don’t walk in and sit where you want to.  No, no no!  This is my way of introducing people to others so that they are able to network with one another.  They have more in common than they think, and can utilize each others services and now have a permanent contact.  With these thousands of people that I have known and met over the years I value their time, business, and the brilliance of how they have grown and gotten where they are today. These were comrades and very close business associates from over the years.  And I valued them as they valued me.  And knowing that if you were invited to a Monroe Sumner party you should want to be there!! Not only did I provide a wonderful feast, deserts that were to die for. Great music, I also gave an array of beautiful gift bags! As if you were coming to the Emmy’s or Grammy’s!  My gift bags easily were worth at least $3,000 a piece!  That was the minimum.  And all these grand affairs I gave were all write offs for my business at the end of the fiscal tax year I made out well. Having Camden in my life had it’s benefits!  Though I used her only as a backup because I didn’t want to get deep into any trouble. 

Now because this whole party was a mad plan that would have me be the beneficiary to it all.  I sat key individuals next to each other, it was lovely!! And of course I had sat Camden next to Walton.  They had no choice but to notice one another and no one was the wiser.  I sighed as I checked my make-up in the mirror for the last time. I smiled, walked to my full length mirror and my gown hugged in all the right places.  I was absolutely stunning!! My cleavage had just enough body glitter and so did my arms and back.  I wore a strapless white gown that revealed my back almost below my waistline.  It flared out right by my knees giving me that old Hollywood glam look of the forties.  A fishtail is what they called it, the style. All of my clothes, jewelry, shoes were all free!! I loved the life that I lived! Hey I made a lot of things happen!




I had ushers and host that directed the comings and goings and getting people seated. Also to answer any questions.  The band was playing some smooth jazz music which I felt gave the party a relaxed and upbeat feel. Of course this was a semi charity event, because my sister and I was orphaned when we were teens because our parents had died in a tragic car accident. I donated monies all throughout the year and hosted charity affairs for two orphan organizations.  And those were the two I stayed in until I went to go live with my Uncle in Paris .  Because he was in another country when our parents died it was hard to give him word that we were now orphaned. Our grandparents were too old and sickly to take us.  No one else jumped to the plate to raise us and take on that responsibility.  But Uncle Monroe did, he introduced me to sooo many things.  Taught me how to be a real lady and gave me some wonderful lessons in life and a fabulous education.  Which is why I changed my name to Monroe , it was an honor to have so much love and given so much as a young teen.  Trust that my Uncle has not a worry in this world. All his living expenses I kindly pay even though he is well off.  Any trip, any car is his for the asking. 

For some staying at an orphanage could be a devastating experience.  Fortunately for me it was a good experience.  The nuns were loving, compassionate and extremely understanding to me.  They embraced me, and for that I was a happy teen.  They were the ones who made sure my uncle was notified when others had long gone given up.


Even though I was technically MIA when the party had begun, sitting in a suite of the hotel.  I of course came into my gala fashionably late.  Being sure by my personal assistant along with the host made sure my guest were served appetizers and cocktails and in their perspective seats.  So when I walked in all eyes were on me.  Not that I was narcissist of any sort.  I just wanted to be sure that I arrived with all my guest seated so that I could walk straight to the podium and make my announcements.  When I walked in I got an applause and some oohs and ahhs.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  Just scanning this room I must say that I am overwhelmed at all the money that sits here!  They laughed.  Just kidding, or am I?  I then chuckled.  You all look so fabulous this evening my gosh!  I want to thank all of you for coming this evening.  You all know I look forward to having these galas and uniting you all some old and some new with each other.  As I comprised this guest list for this event I noted that there are a sleuth of you that could and should work really well together and could also make great sums of money by networking with one another.  (applause) You who have spoken to me and those who have known me for years know that I cherish and value all of my contacts and would not pass a business card or recommend you to anyone unless I was sure of that persons or companies intentions.  We are not all perfect, well except for me (laughter) we are some sharp business heads in this room and have a lot to offer and receive.  So I appreciate your attendance. The next thing I would like to personally ask you is a small contribution to the Chanter Land Orphanage and Hudson Orphanage.  This of course is tax deductible and no contribution is too small.  There is a table in the outside foyer of the banquet room. Just on que the ushers were all lined up in the back and had elegant push carts decorated with the same tablecloths that donned the tables they all sat at. The gift bags were silver and of medium size and looked beautiful!  The ushers had come to the front of the room and had begun to pass out a gift bag to my guest.  I do hope that you enjoy the gift bags, my assistant Lauri did a great job in treasure finding a lot of these things and they are not on the public market yet.  Well some of them. So enjoy!!! And enjoy the feast, drink, dance and be merry!”  I heard ooh and ahhs and got a standing ovation.  See I already knew that if you want something you have to give something.  I knew these people well, and I knew once they say all the beautiful gadgets, gift certificates to the day spa, jewelry, and so much more they would be happy to write a check for my orphanage’ and give free hear-ted. Wouldn’t you?


I had walked to various tables giving hugs and cheek to cheek kisses so that I wouldn’t leave lipstick on anyone.  And thanking them for coming.  I was also checking various tables to see if the people I placed right next to each other were talking.  And they were! It was indeed on now!




When she sat down I was absolutely floored by her beauty!  And her scent was intoxicating! Next to Monroe she was the most beautiful woman in the room!  I was grateful and excited that Monroe had sat us next to each other.  To be honest I was a little intimidated by her and that is not even apart of my repartee! No woman or man has ever had me shut down in any fear of being unable to speak let alone nervous.

Bonjour belle” and I then extended my hand to her. She smiled.

Good evening.”

Comment allez-vous?”  She chuckled.

I took a little French so I can follow you a bit.  I am fine and yourself, Mr.?..”

Walton Cambre III.  And your name is?”

Camden S. Cartwright. Nice to meet you Mr. Cambre.”  We shook hands again.

My what a beautiful smile you have.”

Thank you and so do you.”  Just then the usher had placed our gift bags in front of us.  And Camden went right in for the kill.  I was anxious to look in mine but was more anxious looking at her.  Did this woman know how gorgeous she was?  She seemed to be so humble. I was now beginning to wonder so much about her.  As I was about to ask her my next question the gentleman that was sitting to her right had spoke to her and handed her his business card.  We all had our business cards ready to pass out.  She just so happened to have a monogrammed brass business card holder on the table.  He was beginning to flirt with her.   And I was getting a bit angered because I had spoken to her first. But I was patient.  I knew that this was a networking affair. And besides she was a lovely lady she was going to have men come at her all night something I am sure she was accustomed to men fawning over her all the time. 

The one thing I did that some men didn’t do was ask her when and if she wanted another drink, was she hungry, could I bring her something back from the buffet table.  And of course that won me over. So I ended up getting the first dance and also having a private conversation with her outside on the balcony.

It feels good out here doesn’t it?”  I nodded my head in agreement.

It is a beautiful night. I love how that Christian Dior dress looks on you.  You do the designer justice.”  Her mouth fell open.  I knew I had scored some points.

How?  How did you know that this was a..”

Christian Dior dress?  She nodded yes.  I am a man of many things.  And I love fashion very much. I love women, I love some of the things they love.  For some reason I wanted to be honest right now about a few things.  I mean I was honest that I was a liar.  But that was in getting what I wanted and where I wanted to be. My sister …and I paused for effect and bowed my head. My sister would dress me in girls clothes.  She loved sewing and making clothes.  When she was a teenager she took her allowance and had subscriptions to so many magazines.  Vogue, Elle whatever she could get her hands on.  It seemed she ate and slept fashion.  So it was through her that I had gained some knowledge of the fashion industry.  And I put her through school.” 

So your sister is a designer then?” I looked the other way.  Anytime I spoke on my sister I got choked up.  It didn’t matter who I was talking to.  But for some reason I was okay getting choked up in front of Camden .

She was?”

Oh, what does she do now?”

She doesn’t she died a year ago.” She covered her mouth and gasped.  My eyes at this point were watery.

I am…am so sorry.” I held my hand up and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She was murdered by her lover while she was in Brazil doing a fashion show.” She let out a gasp.

Your sister…I read about that.  Her name is Justice? Justice Cambre! Oh Walton…” Her face had sad written all over it. She reached out and placed her hand on top of mine and slowly rubbed it.  I pepped up.

So that is how I learned designers and fashion.  And she dressed me until she passed away.  I still look out all those Vogues.  Even subscribe to the French and Italian Vogue, GQ, you name it. So that is why I know a designers work.

I’m impressed very much.”

Thank you.  So what is it that you do?  I mean it is obvious that Monroe wanted us to get to know each other.”

I am an accountant amongst many other things I dibble and dabble in.  And what do you do?”

I am a jack of all trades and I will say that I have mastered all of them.  Presently I am the VP of  the Tom Wallingford agency. And I love what I do!”

Okay I’ve heard of that agency.”

Good so now you know exactly where I work and what I do.”

It felt good just being free and talking about a little it of this and a little bit of that.  I kept my questions basic and not too personal. But I could tell that she was highly enjoying my company. I also charmed her with some French and Spanish. I had this hook line and sinker!




I went home with a huge smile on my face!! I mean this was super huge!  I had made plans to see Walton next week.  I was not going to give him my weekend.  I had big fish to finish frying this weekend.  He had basically taken up my whole night at the gala that Monroe had thrown.  And I had to work my magic on a few other insecure men that sat at my table that evening.  I had to come up with $25,000 in three weeks and however I was to get it, well I had to do what I had to do!

When Walton told me the agency he worked for I automatically knew the CEO Tom Wallingford and he was a snake of the lowest kind.  I had never dealt with Tom personally myself but he had a notorious reputation he was one of those people you love to hate and hate to love.  And then you hated him with all your heart!  Tom has made a lot of people famous, let’s just say that he was the Don King of the entertainment world.  He was shady and my cousins had worked with him in doing a lot of underhanded things for him.  Kept him out of a lot of trouble with going to jail and court appearances and I can’t tell you the many documents they have “doctored” up for him.  Every time this man stood before a judge he was fully exonerated of all charges!! And the funny thing about it he still had thousands that wanted to sign with him even though he was known to rip you off! For one I didn’t like nor did I want a lot of attention like that.  But I knew if Walton was VP in that company he was just as low down as he was.  So my eyes were already open.  And I knew that Walton would be a perfect victim. 


From the short time in knowing Monroe I knew she rolled super clean, well as clean as she could.  She used my services a few times.  And that was only because she had her hands tied behind her back.  You see I could get notary bonds back dated, documents notarized and back dated.  I could get and make any legal contract and document you need.  I could get you a loan or grant because I had those skills.  Get you from up under the IRS if you owed them big money.  And I could finagle the hell out of your books so it would look like you made a lot of money and gave a lot of that to charities.  See I owned a lot of bogus companies and so did my cousins.  And we used those companies plus non-profit organizations and charities.  So when anyone needed our services we charged half of what they owed.  Most of them had it, they just were too stingy or cheap to pay it.  Or they got angry because they just couldn’t see giving their monies to the government.  I was a clean accountant too, but that didn’t pay for all these fine dresses, vacations abroad, two week cruises, designer bags and shoes.  The townhouse I owned in Malibu , the condo in Manhattan New York .  The upscale cabin in Aspen , and my last but not least cozy get away in Hawaii !  So you see I was grateful that I was at the gala. My taxes were due on my houses and I needed $25,000 to pay them. But I knew that money would not come from the gala but from Warren Brown, a super dumb azz sucker! However I did know that there were tons and tons of money waiting for the taking.  I had to learn how to be a super quick read of people.  And people with money always wanted more money and the more money they made the more problems they encountered and the more money they had to give away! And that is why my cousins and myself did what we did and set up what we set up.


I had an early morning breakfast meeting with Warren at Chaz Bistro a real hot spot that was famous for their pastries amongst other things.  I figured this would impress Warren because I knew a lot of people that were regulars at this spot and  tons of celebrities that frequented the spot.  It was sort of a watering hole. And because Warren was one of those types that was easily impressed I decided this was the place for us to be. Warren needed me, and I needed him but I didn’t want to come off desperate. Warren was in a lot of trouble big time!! And he had nowhere else to turn, of course to get to me or my cousins it was like “passing the wire” While I was the “legit” one of the crew and the beauty as my cousins said with brains they turned me on to the people who were scared to step “into the dark side” I made them feel comfortable not that my cousins didn’t do that.  They were the ones that put me on.  It was just that they could handle only so much, and since I was the one who had the degree in finance and accounting some clients felt more comfortable dealing with me. My cousins shyt was trump tight! And they had been doing this for years!!


Beep Beep

I looked at my phone and I had gotten a text message from Warren , he wanted to confirm our meeting for tomorrow morning.  And as soon as I read that one another one came in from Kenny.  Kenny was a man that I had to whip into shape because he thought he was playing me and got super played in the end.  Kenny failed to mention that he was married! And with that being said I made sure that he had taken me on a cruise and shopping before I dumped him. I was sharp, thanks to Monroe who told me that I needed to start doing some serious background checks on people I dealt with.  So when I found out he was married I took it there! I am single, but I had a roster of men that played at my park! Not that I slept around, I had to learn that you don’t give up kitty to every man because every man does not deserve it no matter how much he does for you.  First you got to find out why he is doing all the things he is doing for you.  Is it to impress you?  Is it to convince you?  Is it for his short comings? The list goes on and on.


You look breathtaking!”

Thank you Warren .  I went over all of the paperwork you submitted to me and I can get you out of this with no problem.”  Warren smiled.

I see you get straight to the point don’t you?”

Of course I do, I mean that is what you have hired me to do.  Get straight to the point.”

Are you hungry?”

Not really, I try to eat after I work out so that I am not hungry after I am done.  A cup of chai tea would be great!” I signaled for a waiter. 

Hey Camden you look great!”

Thanks Robert. Oh by the way, Angela left before you came in and said if I see you tell you to call her.  And Danny asked about you.”

Thank you”

What will you be having?”

Chai tea for me.  And bring Warren your special with strawberry orange juice.”

We’ll do” And he walked away.  Just as he did Halle Berry walked in and when she saw me waved at me and gave me a wink.  She placed her hand to her face and mouthed the words “call me” I nodded my head.

Wooow! You know Halle Berry ?”

Yeap I do.  And Angela, was that?...”

Angela Bassett and Danny a talent scout.” I could see that “I am impressed look” brightening on his face.  I wanted to shake my head but I did it on the inside.

So I guess this is the spot to come to then?”

I honestly come here because the food is fantastic and always fresh because of the high turnover.  One of my clients brought me here about a year ago and I have been a regular ever since.  That is why I took the liberty of ordering for you. I hope you don’t mind?”

No not at all.”

Their specials are always balance, fresh fruit a wonderful pastry.  And their strawberry orange juice is to die for.”

Sound good to me.”

Well I can also tell you that this problem of yours can be cleared up in a week that is depending on how fast you handle the situation.  I have all the documents you need in this folder.  All I need from you is a cashier’s check of $25,000 and we are good!”

25,000! He realized he had gotten loud.”  I leaned back in my seat. This man owed over a $400,000 to the IRS for back taxes and had three liens on his home. 

You can find someone else to handle this for you.  I wish you the best with that. Remember you do have limited time on this.  And you can lose both of those homes. Also do not forget you are in the rear with alimony and back child support so they are coming to get you Warren Brown.  Now if you excuse me I have other things I must attend to in my day.”  I scooted my chair back grabbed my chai tea and Coach brief case and I was leaving.  I had no time for this.  I had to pay the taxes on all of my homes, so it was on to the next for me.  I was just a tinge of aggravated not fully because I had no choice in to making something happen.  And this is why I made Warren Brown an early appointment.  Just in case.

Now wait a minute, I just had no idea that it would be so much.”

Like your taxes, alimony and back child support.  My time is very valuable Mr. Brown you have a great day.”

I don’t have that kind of money.  I am sure that when you were referred you were told that the services were not free and were given a ballpark figure of what this would cost.  I am sure of it, and I am also sure that you and I have spoken on this matter a few times before.  I guess right now you are having amnesia of sorts.  Unless you can go across the street to the bank and get a cashier’s check for $25,000 we do not have anything else to say to one another. Now please enjoy the ambiance, your breakfast and have a great day!”  And I walked off.  He was a weak link and full of shyt. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and called my cousin and ran the whole story down to him.  This was not good when we called and the client didn’t pay.  So what had to be done was making sure that a few calls were made and pressure was placed on the client to pay RIGHT NOW or they would be going to club fed!  We were people you didn’t mess with.  We had contacts allllll over the in high and low places. 

As soon as I got off the phone with my cousin I called my next client asked if he was ready to do business and asked him did he have a cashiers check waiting for me.  This one was nervous and scared that he would go to prison any day now.  So he was eager to do whatever he had to do to make it happen.  Our meeting was brief and to the point.  And when he gave me that check I immediately placed it in my account and paid my own taxes then went shopping and took myself to lunch.

All I know is that Warren Brown would regret his decision and wasting my time!




It was my kick back day and I was going to enjoy it.  I mean just lay around and do absolutely nothing!  On my agenda was to take a long hot bubble bath.  Sip café, champagne and strawberries.  Eat my favorite ice cream my assistant got me yesterday from Cold Stone.  Watch some boob tube, maybe lay out by my pool and chill.  I rarely had days like this, it was hard for me not to have my face on a computer screen or in my phone sending text messages reading text messages.  I had my assistant make it clear by sending emails out that I would be out of the office for the next three days!  I was tired and getting a bit on the burn out side.  And when that happened I knew I had to pull back and chill out.


Hello beautiful lady” This was a call I took because I was expecting it. Walton Cambre III the miscreant.  I was nosy so I wanted to know how things were going, that is from his point of view.  Because I had already gotten Camden ’s outlook and thoughts on Walton and just as I thought she would saw an opportunity.  See a woman like Camden is hard to impress.  When you spoil yourself and can give yourself just about anything materialistic a man really has to come at you in a whole different way.  And she is not going to tell you how to do it.  Not enough time in the day.

Well good morning, to whom am I speaking with?” I knew who it was I just wanted to mess with his ego.  See after the party is only when I had saved Walton’s number in my phone.  There really was no reason to before then. He was a non-factor! We had nothing in common really.  As far as I was concerned Walton was a low-life.

It’s me! Walton Cambre III!”  Why did he always have to say the third?  Like he was saying he was Zeus! King of the gods! Man please!

Ohhh! How are you?” I had ruffled him up.

Did I catch you a bad time?”

I was just making my café, about to warm a pastry. What can I do for you this bright beautiful early morning?”

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your gala I had a fabulous time!  I apologize for getting back to you so late in regards to the thank you.  But I have been busy.” My facial expression was “and? So what?”

The lady you sat me next to Camden was a pleasure to meet.  We are suppose to be seeing in each other tomorrow.” I smiled.  This I had already knew.  Camden told me that she didn’t want to rush in giving Walton her time so soon.  I could understand that with Walton being so conceited and all.

Did you network with anyone else?” I already knew that answer, no!

No, it was just Camden she took all of my attention.” Or did you take all of hers? Lies!

Really?  Yes that woman was all over me wouldn’t let me out of her sight!  She’s a beast! Plus she enjoyed me speaking French to her all night.”  I shook my head and smiled to myself.  What made him think that I didn’t speak to her?  He was losing his edge.  He now was now a weak link to me.  And just at this moment I had lost even more respect for him.

Yes.  I just wanted to thank you.”

Well I have to go now Warren .  You have a great date and a great day!”  And I hung up before he could say bye. I loved people who had game, but I loathed those who perpetually lied personal and business.  Some things there were no real reason to lie about.  But Walton had been doing it so long that maybe he just didn’t know what the word truth meant any longer. Things were about to get interesting…..




I liked Camden ’s style already. She was indeed a true business woman, and she made sure her business was handled before she played.  It took me a week to see her again.  Our first date she had to cancel because she had an emergency meeting and had to leave and go out of town for a couple of days.  What I loved was that she had sent me a huge beautiful bouquet of wild flowers apologizing to me. No woman has ever down that before!  I must say she gained points for that.

So on our first date I made sure I went all out.  I had made arrangements for us to go on a dinner cruise in the harbor while the sun was setting.  Have some wine, talk and get to know each other. After wards I had gotten us tickets for the Alvin Ailey dance theater.  I wasn’t sure she was into the arts, but I was sure she would appreciate going.

I had been working real hard, I mean putting in those midnight burning oil hours. Putting together ideas and plans to launch some major things for the agency.  I did my own thing I had planned on superseding what Tom had done. Soon I would be the king of course I played it low and on the safe side.  I kept Tom busy with other things to divert his attention.  I made sure he was at every luncheon, dinner, breakfast, party whatever I could do keep him busy.  He was none the wiser.  Even though he had been doing this business for years, I had more connections than he had.  And since Tom was as greedy for status as I was and loved being the center of attention it wasn’t hard.  And women were one of his weaknesses. The fact that I had gotten him so drunk one night that he had told me things he probably wouldn’t have.  I had pretended to be drunk. But every time he walked away form the table or turned his back I poured the liquor out of my glass.  They say liquor is a truth serum.  And so it is.  I had combinations to safes, pass codes to accounts and I had found out some real dirty secrets about Tom.  Soon he would crumble…


You look absolutely fabulous as always.  Do you ever have a bad day?  Well how could you?”  She smiled.  I knew that Camden wasn’t the type of woman that you could run game on or just flourish with compliments because she was accustomed to hearing that.  I wanted to get inside of her head and find out what she really wanted from a man and be that for her.

So are we ready to get on this boat and enjoy ourselves?”

Yes I am.  I have had a real hectic week and a half I must say.  I am taking a vacation in a couple of days to get away from it all.”  I for whatever reason did not want to hear that and was let down.  I wanted to try and get as much talk time and dating time in with Camden .  I wanted to see if this lady could be just that, my woman, my lover, maybe even my wife.  Hell it was high time that I stopped playing the field and got serious.  Most of the women I dated were slow, cold in bed, models, actresses, trying to make it in the business and were screwing me because they thought it would get them in the door. When People saw my card and seen the agency I worked for and that I was a VP they gave me whatever I wanted and more!

Oh?  You are leaving?”

Yes I am. I am going to meet up with a few of my very close friends and we are going to hang out and enjoy life. You know what I mean?  What is all this hard work for and you don’t enjoy the fruits of it?”

You are right about that.”

That is why I was excited when you told me about where you were taking me for dinner.  I hadn’t been on a dinner cruise in a very long time.  I promised myself that I was going to at least go out twice a week and re-introduce myself to all of the wonderful places in the city.  You know, poetry houses, live jazz music.  The free concerts in the park, art gallery openings wine tasting. I use to have a real zealous passion for  vintage shopping.  I am going to make more time for that.”

Good for you.  I say go for it. I was glad that she was spilling the beans. Now I knew what she liked.  At least a few things and I knew how I could get her to go out with me. So do you enjoy dancing theater?”

Love it!  My mother was a dancer however her career ended abruptly when she was injured.  So she taught classes until she retired.”

Well that is music to my ears because Alvin Ailey’s dance troop is out here.  I got us tickets for tonight’s performance.” She clapped her hands like a little girl and the look on her face further let me know I had made the right decision.

My mom use to take me to see them all the time. I haven’t been to a performance in so long. She paused and smiled as she relished some good memories.  Wow thank you so much Walton.”

My pleasure.”


We had wine on the deck and first started off with small talk.  Where she went to school, grew up and what she did for a living.  She told me about her childhood and I told her about mines.  I felt comfortable in opening up to her.  She was indeed a breath of fresh air.  And she was a sharp lady full of knowledge on so much.  Well traveled and I found out she had been teasing me, she knew how to speak French when she had went to study abroad in Paris on a scholarship she had gotten.  I was impressed when we had our conversation in French.

I had expressed to her all of the different things I had done and what I had planned on doing in building the Wallingford agency.  And that I enjoyed working there.  I had basically took over on some departments like promotions because I felt the promotional team had been lacking in that area for some time now. The more and more we talked the more comfortable I became and the more I knew I wanted this woman! How much she didn’t know.  But I knew I had to pace myself and not show too much excitement.

Dinner was fabulous!  And dancing with her was like dancing in the heavens.  I could tell that she had learned a lot from her mother, she was light on her feet.  And with each song we danced to she immediately changed her format to that music.  When the mini ship had pulled back up and docked I felt as if we had known each other for years.  I hadn’t felt this with a woman in ages.  When we pulled up at the theater I sensed her excitement!  She was making me excited as we walked inside and found our seats.  It was as if she had found her youth.


I had no idea that Camden was leaving in a few hours for her vacation.  Her car was packed and in the backseat she had a small overnight suitcase that had clothing for her to change in for her flight.  She was going to her friend’s house to change and parking her car in her garage. 

I had a great evening!  It was spectacular thank you so much Walton!  She kissed me on my cheek. I will be sure to contact you once I make it back home.”  I wanted our night to continue.  I mean, I wanted her more than she probably knew.  But I didn’t want the night to end.  I just wanted to be with her, do whatever she wanted to do.  Talking, sipping on some more wine. But the reality was she had to go. She kissed me on the cheek and sped off.




So how was it?”

I know I am in there like swimwear!  I started laughing.  For one I know that he has let his guard down with me.  He was rattling off so much info.  And I had to play it cool. I mean on a whole the date and where he took me was awesome.  But a man like him, he should be watched at all times.  I don’t trust him at all!”

So when is the next date?  Well I figure that I would give him a call in a couple of weeks.  Of course you know we have big fish to fry.  And this living does not come easy now does it?”

It sure doesn’t.  So are you ready for some real fun?”

That I am!  I have been looking forward to this trip all week.  And I have been looking forward to seeing and spending time with my girls.”

Well lets’ do it!”


Camden had a beautiful home in Hawaii, it sat right near the ocean. It was airy, beautifully decorated and the rooms were huge.  When we all got there everything was laid out so wonderfully and beautifully! Camden had gift baskets and thick beautiful white velour robes waiting on our beds.  There was also a nice buffet waiting for us on the patio deck.  I will say I was impressed that she had taken so much time out to make this a nice welcome.  There were four of us all together.  Naomi who was a model but also ran one of the most highly successful and profitable modeling agencies; However with Naomi she kept that part very low-key. If anyone asked her if she was the Naomi that owned that agency she changed the subject. I liked her a lot! Kat was a successful screenwriter and author; myself and Camden. 

After we got ourselves settled in our rooms we met out on the patio to eat and kick back we were all starved once we landed.  And after we finished eating Camden had all of set up to get pedi’s and mani’s. While we looked on towards the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

The other two ladies had gone to their rooms to take baths and rest. Camden had made plans for us to go tonight to a club on the island. She said we all could do a luau our last night on the island. So this gave Camden and I some girl time.

So what’s the plan?  I mean I know what we have discussed this and all.  But I just wanted you to know that I found out some more info on this character.  And he is a mad doozey! I need you to be really careful, if he finds out what you’re trying to do Camden .  It could very well mean your life.” Camden looked over at me and grabbed my hand and held my hand in hers.  She felt the need to comfort me.  I knew what we had discussed.  But I feared for her well-being. 

I will be okay Monroe stop worrying.  You forget I have some people behind me that this man better than you and I.  I took your advice and I have down my homework.  So relax I will be okay.  And when all is said and done we will all be okay. And I mean that!”  She gave me a reassuring smile.  I just couldn’t help but worry.

You’re not getting cold feet are you?”  I shook my head no.

Okay then stop worrying.”

It will be hard. Umm, do you want to have sex with him?  Camden gave me a cross look.  I mean I know….”

Mon…come on.  He is hella sexy and all.  At this point and time I have not even thought about it.  I plan to just string him along as much as possible.  If I don’t spend that much time with him and see him every five to six days or longer the more he will want me.  Plus I plan on romancing him which is the last thing he will be expecting. Already I have sent him a gift basket from the islands. He should receive it in a few days. My phone is turned off as I promised you it would be so there will be no interruptions while we all are having a good time. So stop worrying, okay?”  I smiled. 

One last thing, he has ties with the underworld Camden .” She looked at me and I could tell she was tired of this conversation.

I know, you taught me well in doing background checks.  Randy and Mike are all over it.  Now let’s end this conversation and enjoy this beautiful weather.  Okay?”



Okay girls this is going to be a fab of a week.  I know I gave each and everyone of you a full itinerary.  However I wanted us to have up time and down time to really enjoy each others company, the island and the many benefits of being here.  The touristy stuff is cool, but you can all do that another time.  We came here to be pampered, party, shop, and relax all at the same time.  So this club I am taking you to tonight is a wonderful club! I am telling you a little bit of who is who goes here.  And the drinks and food are to die for.  I do not want anybody saying I am on a diet because I have a gym in the house as you all know so eat and work it out at the same time!” Cam stated. We all laughed.

Guess what? I just got on twitter and Skip and Nita are here on the island!” Naomi stated.  These two knew everybody and partied like there was no end.  They drank the best and partied with the best.  Anytime you hung out with those two you were in for a good time.

Sounds like a good time to me!” I stated.

Maybe we can invite them to the house for a nice dinner later this week if they have time.” Camden stated.

I think they would like that very much.” I replied back.

Let’s go!!!” Camden shouted, and we all hoped in the limo waiting outside.




My purpose of coming here and bringing my girls was really to get into Naomi’s head a little bit.  Naomi loved attention and being spoiled. Like most women I guess, but I could tell that things were not going to go as planned because Monroe stayed up under me like crazy.  I knew why, this was all new to her and though she said it, she didn’t really trust me at all.  I had to keep reassuring her that she and I were cool and there was no need to worry the way she did.  I kept her busy one afternoon by sending her shopping at the Farmers Market.  She was an excellent cook and wanted to cook for us.  And this gave me some time with Naomi I had to run some real fast game on her and open some doors and close some doors all at the same time.  I had to take that opportunity to make her feel special, and I did just that!


I enjoyed the couple of days that we shared just laying on the beach or by my pool. The spa days and of course the shopping! Of course I took them on tour of the island and introduced them to some influential individuals here.  And Naomi and Monroe got together with a realtor and wanted to buy a condo here which I encouraged. 

The more and more time I talked to Monroe the more I was comfortable that she was indeed okay with the plan and what we were embarking upon.  I know for her dealing with me is a bit “seedy” She is so straight laced. Does everything by the book, but for me it was different.  My mother had encouraged me down the good and righteous path.  My father had taken us through so much.  And because of it I had taken the right path by going to school and getting good grades and traveling and gaining many academic scholarships.  But my father had shown me a different world.  A world that I was so tempted in discovering; He and his brother were true hustlers.  And everything they got came from that.  We never ever hurt for anything!  We ate the best food, we vacationed to places that no one had ever heard or dreamed of.  We lived an elaborate lifestyle. But my mother was always nervous and uneasy because my father dealt with some shady characters and she was always looking over her shoulder wondering when she would get a call to say either my father was dead or in the hospital half dead. 

My father was a professional gambler, thief and hustler and loved the low-life underground world. But you would never be able to tell. He was far from a common street thug. And he never hung out in the local seedy bars or with the local street hustlers.  All my father was concerned about was the money.   I had heard that my father had even killed some people because he was “getting paid”. I even heard that he ran drugs to those “exotic” vacations we had went on.  It didn’t really matter to me because my father was the apple of my eye.  And he loved me and my mother very much and spoiled us and treated us like queens. But I fully understood more than my mom thought I did about the life my father led when he wasn’t being a husband or a doting father.

My father and  his brother my Uncle Art were ride or die in that life.  They were true partners in crime I guess one could say.  My Uncle Art was the oldest by a couple of years and he taught my father how to cheat and become a professional gambler at first.  When my father was very young he hustled pool. Then it was card and dice games.  And this is how they were able to make money while they were young. It was the genius of my father that had made sure he learned from the best and that he had a watchful eye and ear. So it was then when he and Uncle Art had stepped up their game.  And it is Uncle Arts two sons my cousins Mike and Randy who learned well from him and my father.  Except they wanted to work in the white collared crime world and not the other world our fathers had come from.  Neither of us wanted to deal drugs or hustle like they did so we learned a lot about finances. And let me tell you for two guys who never ever stepped foot on a college campus they could keep up with anyone who spoke on any topic related to wall street, politics, history and they spoke very clear and perfect English.  And me I had to be the one to watch my mouth because I slipped at the mouth.  These boys had penthouse offices and wore Brooks brother tailored suits, Gucci, Givenchy hot Italian designers.  You would never know they were corporate thugs. So this is why we could see through fakers. Wanna-bees who tried too hard. 

I got into this life because I was accustomed to living a lifestyle that my salary could not give me.  I had to work hard to get promotions and I didn’t want to sleep my way to the top and I had so many men take advantage of my kindness and strong work ethic.  I was cheated out of so much working for corporate America .  If I didn’t hustle clients on the side then I would not have any money, in my opinion.  My cousins kept telling me they would show me the ropes and guaranteed if I rolled with them I would be able to buy my first house in cash!  All I had to do was give them a year. So I did and I bought two houses that year!  And even though I hung out with them and all of the big money clientele they had.  I just wasn’t convinced until I got my feet wet.  Now I have been in this game for the past ten years and I am loving it!

Once this plan went through, this would put at least ten million dollars in all of our pockets! This is what I call bounty money.  I have done this before this was Monroe ’s first time at this.  But no one could pull it off but me and her.  And since she had a taste for vengeance, she was in!  And because my cousins and I had a taste for vengeance so was I!

Our last night was a blast! I had managed to get some more time in with Naomi and some much needed time with Monroe .  I hadn’t realized how insecure she was.  They say beautiful women are very insecure.  I am at times, but what my mother kept telling me so that I would not lay on my back all the time (which I didn’t take heed to that til later) or expect my looks to take me places.  She said being smart and knowledgeable would get me more places.  After all what man wanted a beautiful woman that was dumb? Got it! And I’m good!

Before I left I made sure to send Walton another basket with cookies made with macadamia nuts and pineapple and other sophisticated junk.  I also sent one to Tom Wallingford.  I had planned to call him a week after I had gotten settled at home.  For me as beautiful a man as he was on the outside, charming and all of that other stuff I knew I couldn’t get emotionally involved with him.  And it could be easy to do.  But I had a job to do, and Walton had to pay!





I was getting so antsy in seeing Camden .  Never had I met a woman that was so elusive and had very little time.  I mean she was the epitome of a real woman.  And I now admitted to myself I was hooked lined and sunk in her fully.

Camden romanced me and did all sort of things for me.  While she was on her trip it seemed as if I got a package from her every other day!  And I was shocked when she had sent Tom a gift basket from Hawaii !  He was impressed.  I was grateful to have been in Monroe ’s company and to have met Camden .  Because Monroe had never invited Tom to anything she had given. And for me to have been invited made me feel special.  Toms rep was damaged severely and me knowing this gave me a lot of leeway in doing what I had to do to take everything from him!

Tom had thought I had left the office and was gone for the day.  But I had some paperwork to give to him.  Some contracts and things he to look over, and when I heard how he tore me up to pieces I was livid! He said he was using me and once I had gotten his company back to being number one again he was kicking me out and from out of a job.  He said that I was nothing but bucket slime and he knew who I was.  A con and a manipulating son of a bytch! And that if I had gotten a big head too soon he would pull everything from up under me, and I heard him snap his finger.  See I had an expense account, I actually got paid a six figure salary and since I had been with Tom for the past two years or so I had managed to buy some rental property and invest in some other business’ so since I had heard that.  I knew I didn’t have much time.

So I had devised a plan to get Tom Wallingford a run for his money!  He had messed with the wrong one!  He thought he knew me but he really didn’t!  So since I was not going to see Camden tonight and not until tomorrow, I had set a date up for Tom and I.  Well mostly for him.  I had emailed him from my office that morning asking if he felt like going on a double date with me.  I had sent him a picture of the girl I wanted him to go out with and he fell for her hooked line and sinker! I had called an escort service the night before and got one of the best of the best.  They said whatever it is that she did to men kept her clients coming back for more and more!

After work he was going to meet me at the penthouse suite at the Embassy Hotel. We were going to have drinks and dinner in the suite.  I had it perfectly laid out! There was a room on each end of the suite. Though I would not be doing anything intimate with the other girl, I was paying her $10,000 of Tom’s money to take pictures which she was happy to do.

I wanted the girls to make a grand entrance, so we waited in the suite for them.  I had made Tom and I a drink, Tom loved imported scotch so I made him a scotch and threw a mickey in there.  I am not going to say what kind, but by the time the girls got there he would be feeling great! Tom also loved a good Cuban cigar so I made sure I had a fresh unopened box waiting for him inside of the suite. 

I had told the escort agency to make sure the ladies came in beautiful evening gowns. And they did, Toms mouth fell open when he saw Alyssa.  I will say that both of the ladies looked absolutely gorgeous!  My heart was beating so fast because I was anxious! Not to have sex with anyone but to get the night started.  I made sure that I had a plant sitting right next to the sofa on top of the end table.  So that I was able to pour my drink in it.  By the look of Tom I could tell the mickey had taken effect.  And after about two more drinks, because we were really only drinking shots.  Alyssa knew what she was to do. 

Once Alyssa and Tom made it into the bedroom the plan really took off.  Of course she had his clothes off and hers.  And uumph did she have a body, but I had to focus. Dana and I were ready to come in and handle our business.  There were a stack of papers that were on the night stand in the room that Alyssa took to Tom.  He was so zooted and enamored by her he paid no attention to what he was signing.  But she had him sign three papers and told him to write the wrong date in.  It was dated for five days earlier. But he of course was paying no attention to any of this.  Dana soon came in stripping off her clothes and they did this little dance for him and the next thing you know he fell off to sleep.

I took pictures of both of the girls in bed with Tom, and Dana took pictures of Alyssa doing some crazy stuff to Tom. He was in handcuffs, blindfolded he had on womens panties.  Ohhh they made a scene.  I made sure that their faces were covered when I took the pictures.  That was my promise to them.  And I kept that promise on the deal. Because I had a digital camera I let the girls see the pictures I took making sure that those pictures were okay to use.  Once I got their approval I snatched the paperwork up, gave them a few thousand more a piece courtesy again of Tom Wallingford.  Then Dana and I left.  Alyssa made sure to climb in bed with Tom so that when he woke up he would think that that had sex and they didn’t.

I went home and printed out all the pictures that late early morning.  And then went over to a notary to have the papers notarized that Alyssa got Tom to sign for me.  I then had placed them back in his wall safe.  See Tom had given me the combination to his safe I had carte blanche info on credit cards and bank accounts.  One thing about Tom, he couldn’t hold his liquor at all!  And he had no idea he had told me all his personal business.  When all this was said and done, I would own Tom Wallingford Agency and most of his assets. And Tom would be a broke down and destitute man embarrassed running for cover! Hell he may even have to do some time…..

I thought I would never see you the way you have been canceling our dates lately.”

I know, I know.  But I wanted to make sure that you knew I felt bad and was thinking about you.  So that is why I made sure I sent you cards via email and flowers and cute little funny stuff by messenger to make your day.  You want to know something?”

What?” I asked her.

I really like you a lot.  And so what I did, that is if you didn’t have any plans for the weekend was go over to the harbor.  You know they have a hotel close by and what I did was book us rooms there my treat.  And we can hang out tonight and tomorrow.  Sorta like a bed and breakfast thing.”  A huge smile came over my face. Even though she had said rooms.  It didn’t matter, I just wanted to be around her.

Sounds great to me.  I can work my schedule around that.”

Good!  Meet me in the hotel lobby at 6:00 sharp.”

I will see you there!”


As soon as I hung up the phone I handled a couple of more business calls and sent some faxes and emails out.  I called my barber to see if he could fit me in.  And I made arrangements to have flowers delivered at the hotel we were staying at.  Also I left word with the hotel desk that I had flowers sent for one of their guest.  Things were definitely looking up for me!




So it’s all set for tonight then?”

Yeah.  I booked a room for us at the Four Seasons on the harbor.”

A room I thought you said that…” She cut me off.

He will have his own room and I will have mine Monroe calm down.”

Whew!  Okay, I guess I am just anxious in getting this over and done with.”

Things like this take time.  And what do you have to lose?  Nothing at all.  No one has no idea of your part in anything.  Look we are Thelma and Louise until this thing is over.  It is time for me to really get into his head and see what is going on in that devious mind of his.  I know he has something cooking, he and I talk on the phone all the time even when we don’t see each other.  And I have a sleuth of text messages from him stating how he had to put Tom in his place.  So I would say that things are on the right path now.  Once I get him to open up, then we can indeed move onto plan B.”

How are Mike and Randy doing?”

Oh they are doing well and they have a few tricks up their sleeves once I really get the ball rolling.”      

Okay well keep me posted.”

You know I will” I hung up the phone.


I was ready to bring Walton down at all cost! When I had done a full investigating background search I found out some really interesting things.  And how coincidental that I found out what I did and that he came to my place of business looking for a job.  It took some deep investigating to find out that at one time Walton “owned” a modeling agency.  Now it was not in his name.  And it wasn’t a legitimate agency. But my little sister had gone to this agency for an appointment thinking she was going to get signed.  And being extremely naive about the world no matter how much I told her things repeatedly and many others.  My sister had this trusting nature for and to anything she heard.  She seemed to ignore any and everything we all told her. 

My sister went to this agency without doing any research on it.  She did get jobs, but after her first few shoots she was then propositioned to go on “dates” and that it would be some in between money for her until her modeling career had kicked in.  He started off slow with her, and made sure the clients did to.  Slowly but surely he got her and many other young girls deep into the game of “high class call girls” and when they seen all the money they were making and the money they were told they would make on a shoot or catwalk.  All of them it seemed to decline the photo shoots and gladly did the escorting.  Well when Walton got tired of doing this business these girls were now at a lost.  My sister was so caught up in this lifestyle that she was living. She was living grand and here WE all thought that her modeling career was doing well.  The funny thing was she would still always take pictures in all these beautiful clothes.  And she would send them to us all, we would beam with pride. Well because my sister had no idea of how to go to another call girl or escort service she kept the clients she did have and they sent other clients.  However it all started spiraling out of control when she got addicted to all sorts of drugs.  To this day my Uncle and I has no idea of where she lives or if she is still alive.  And this is why I want Walton’s head on a damn platter and I will do anything! I mean anything until he falls and his world crumbles!

I was also having all these overwhelming feelings of attachment to Camden .  And I was wondering to myself why?  Why were all these emotions and feelings surrounding me and making me feel insecure with her?? I always wanted to know where she was at, I wanted to spend more and more time with her. I cherished every and any time we spent together.  Lunches, dinners, shopping sprees.  Camden had taken me not only to see her home in Hawaii , but on a beautiful weekend rendezvous.  She spoiled me rotten!  I learned so much from her, she was sharp and I was beginning to hang on her every word now.  I am sure that Camden knew I had a crush on her!  And never in my life had I even looked at a woman that way, never!

However I will say the wonderful thing in meeting Camden was that she had inspired me so much.  I cannot say that I have felt inspired in a very long time. I enjoyed my work, I loved running my own company.  But she showed me to work hard right now and set some major things up for my future.  So that I would not have to work so hard and for so long. To make very wise investments and to also get tax shelters, money marketing CD’s. And so so much more.  I had accountants give me info in regards in how and what I should do to protect myself and my money,but not how Cam had shown me. I was grateful for her assistance and her knowledge;  Even though I knew that she was good at cheating the government and what else she need to do to get over.  I knew that all in all she was a savvy accountant and she was highly recommended!

I was also more than convinced that Camden would handle the situation perfectly. And that she wanted to see Walton go down just as much as I wanted to.  So all we had to do, or I had to do was play this silly game.  I just didn’t want the game to go too far where Camden may have to have sex with that atrocious man!

For me when I saw the cruel, crass and very unattractive inside of a person I could careless how beautiful and attractive they are on the outside.  All I saw was ugly and Walton left a bad taste in my mouth every time I spoke with him.  I ignored a lot of his calls.  Only because he just kept thanking me over and over of how he was soooo happy that I had sat him next to Camden .  And even though I knew they had not had sex let alone kissed on the lips.  I didn’t want to hear how he felt for her.  It made my stomach turn and cringe.  However I was sticking to the plan…focus…focus I kept telling myself no matter how many times I had to say it.




I was beginning to get weary and tired of buttering Walton up and playing on his mental.  For me he was a typical man no matter how much game he thought he had and how many people he had gotten over. The only thing that gave me a rush was that soon this coward would pay for all that he has done to my family and me.  That is what gave me the motivation to continue this lengthy game of “I am really enjoying you” and I was far from that!

When Monroe and I had sat down awhile ago and we talked, I mean really talked and had a long conversation.  It was then that she had told me about Walton and how her sister got caught up with him.  I cried with Monroe as she rehashed this story because my heart went out to her.  I left her house saddened and weak.  It wasn’t until I had done some background checking along with my cousins that we had found out Walton had his hands in the death of my father! Was I livid!  And so were my cousins!  I was close with their parents and they were close with my parents.  If my parents couldn’t be there for me, my uncle and aunt would be.  Both of our families were very close.  And because my uncle and father were in the same business my mom and aunt worried together, prayed together, shopped together, raised the children together, vented and fussed together when they were going through it.  If the boys were not at my house, then I was at theirs.  No one and I do mean no one bothered me at all.  Because Mike and Randy would be on the job!

At first we were going to get this Walton guy because Monroe didn’t know how to get her revenge on this Walton character.  But after her and I had bonded I had let her know that I could help her.  Now this was before I found out about Walton and his association with my father.  So of course there was a plan that was put in place by my cousins and myself to help Monroe .  As a show of good faith she sent a lot of business our way.  But just as my cousins did full background checks and investigated their past.  I had learned to do this now more oft than not since I had met Monroe . And oh what we found out was not good!

My father was killed, found in his car behind the steering wheel.  He was shot in the back of his head.  He was sitting in the parking lot of a café on his way home.  He had just got off the phone with my mother telling her where he was and that he was stopping off to grab a bite before he came home and asked her what she wanted back.  My father never made it into that café.

There is always a snitch, they may not snitch to the police but they will run their mouths like crazy!  And if you get to the right snitch you can give him some cash and he would consider you his best friend!  We didn’t deal in drugs so the only thing you would get from my cousins was money only! What you did with it was your business. From the moment we found out about the death of my dad three years ago my cousins and uncle went straight into action finding out who had placed the hit. They found out who placed the hit, and what my uncle did I will not co-sign on. But I am more than sure they are dead.  However no one knew who pulled the trigger.  Until a birdie started chirping. And since the “big guys” were dead now, there was no need to keep quiet anymore. For $250,000 that person was Walton Cambre III.  However that was not the name he had given when he ran with these guys.  However the birdie we gave $500,000 to he knew exactly who it was and his real name!  And when we had heard it was him.  All four of us formed a bond that day! The birdie or snitch informed us that Walton was desperate when he went to the guys, and he had worked for them before.  He was about to lose his house and was behind on a couple of his car payments and said he would do anything to get some money!  He was desperate and did not want to lose anything.  The guys didn’t think he would do it matter of fact had placed a bet he wouldn’t and also had a back up to kill my father in case Walton didn’t go through with it.  Walton had never killed anyone before.  But killing my father he got courage that day! He saw my dad, walked up to his car and shot him in the back of his head and ran off with no remorse.  No one saw anything, but they heard that one shot.  Amazing the things you can find out and do find out.  I believe if my cousins and I didn’t do what we did we would have never ever found out what happened. In my opinion I say that Walton was bold for not leaving  the state after committing a murder.  But I guess he was willing to take that chance over some material possessions.

I just knew that I had to hold it down and hold it together.  There were times when I wanted to hire someone myself to kill this man off.  And there were times that I wanted to sneak something in his drink and kill him myself!  But there was a plan, a serious plan that I had to stick to and not veer from at all.  And though I literally felt like throwing up when I was around him.  I contained it, true that Walton was genuinely a very sexy good looking man!  A woman’s eye candy for sure.  And this is why I stayed my distance and I didn’t want to touch or kiss him.  So I had to keep stringing him along until everything played out for all of our behalves.  And the actor that Monroe was riding me like a jockey didn’t and did help.  For one she did keep me focused and encouraged, and then on the other hand I knew that she was getting emotionally attached to me.  And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be involved with anyone at this time, man or woman!

To keep Walton occupied the evening we had checked in.  I immediately had us set up for the spa.  The hotel had a wonderful spa located there.  So I wanted to not only enjoy myself with some wind down time.  I also wanted to make sure that Walton got the full treatment.  With my assistance I wanted him in the steam and sauna room before his massage and in the steam room after wards.  I even told the massage therapist to make sure he got in the whirlpool after the sauna and steam room.  Which is not all necessary;  I just wanted him so relaxed and tired that he would want to be all up under me that evening.  Plus I had arranged for us to have dinner and because I knew that Walton was a connoisseur of fine wine.  I made sure that I had two bottles chilled for dinner. This would indeed be more than enough for a good nights sleep for him!

So how do you feel?”

I feel fabulous.  You know Camden I have never ever had a woman put so much effort and time into me before I swear to you.  I mean you think of me in so many ways and the great thing is you listen wholeheartedly.  From what I like to eat, drink, the things I like to do. I was so surprised when I got that package from UPS today with all my favorite colognes.  And you have been spending a pretty penny on me.  I just have one question, why?”  And he looked me sincerely in my eyes.

Because I truly and dearly like you very much.  Now can we change the subject?  I laughed and acted shy for full effect.  Pretending I was blushing. He smiled and nodded his head yes.  I could tell that he was enjoying this charade I was giving him. So how was your massage?” I took a very small sip of wine, but making it seem I was drinking more than I was.  I wanted to make sure that he drank up both bottles of wine so he could take his azz to sleep!

It was just what the doctor ordered.  I am so relaxed and feel so light on my feet. Like I am walking on clouds and I weigh ten pounds!”  I laughed.

Good!  That is how you are suppose to feel.”

And yours?”

Fabulous!  I needed it.  When I tell you I have been burning the candle on both ends and in the middle and then because I am burning it in the middle I have to work even harder to mend the middle!”  We both laughed.

I feel you on that one.  Work and no play is not good.”

And that is why I took that vacation.  The last time I had a vacation was three years! I have never been gone for over a week and celebrated life like that.  I mean mini weekend trips.  But the days and time goes by so fast.  I am not complaining, I mean I love working and what I do.  Grateful to be working in this recession.”

You and me both! I can tell you I have some really good friends that have been unemployed for awhile and are not doing good at all.”


We shared and talked, and I gave Walton more information about me. I asked questions about him as well.  I flirted I opened up about being hurt and what was he looking for.  The more he told me, the more I asked simple nonchalant questions. And he was running his mouth like water.  The more he talked, the more he drank and he wasn’t paying too much attention of what I was drinking or not drinking because I kept filling his glass up.  And when he left for the restroom twice.  I poured my wine into his glass, and I would pour a little in mine.  I wanted him buzzed and sleepy. I know that I was, that massage was great and I hot the steam room, sauna, and whirlpool up to.  And I was full from dinner…all I wanted to do was go to bed.  It had been a long day! But I needed to get into Walton’s head some more.  So when he got back to the table that is just what I did!

After desert and another bottle of wine that Walton had paid for and three hours of conversation we both agreed we were sleepy.  Thank God he didn’t ask me to come to my room.  Which he already knew was a rap!  But you never know.  I had plans for Walton early that morning so I needed some sort of rest.


I had set my alarm to go off at 6:30 am I wanted to have a hot bubble bath in that beautiful sunken jet bathtub! And I wanted to make sure I smelled wonderful and looked wonderful!  I was surprising Walton with a hearty light tasty breakfast.  I had arranged for room service to bring fruit, his favorite of course.  Juice, coffee, bran muffins, eggs and sausage; I was just going to have coffee.  Because after this breakfast, I was going to make a clean get away!

I watched as room service knocked on his door and yelled “Room Service Mr. Cambre!”  A few minutes passed and he opened the door and the attendant pushed the tray inside.  Shortly after he walked out. I took a deep breath and then walked to his door and knocked.

It’s Camden !” He opened the door. I was shaking my head on the inside.  If I wasn’t trying to get revenge I would be laying up in bed with Walton right now! I could see a bit of his defined chest showing through his open robe.  But I was on my mission.  I had things to do. And ohh how sweet it will be when I have the winning hand!

Good morning lovely lady!”  I smiled.

Good morning to you.  I thought that I would have some breakfast sent up to you. Though I am not a breakfast person.  I do want to be in your company while you eat. I love being around you and hearing your voice.”  He smiled.  He kissed me on the cheek, and my stomach and teeth got tight.  Even though I felt he was sexy, I didn’t want him to touch me! Aaarrgh! It was oxymoron I know.  He walked over to the cart and uncovered everything. 

This looks so good and smells good.”

Just a couple of your favorites.  I hope I got it right.” I bit my bottom lip.

Camden you have gotten everything right. I don’t believe there is nothing you could do wrong lady in my eyes.” That was good to know.  Just hearing him say that let me know I had him where I wanted.  I walked over and began fixing his plate.  He sat down and watched me.

How did you sleep?”

Perfect.  I think I had too much wine last night.”

So did I.  But I think it was the massage that we enjoyed that had us feeling so relaxed.”

I agree.  Mmmm.. you smell better than the food.  And do you always look this good?”  I giggled.

I try, I am a work in progress you know.”

No you are a beautiful gorgeous woman who has progressed.  I admire you.”

Walton I need to really talk to you and be open and honest.”  A look of concerned crossed his face.  Just like I knew it would. I sat down and I looked out the window then at him directly in his eyes.

I am falling hard for you.  I have not felt this way about a man in a long time.  I mean it.  I am the one who does not want to be in a faithful committed relationship because of all the men that have taken advantage of me one way or another. I have led men on to think that I was faithful and I really wasn’t.  I hung my head in shame.  And I made a tear fall down my face.  I looked up at Walton who had sympathy in his eyes.  That is why I have not gone all the way with you.  I want you, but I don’t want to rush it and here I go getting hurt.  I feel that you and I have so much in common and can really establish something meaningful and wonderful.  But if I do this, wanting to be in a relationship. I want to take my time and give myself wholeheartedly to you.  And I want the same from you.  I want you to be honest and forthright with me as well. Share some of your inner secrets.  And love me.” Tears had begun to fall from eyes and down my face. Walton leaned towards me with a cloth napkin and wiped my face.  I smiled. And took the napkin from him and finished the job.

I don’t know what to say.”

Maybe I said too much.”

No, no you didn’t.  You said all the things I wanted to say but couldn’t.  Look Camden my life is not what you may think it is.  And I may not be the man you think I am.  But I am a man who would love the opportunity to give myself to you and give you and what we need to make it.  I am willing to take it one step at a time.  And we can go as slow as you want to. I have never waited on a woman ever, but I know in you I have a jewel.  He smiled, and many of nights I have dream t of having you in my bed. But I know that will come.  And when it does it will be spectacular. Maybe then we will be so deep into each other and so in love we can concur this world together.” And he reached for my hand and kissed it.

That makes me very happy to hear.  But I do have one question.”

What is that?”

Will you be honest with me?”

I have no choice now do I?”

You do”

Ask me.”

What did you mean by you don’t think you are the man I think you are?”

And it was at that moment that things had truly changed…..






Camden had to go. I was sad that she did, but her mother needed her.  And I had to understand that.  She wanted to stay but I told her we could catch up with each other later.  She gave me such a warm kiss and a lingering hug.  Telling me how she wanted me right then, but she promised herself she wanted to take her time because she wanted to make sure before she jumped the gun.  And though my body wanted her, I forced myself to understand her feelings.

Camden had told me that she had helped people cheat on their taxes and did a few shady things to keep some of her clients from going to jail.  That was nothing compared to what I had done in my life.  I wanted to tell her that I had actually killed a man for money.  But I felt that was too much too soon.  We shared so much with each other that morning. I told her about some of the lies I had told to get where I needed to be.  And that I didn’t have one damn degree that everything I knew was self taught.  Even me speaking other languages;  and what I had told her didn’t change the way she felt, she made no ugly facial reactions when I told her about my past.  And when I told her about Tom Wallingford and what he said about me.  She was the one that said, “WE NEED TO GET HIM!” And it was when she said WE, that I was more than convinced I had a ride or die woman on my side.  It was then that I told her what I had done, and it was from there that she came up with an even more brilliant plan to add to mine on what we could do and pull off brilliantly! I was glad I had told her.

Tom had his coming!  And Tom had it coming big time! Now I was encouraged more than ever to hit him where it hurt, his pockets and his business.  And it was right then and there that I knew I was in love!  Yeap love, and I can remember the last time I was in love. I was eighteen, her name was Chase and she took me for a ride and left me for my best friend.  They are happily married now with three children.  They stay in the society papers.  But that is okay because now I have a woman that will make him and Chase look ridiculous! Sorry azz…mutha….(laughing hard)

I had found a discrepancy with the secretary I had.  Well honestly it was my ploy to get rid of her.  I hired Naomi, she was a close friend of  Monroe ’s  and she would be a clear detour for Tom.  I must admit Naomi was hot! With all caps, and it took all of me not to flirt with her.  And I knew if I did I would lose the best thing I had which was Camden and Camden had a lot more going on for her than Naomi.  See I have seen her type before, and she was a gold digger.  And we were paying her, or should I say that Tom was paying her a very hefty salary for her time here.  Of course to get her to come work here Monroe and I gave her $5,000 a piece.  My $5,000 came from Tom.  I didn’t want to spend any of my money!

See Naomi would distract Tom and she was also the liaison for Camden and I. Meaning that she would give me messages from Camden and be our eyes in regards to Tom.  Now because Tom was a cheat and he was always looking for a way to get over.  I told him about Camden, of course I had took a lot of info that Camden had shared with me and had begin to set up accounts with various organizations to cover my tracks. And Tom seeing what I was doing wanted to do the same thing.  Not that he wasn’t doing this before.  But the accountants that he had were doing a good job, but I had convinced him that Monroe would do an even better job.  And of course he was very skeptical for awhile having someone, a new person and stranger looking at his personal assets.  The only thing that gave her kudos was the fact that she handled business and was the accountant for Monroe . Tom knowing that Monroe was a straight laced business woman and there were a lot of people that looked up to her aided his decision.  Though he may have had issues with her because she looked at him as a loser and had never invited him to anything she gave knowing he was a serious mover and shaker in this business.  But he did admire her and her tenacity.

Pulling Tom on the band wagon with Camden was very hard and took some time. But I did it!  And now he was really going to pay! We would have full gain of all of his assets! And he would not be the wiser! And thanks to Naomi who was doing an excellent job being my assistant.  I just thought she would be just eye candy for Tom, but she turned out to do and exceptional job.  And she found out a lot of information and was the third eye and ear for Camden and I.




I was getting excited as the days wore on. I felt that we all were going to see the end of the tunnel.  The meeting we all had with Mike, Randy, Camden and myself let me know that things were moving right along.  And I also had a wonderful peace when it came to Camden .  My jealousy had taken a much needed rest.  I was beginning to see more and more that this was business and not to worry that somehow some way Walton would get to her and charm her and she would lose sight of everything. 


Mike and Randy of course were silent partners I guess you could say.  They kept a distant eye on Walton and Tom.  And because they were both snakes Mike and Randy had hired some detectives to follow them around to take pictures they even had managed to bug their office phones of course with the help of Naomi which was a surprise to me that she some how was now in the mix of things.  When they all told me the plan and how she was being paid and used, well what really could I say? Naomi was getting her fingernails not only in Tom but Walton too!  She had managed to bug both of their cars too!  This girl must have done this type of thing before because neither of them had no clue.  However Mike and Randy spared no expense in investing in the top of the line products either to get to these guys.  They had regular ball point pens that could be used as cameras and listening devices!  I was impressed.

My job was to now talk more to Walton which is the last thing I wanted to do. But they said that any encouraging words from myself in regards to what Camden was “feeling” for Walton would be a great help.  Just because he was weak and that would persuade him more that he was the one for her.  And that would also excite him into giving up more info in regards to himself and Tom. So I made sure I did my part, even though I loathed his very existence he made my skin crawl!

I was now enjoying the one on one time that I was now getting with Camden .  To me it was like she was feeling a certain type of way in regards to us.  Or maybe it could just be me feeling so open when it came to her. I was so doing things I would consider out of character even for me.  I made sure that she ate, I cooked her meals and that was something I rarely if ever done for myself.  I seemed to text her throughout the day.  And whenever she had time or wanted to see me I made time for her.  I took her shopping, bought her favorite fragrances and pampered her seriously.  It was mostly small things, she liked foot rubs, bubble baths and she had her favorite snacks so I just made sure I was the one to give those things and do those things for her.  It wasn’t hard for me.  And I could tell that she enjoyed it.  She really wanted nothing form Walton because she already knew that he wasn’t giving it from his pocket. Whatever he spent his money on was actually Tom’s money.  After all the things he said to her, and supposedly what he felt for her.  He didn’t spend one dime of his money on her! This just further let us know that Walton was a stingy bastard and at the end of the day he was really not into Camden as he said he was. I was just biding my time.




Three months had gone by and Walton was getting edgy and was now beginning to pressure me about being intimate and I had to do something.  So I decided to do the same thing to him that he told me he had done to Tom. Oh I made sure that Walton had spilled his guts a long time ago of what he had done to Tom and how he planned on setting him up.  Little did this bastard know he and Tom were being followed and under surveillance twenty-four hours. They couldn’t go to the bathroom without being followed or being recorded by the many devices that were planted in their offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, cars and homes.  Naomi was in there like swimwear when it came to Tom.  She had gained his loyalty and was great for his ego.  She was like his “sunshine” you could say.  Whatever it was she was doing to keep his nose wide open was working! Naomi had no qualms with sleeping with this man and doing what he asked because she saw the bigger picture and she knew that an even larger payday was coming.  You see Naomi was a permanent fixture in our lives.  Well I should say in Mike and Randy’s lives.  They paid her big bucks to be a spy!  But as far as the sexing goes she wasn’t so much into that.  She pretty much kept her panties clean in that department.  That is why I had to butter her up in Hawaii and spoil her as much as I could.  Same with the guys, we didn’t want her to feel as if she was some cheap hoar or prostitute.  But we knew of no one else that would get the job done like she could.  And we knew that Tom was going to want to bed her down!  There was no way around it! 

So what I had planned on doing was meeting up with Walton at a plush hotel.  I didn’t want Walton to know where I stayed.  Any time we saw each other we met up, or I would visit him for a short period in his home.  I knew if I stayed long he would want to have sex.  So I would just drop off detailed information.  Like damaging financial records of Toms.  I knew he would have them lingering around his home and not burn them or trash them.  That was just how stupid he was.  And these were records he was not supposed to have.  And when I gave them to him I never touched them to leave my fingerprints.  I used gloves all the time.  And when I gave them to him, I opened up my briefcase and I would have him get them.  He was none the wiser!

So I wanted to do something really down and dirty.  If I was going to ruin this man then I was going to go all in! And with the help of my cohorts I knew that I would be able to pull off a much better job than he had with Tom!

Of course he had to be drugged, but not the same drug that he had used on Tom, noooo nooo no! This was going to be much easier and more simple.  Visine!! I was going to drug him with just a few drops of visine.  People are unaware of what visine does to you if you add it to alcohol, that's an old trick I learned a looong time ago. After we had drank a few glasses together and he was nice and buzzed.  Plus also lacing his food with sleeping aids was going to do the trick! We had it all set up from the cooks in the kitchen to the room service attendant! Don’t tell me what people will not do for money!

For me I didn’t have to hire any escorts to take pictures and pay them.  I just had to pay a desperate out of work unemployed actor slash model who just so happened to be gay and thought that Walton was fine! To do what was needed to put the bite down!! Was this ever going to be real rugged and very raw!

The bad part was I still had to kiss and touch him!!!

Because I knew that Walton could drink the hell out of some wine like a damn fish.  I made sure we had at least two glasses down in the bar of the hotel.  We then went to the room and I immediately ordered two bottles of the same wine.  And I ordered “the dinner” as Walton went and took a shower like I had asked.  That was when I had taken the opportunity of putting on plastic gloves and opening a fresh package of visine which was also handled with care and no fingerprints. I took it out and I dropped a few drops into his glass of wine I had freshly poured and also a few drops in the bottle that was opened.  I knew once we had started eating and drinking he would get tired and sleepy real soon. I then put on something real sexy that he didn’t deserve to see me in.  But I had to play the role.  When Walton came in the living room he wanted to jump on me right then!  He had took on a whole new look to me, like some desperate hound!! He looked evil and very unattractive and non-sexy to me. I now know I was over it! And I was over him.  I do know that Tom kept him busy, Naomi kept him busy, I kept him busy.  So from the time that he has been under surveillance I can say he has not had another woman.  Good.  Because I would hate to have to kiss or touch him knowing that he had been with someone else.

Walton walked right over to me and started kissing me immediately.  I kissed him back and then pulled away.

We have all night.  And I am starved for food and you.” 

I made toast after toast being silly and making him laugh.  Encouraging him to drink was what it really was.  And then we ate our salads.  That is what I had, and he ate his food so fast because he wanted to hurry up and “make love” I had never seen a man eat so fast! I was starting to get disgusted!  Ewe!

When we cuddled on the sofa and drank some more wine which was laced I could tell that he was getting sleepy.  So I quickly got him in the room and naked in bed. I had taken off my clothes and begun the act of “being affectionate” He responded but his kisses and hugs were not as passionate.  He was getting weak.  And just then I had went to my cell phone and called Randy.  I let it ring one time and hung up.  That was our sign.  I had unlocked the door and I hoped back in bed with Walton.  As I kissed all over his chest and neck and Walton moaned that was a good thing, because it was now Miguel’s turn to turn up the heat!  And my was he ready seeing Walton in bed, he wasted no time in pulling me out of his bed and getting busy on Walton. 

See there were hidden cameras all over the room with mics and everything!  Due to the fact that Walton was groggy he still managed to get an erection and he moaned with delight.  I was excited that he had responded!  And yes I stayed in the room which was dark and watched all of it from the beginning to the end.  You see Miguel was a super pretty boy that any woman would be happy to sleep with.  And the next thing was he looked a lot like me!  Long flowing hair and we were both the same complexion. Now Miguel was all man he wasn’t the type to get breast implants, he loved being a man.  A man that loved men!

Miguel left a happy man! And I was a happy woman!

When Walton got up I was in the shower acting as if we had a wild wonderful night.  I left wine glasses on the end tables along with wine bottles.  My clothes and his robe were on the floor.  The covers and pillows were all over the bed. There were empty condom wrappers on the end table too.  It looked as if we had a great time.  When Walton walked in the bathroom I welcomed him in the shower with me letting him admire my nude body showing no shame.  We kissed deeply, but that erection he had gotten was not going to get a reaction from me. And of course as usual I had no time, I had to go!!

Don’t start! I teased you have literally worn me out with very to no sleep last night. I kissed him, and tweaked his nose. I have an appointment with a client to pick up some paperwork.  We can pick this up another time. I looked back over my shoulder for effect.  I’m in love.  I never made love to a man like that before, ever!” And I walked out leaving him stupid.  And I am sure wondering.  While he was probably taking a cold shower, I had left a note that had lipstick stained print on it already.  I had done it last night.  I left it on the nightstand.  I quickly got dressed and left and sped home leaving my cell phone off for the rest of the day.  I had no reason to talk to Walton no more that day.  I wanted him to wonder.  I am sure he was having thoughts here and there, “thinking” that he and I had a great night together.


We all had been playing this game for the past eight months and with a few mishaps here and there because nothing is perfect.  The plan was moving great.  We had all of Tom and Walton’s money tied up with our non-profit organizations and charities. Naomi some way had got a hold of the combination to Tom’s safe and was able to remove a lot of impertinent information and make copies as well take pictures.  She saw the copies of the agreements that gave Walton everything from his business if anything was to happen to him.  She made copies of those as well.  However that really meant nothing at this point and time because Naomi had Walton sign so many papers pertaining to clients that she had also mixed in documents of our own that if anything was to happen to him because he had no family he wanted his wealth to be distributed evenly to the following “charities” which were are own “fake” charities” .Now the plan was set for Walton to go ahead and make that tape that he had of Tom public.  Of course he was going to sale that info to the highest bidder for his own greedy sake.  And because Tom was a humongous public figure that loved the limelight this would hit all newspapers’, magazines, gossip sites, Yahoo and MSN you name it!  And the news would have a field day with this!  Also the fact that Tom was married  just had gotten married I might add to a beautiful and very young model. And she played no games with men at all.  She had torrid love affairs with a couple of celebrity men.  And the moment they dogged her, she dogged them publicly and they never denied what she told the press.  How could they if it was true?  This was going to be good! The other great thing that was going to bring Tom to his knees was that he had been recorded disrespecting a lot of stars and celebrities and how he had planned to get over on some new talent.  And the nasty things he said about a lot of people, even the people who worked for him.  Money he had stolen and a sleuth of money laundering and some dirty things that went on in his office with other men and women!  I would have never thought that Tom was a down-low guy.  But he bashed gay men!


I had to place Walton on hold telling him to go ahead with the plan and let’s get this plan on the way so we all could get paid because everything was set and all ends were tightly secured.  That was all that I needed to say for him to do what he had to do. Because for some reason now he “remembered” us making love!  (laughing) Well he only had fragmented memory of “us” sleeping together.  And what he did remember was a wonderful experience.  What I found out that is typical with men that when they have not had sex in a long time or have been celibate the first woman they have sex with no matter if the sex is good or bad their experience will be a wonderful one!  Just ask a man that has done some hard time in prison or in jail.  Or even boot camp, that orgasm that has been stored up for a woman will be a stone cold blast! (laughing)





I had been holding back on Camden , I really had!  But the money that I was getting from the highest bidder for my “info” on Tom would all go to her.  Why not?  I mean I was going to have twenty times that money and more! That would be crumbs on my table!  Naomi was keeping me abreast with everything from Camden .  Plus Camden had sent things a lot of time through messenger service as to keep all of our hands clean.  She would pick some random person to go inside of the office and they would fill out the paperwork with a fake name and have it sent to me.  I am telling you my baby was a pure genius this is how I knew that she loved and cared about me because she went that extra mile to secure things with us.  She sent me the footage of Tom’s affairs and conversations in his office.  This man had secrets I would have never known or guessed!  I knew right then and there this would be the talk of the town for a looong time!  And there would be no escaping this at all on Toms end.

I had Naomi help me out with the “interviewing” of selective organizations that would pay the real big bucks to me to air this dirty laundry.  Because in the end they would have other news stations clamoring all over them to get some of the audio and video of Tom.  I was thinking CNN would pay the most!  And when Naomi got back to me she said they had offered me 2.5 million dollars!  They would make more than that once they owned the full rights of it selling it off piece by piece to other news affiliates, magazines and the like.

I personally wanted to be with Tom when it hit the news.  For one I wanted to see his face, and his reactions to the hole thing as it played out for America .  So we went to an upscale sports bar that always had a flat screen tuned into CNN all the time.  Of course I knew the time it would be airing.  So I made sure that Tom made no arrangements to be anywhere else but with me.  Of course I had Naomi with me as bait because now the man said he was in love and was willing to leave his wife for her.  Whatever Naomi had I wanted no parts of, (laughing) I didn’t need to be anymore twisted or wrapped up behind a woman as much as I was over Camden .  I never ever gave a woman any type of money like that before! But when Camden showed me the worth that Tom had built up in the company and how much I could get if I sold it!  Whew! I was a happy go lucky don’t even think about it man! homme très riche, and that means rich man!



When we walked in the bar Naomi was already in the bar.  She had found us a table right in front of the huge flat screen TV and this evening the bar was packed! It was perfect! Just as we sat down and ordered our drinks that is when the newscaster stated they had breaking news….I looked at Naomi but she didn’t look back.  Her eyes were fixated on the TV.

I love CNN she stated it is the only news I truly trust not like the local stations and you get more info and newsworthy pieces.”

I agree” said Tom.  The waitress came and took our drink orders.  And that is when Naomi told Tom she was excited in seeing him today.

Just then the newscaster came on and …………


 The people in the bar were staring and waving at Tom when he walked in.  And he even had a couple of groupies come up to the table and ask for his autograph speaking on their talents and they would be next up and coming star! Tom was in a good mood so he gave them his card and told them to call his direct line in the morning.  The waitress was telling us that the tab was on the house in whatever we wanted which was the case every time we all went out together anyway. That was one of the many perks I enjoyed being with the company and hanging with Tom. All the attention he received!  It should all be mine anyways!

When CNN showed footage of him being with other women and men of course their faces blocked out.  All eyes were on us, or should I say him, Tom.  Because as soon as the bartender heard they were doing a breaking story on Tom Wallingford and he was now in the bar.  They turned all the TV’s to CNN.  Just like I knew they would! It was like we were all in a movie and time sat still and we were all in slow motion. The look on Tom’s face was priceless, and of course the paparazzi was right outside the bar, never too far from Tom!  He was a huge star celebrity Mr. GQ! They followed him around to clubs, bars, events.  He was the man!  Tom was always in a magazine, some gossips column, Entertainment social media television.  That Was Tom!

When I and Naomi looked over at Tom it was pure embarrassment, hurt and shame. It was like the blood had literally drenched from his face and his eyes were as big as huge silver dollars! His mouth was open and he was in shock and disbelief of what he was seeing. There was no way that he could deny this at all, because it was his office, his face clearly. This was no mistaken false identity.  I have to say that the hidden cameras that Naomi had placed in his office were top of the line.  Of course we made it very clear that if CNN sold this info to any other television news affiliates the faces of the person involved had to be blocked out and that had to also be the consensual agreement with the others of course they had to do that or they could be sued. 

Naomi had gotten up from her seat and walked out.  She acted as if she was embarrassed and ashamed.  She had been with the man sexually.  So I knew that we would have to give her more money.  I sat there speechless the confident arrogant cocky man was no longer at the table with me. He looked like he wanted to hide run and disappear all at the same time.  I can’t say that I blamed him.  Just for a moment I felt his pain.  Just for a moment my heart went out to him.  That was just for a moment.

Man how in the hell I am I going to get out of here?” He was in pure panic.

I don’t know paparazzi are outside.  Look at all these people in here making phone calls on their phone and taking pictures of you with their cell phones.  I took a deep breath and acted as if I was hurt.  We just have to run out the back.  But I guarantee they will be out there.  I am sure they have this whole place surrounded now by the media.”  I looked at Tom. He didn’t know what to say or do.  He was looking more and more destitute.  Lost and hopeless really couldn’t describe just a couple of his feelings.  And because his phone was on the table it was vibrating, he was getting phone calls back to back non-stop!

Get me out of here Walt.”  He said it so low and humble.

I threw a hundred dollar bill on the table. Mostly for show and so that it would mainly look good on my behalf.  I took my coat off and just as I figured the media was lined up outside!  I covered Tom and held him right under me.  I managed to get him into his car and we sped off.  Of course he knew and I knew that he had a face the city and a lot of the world knew thanks to him wanting to be on TV and any media hype he could get into.  He was a spotlight demon!

Where do you want me to take you?  You know the office and your house is going to have the media and paparazzi all over Tom.”  I could feel Tom getting sick.  He had a worried look on his face and he had now shrunk it seemed within himself.  I could hear his phone vibrating it was still ringing back to back.  I could just imagine the text messages and voice mail messages he was getting.  Especially from his wife! I could just imagine what she was feeling and thinking about this man and the embarrassment she was feeling.  Paparazzi would be all over her as well.  I didn’t feel bad about all of this, I really didn’t.  It was what Tom deserved and I was clearly happy that Camden worked with me to show light on this cold-hear-ted monster! When Camden and I looked at all of the footage we had together.  He spoke ill of so many people and he said some more cruel things in regards to me.  I am sure that CNN would drag this out and they would play pieces and pieces of this footage for the next two weeks.  They had enough to run for a month if they wanted to.

Just drive.  I will let you know where to go.  Get on the Freeway and just drive.”

I drove for an hour out of the city we were in.  And then Tom asked me to get off on the next exit.  He led me to a travel lodge, I pulled in as he asked and I got him a room for two nights.  He then asked me to go down the street and get him something to drink.  I did that and I brought it back to him.  He sent me out back again asking me to get him some motrin and sleeping pills. He said he had a bad headache and all he wanted at this point was a drink and to go to sleep.  So I did as I was instructed. He wanted me to have a drink with him. And I did, we drank in silence.  He was pouring shot after shot.

Slow down man.”

Would you?  Would you slow down if you were me?  My life is over right now!! How can I face my wife and my children man with this shyt?! My wife, my parents have been blowing up my damn phone.  How they hell did this happen?  I know this was a set up!! Who in the hell would set me up like this?”  He kept taking shot after shot out of his paper cup.

I’m here for you man.  I know you don’t think I am the best friend to have or maybe even like me for all I know.  Hell I have been getting calls when I went to the store.  I haven’t answered not one of them.”

How much money do you have on you? I went into my wallet and pockets and I  had five hundred dollars.  And handed it over to him.  I need you to go get me another bottle of scotch and I need you to call Naomi, I know she won’t answer my phone call.  I can’t be alone right now.”  Tears were falling from his eyes.  I knew Naomi would answer my call but she wasn’t going to talk to Tom.  I called her and then handed the phone over to Tom.

Baby please, I need you!” She hung up the phone.

I will go to the store for you.”

Don’t worry about it.  I will call you in a couple of days.  This money will run me for the next three days or so.  Answer your phone when I call man.”

I will.”  And I got up and walked out.




Monroe and I sat in her media room watching as all of this Tom Wallingford mess headlined all over the news! It was hilarious to us how CNN made it seem as if they had for more and more info as the story went on.  How they played on it.  CNN couldn’t get enough it seemed of showing the man going down on Tom in his office. And then there was also the pictures with him in the hotel room with the escorts that Walton took of him being handcuffed and tied up wearing all these bondage mask, womens undergarments and flashy G-strings! But it had nothing on the coverage those cameras had gotten of him in his office with women and especially the men! Plus all of the damaging things he said about a lot of the artist he represented and his confessions of how he was using them and taking advantage of their ignorance.  How he had gotten over on so many and his future plans.  They edited this stuff perfectly on CNN.  Monroe and I felt no remorse.  We just wondered how he would get himself out of this mess, because this was a mess!!

I told Walton we couldn’t email, call, text or see each other for the next two weeks. That everything still had to go through Naomi because they would be seriously watching to see what more they could dig upon Tom, and the company.  And he would have paparazzi all over him.  I told him if he was interviewed that he would have to pretend to be shocked and express his loyalty to Tom. And that he had nothing else to say.  He had to go on his day by day. 

Naomi had no idea that Tom was a down-low cat and so my cousins and I had decided that we would give her and extra $20,000 to chill her nerves out until we got the big piece of our monies.  Naomi of course was not going to get millions, of course not!  That was our money.  But who cared that Tom liked getting felatio from men?  I didn’t and I didn’t look at her any different.  Hell none of us knew.  And as we all told her we were looking at the bigger picture here.  Getting control of all that money and bringing two people down Tom Wallingford and Walton Cambre! She would get a good pay-off but for now no one but the six of us knew she had sex with him.  The public knew nothing of it.  And if she wanted to get more money which we sure she was.  She had to stick it out.  Which she promised to do, or she would very well be on the news! So we had a messenger send her a check to her house for that $20,000 and we had to move quick.  Because I couldn’t talk to her either.

I so wanted to call Walton and ask him what happened at the bar and all of the events that had occurred.  But that was the least of my concerns.  Because the bigger picture was him! And he was the meat we all wanted to savor. Tom was the little fish in the pond.  I mean there were reasons for all of us bringing him down but not like it was for Walton!

Monroe and I were now waiting for Randy and Mike to come over.  We had a small meeting with them of what we all were to do next.  Make sure that we all stuck to the plan.  All of our hands were perfectly clean and of course there were no traces that would lead to us.  Everything was set up that all eyes would be on Walton that he would be the mastermind to Tom’s downfall.  But we all had to be on point.

I wasn’t even prepared for how this was all going to play out in the media. I can just imagine what Tom and his wife are going through.  I sort of feel bad.”  Monroe stated.

Why?  Why do you feel bad about all of this?  You shouldn’t…this was all apart of the plan Mon.  We had to go this route.  You wanted this just like the rest of us. Tom is a shady man.  And in order to get to Walton we all had to bring him down as well. Look when this is all over we will be some well off people.  I mean ten million dollars is a lot of money. But you are not counting all the monies we all will receive from the money marketing CD’s and other bank accounts, non-profits we set up. This will be a huge pay-off.  At this present time Toms assets are worth eight hundred million dollars! Just think when all of that gets liquidated.”

I know. I just feel bad.”

You will get over it.  So did the private investigator find your sister?”

He said he had three good leads and that he would be checking up on them and getting back to me in a couple of days.”

Well that is good isn’t it?”

I hope so Camden .  I have been trying to find out if she is dead or alive for the past two years and to no avail.”

Well the detective that Randy got you is the best of the best and if he can’t find her no one can.  So don’t worry…..but what if…I mean what if she is dead Cam?” She took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh.

Of course I would want her to be alive.  But if she is I would hate to see her looking so bad and not the person I once knew.  Last time I saw her she was simply lost in her eyes.  Like she had no soul.  She was edgy and I could tell she didn’t want to be around me.  She seemed to be nervous and kept looking over her shoulder. Paranoid.”

Drugs do that to you.”

I know they do. She was already svelte and when I saw her she was even thinner. Her hair looked matted and she smelled, her skin was broke out. I just reached in my purse and gave her all the money I had on me.  I knew she would go get high.  But since we were across the street from a motel that was nice.  I made sure I paid a couple of weeks for her.  But when I went and checked back on her.  The manager told me that she had gotten the money and left.”  I saw tears fall from her eyes. I pulled Monroe to me.

And that is why you shouldn’t feel bad for none of this.  Both of these men need to pay!”  And we both cried, because if it were not for Walton my father would still be here!


Monroe had fixed us a beautiful lunch! She set the table out on the patio. We looked out at the water and it was a beautiful sunny bright day despite all the drama that was happening all over the world today.

We sipped on mimosas, had fresh baked homemade rolls, seafood salad and for desert she made a walnut peach cobbler! This lady could cook you into a coma! And everything looked aesthetically pleasing. 

Okay guys this is it, I mean really it.  I will say that our dear and best friend Walton will fall in two weeks and trust me that is not a long time from now. I trust that you told Walton you couldn’t see him for the next two weeks” Randy asked me.

Of course. I told him that everything now has to go to and through Naomi.  By the way did she get her money?”

Of course she did!  And she called to thank me.” Randy said.

I know Naomi she is all about the hustle.  Once she got that check plus the royalties she will receive from all of this when it ends she is not worried about being with that man.  Money is the only thing she is worried about.”  Mike stated.

It took me some time in Hawaii to convince her.  I mean I will say that she gave me a hard time.”

Naomi prides herself that she doesn’t have to sleep with men for money.  They may have given her money they have had an intimate relationship. But she will not just sleep with a man to get money.” I looked at Mike like he was crazy.

Now we have a few more things to go over.  But I am ready for desert!” Randy said with excitement.

And I am ready to serve you guys. I have peach and vanilla ice cream and whip cream and the cobbler is hot!”  My cousins loved to eat and enjoyed great food. They ate and they worked out hard.  Go figure!

My mind was now reeling, hoping that everything really worked out.





I got the call at 2 am and at first I didn’t think I heard what I heard correctly.  But it was clear.  Tom Wallingford had taken his life!  He committed suicide just one day after everything had hit the media.  I was told that he had hung himself in the bathroom with a sheet.  How he managed to do that I don’t know. But I never thought this would happen.  This was far from what we all had expected.  I had a moment of sadness and had felt a ting of guilt because this was a part of my doing. But after a few moments I had realized I would soon be a rich man!

When I went into the office that morning the press were everywhere asking questions of any and everybody that walked in and out of the office building. Tom owned the whole twelve story building, which was now mine.  Of course I had on glasses and pretended to be sad.  And I had no comment.  As soon as I got into my office Naomi came in and dropped an envelope on my desk.  It was a letter from Camden letting me know she had heard what happened.  She told me to stick to the plan and feel an overwhelming amount of pain.  That this happening was even better. I folded the letter back up and put it in the envelope and gave it back to Naomi for her to destroy. I hated that I was not going to be able to talk to Camden for the next two weeks.  But we had already made plans to go out of town for three weeks once all of this was truly over.

By the end of the day I was contacted by so many people including attorney’s and Tom’s young wife who was simply hysterical by the news.  I felt for her, but what woman wanted a man who wasn’t faithful and treated her like crap emotionally and had a desire for men.  I promised her that she had nothing to worry about.  That I would make sure the company continued to grow and that her and her son would be taken care of.   She stated that she had no problem with that and that I was the best thing to ever happen to Tom. It was on the same day of Toms worldwide telecast she called me I had revealed to her that he was okay and he had gotten a room because of the embarrassment of everything and he would be calling her soon and not to worry. But who knew?  Who knew this spineless jellyfish would crumble and take his own life?!


Phase 1


The media was still in an uproar and everything was still fresh and they kept rehashing the news of Tom’s death and more footage of audio and video tapes.  I thought that was the most crass thing the media could do at this time making things worse for his family.  But anything they could do just to make money. 

After the funeral Toms’ wife Melissa, his parents, and his oldest daughter were called in the offices for the reading of his will.  For show I kept telling the parents and Melissa there was no need for me to be there.  That I was sure Tom had left everything to him.  And that if they still wanted me to run the company or help keep it afloat until they found a replacement they could let me know.  But because I had charmed all of them and had them all wrapped around my finger they wanted me there.  But they insisted as well as the attorney. 

We were all seated in the office in front of his huge mahogany desk.

I must say that I am saddened by all of the news that we have heard on the TV from the media.  And also saddened by the death of a dear friend and comrade. However I will get straight to business and not hold you all here longer than I need to. Tom had made some changes to his will six months ago.  And to be honest none of you will be happy about it I am sure.  To make it sweet and to the point he has left everything to Walton Cambre.  His homes, cars, money and he is sole owner of Tom Wallingford enterprises.  He handed me an envelope. All of his banking information, stocks the companies portfolio.  Deeds to his homes, everything is in that envelope" I had a fake look of surprise on my face.

"I, I can't take this...I , I mean his family...why would he do this? He has children and..." I looked over at his family who were in every bit of shock by the news they just heard and I am quite sure very hurt. Melissa his wife sat there with her mouth open in shock just staring at the attorney.

"I am so sorry.  This is nothing new.  Tom honestly has changed his will at least seven to eight times within this year.  So that is why I didn't or for that matter never questioned him about what he had changed.  This I didn't know which really made me look good.  But now it was time for me to speak up.  I was ready to get out of there. So with Tom leaving everything to Walton was really no big deal.  And who felt he would have done this??? Take his life. And unfortunately because he committed suicide his life insurance will not pay. That was one of the stipulations of the life insurance. I am so sorry Mrs. Wallingford."  I immediately stood up.  
"Look I am saying this right here right now!  I wouldn't feel right in taking all this money and owning everything.  I want to make some arrangements to give Melissa ten million dollars as soon as possible.  And to make sure that the taxes are paid up on the home they shared.  I don't want his cars.  So I want to make arrangements to evenly give them to Melissa and his parents.  And also to make sure that his parents get five million dollars.  Draw up whatever paperwork you need and lets' give them the money now!! I yelled.  Once I have had the accountant go through all of his finances please be sure that Melissa will get a check from the company every month!" And as soon as I said that Melissa jumped up and hugged me.  She had tears in her eyes and so did Toms' mother and father.  I did a wonderful job acting.  And stuck to the plan.  That money again was pennies.  Because we had gotten so much more than that in the course of nine months stashed away in various places.  I had at least gotten a grand total of a quarter million dollars. Once I had made my grand speech the attorney said he would draw up the papers and have them delivered to my office ASAP.


Phase 2



I hadn’t been feeling well for the past week or so.  I just assumed that it was me being stressed out over this whole thing with Tom. And I was so ready to move on.  I had made sure that everything was set to go as far as making sure that Melissa and her family got some money.  The ten million dollars I had assured Melissa would come to her once everything had cleared up.  But as a show of good faith until I had gotten that cleared I had made sure that I had given her some money.  I told her that I was writing her a check to help her with expenses and whatever she needed for $300,000 that would keep her happy for the moment. 


Three weeks had passed and I was anxious to see Camden and because she was the companies accountant it was now “okay” for me to see her. She came in and was very business being in control and I loved it!  She held a meeting with all the staff of the company assuring them they would still be getting paid and that the company would still be open for business.  Everyone of course was happy to hear that the company was doing very well financially.  And of course after the meeting we met alone. 


Hey could you have Naomi order us up something to eat and then bring me something to drink because I am so thirsty from all that talking.” Camden laughed.

I am so proud of you. Camden gave me a look. I knew that meant not to say anything more.  Within the week of Toms’ death Naomi and I went in his office and removed every hidden camera.  And she disposed of all of them.  I had offered to give all pictures and paperwork over to Melissa. But she wanted nothing, he left her nothing and she basically wanted nothing from him.  I had Naomi pack his office up and send everything over to his parents home.  I knew there was nothing incriminating in any of the boxes.  His office was cleaned up in a matter of two days.

I need to eat or drink I have been tired and sick on my stomach.”  Camden looked hard at me.

You do look a little ill. You have bags under your eyes.  Maybe you should see a doctor Walton.” I waved my hand.

Nawww I am okay.  I have been just working my behind off.  And since Toms’ death it has been real crazy around here.  With the attorneys, meetings, and keeping everything a float.” Camden gave me a look of concern.  Like she wasn’t buying it.

I think you should go to a doctor still. Have you been eating?”

Yeah, I have to force myself to eat.” She shook her head at me.   I smiled, she cared and loved me.

I am going to eat right now.  I will have lunch ordered as you wish and we will eat right now! I laughed and then I coughed.  Camden got up and rushed over to pat me on the back.  She yelled out of the conference room for Naomi to bring me some water.  When Naomi brought the water in I guzzled it down. I raised my hand, I’m okay.” Naomi looked at me with concern.

I think you should go home Walton.” She said.

Will the both of you stop it!  Come on, I am okay I just been working hard.”

I know. It has been too much going on here the past couple of weeks and you act like you are superman!  You need to go home and get some rest.” Naomi said with venom in her voice.

Awww you two are sweet. Naomi order up some Chinese food and bring me some orange juice from my fridge.”  Naomi put her hand on her hip and rolled her eyes at me. And then walked off.  Camden walked over and sat across from me.

After we finish up her you are going to go home and get some rest.  And I will check on you tomorrow. I swear you don’t look good and you need some rest and sleep. What time have you been going to bed?”

Maybe three or four.”

You are making yourself sick.  Stop it she said between gritted teeth. We have a lot to celebrate. I love you she whispered low.  And how can we enjoy this money and each other with you not resting?” I nodded my head yes.


We went over some paperwork and she was showing me figures.  I trusted Camden so wherever she wanted me to sign I did.  And whatever she needed me to sign I did. I then had Naomi come in and have all paperwork notarized and taken to my attorney.


After Camden and I had lunch in the conference room I was feeling worse.  So I did just what they wanted me to do.  I went home to get some much needed rest. 


I could barely make it to my room I was feeling so bad.  I could tell I had a fever and I had chills.  I hated this because I hated being sick.  With so much going on I had forgotten to get my yearly flu shot.  And a lot of the people in the office had come down with the flu.  I use to get the flu all the time and it seemed to me I would get it the worse out of most people I knew. Chills, fever, aaarrrghhh and I would be burdened down with this for at least a week! 



Hey doll I am sick as a dog.”  I gave a weak laugh.

I figured that much you looked ill when I came into the office.  Flu perhaps?”

Yeap, I think that is what I have. A lot of people have come down with it in the office and it is flu season.  I was so damn busy I forgot to get my shot.  Too late now.”

Call Naomi and have her bring you some soup and apple juice.  You need as many fluids as you can get.”

I will.”  And I hung up the phone.


I called Naomi and she said she would have her brother bring me some cold fresh apple juice from the health store and the some chicken noodle soup from this eatery not far from the job.  I would eat it if I had to force myself.  I planned on being back to work in a few days.  I also told her to bring my day-quill and whatever other stuff she felt I needed.  She couldn’t make it because she had a date.  I had met her brother and he was a very nice young man.  So I was fine with him bringing it to me.


When James Naomi’s brother got to my house I could barely get out of bed to go to the front door. I gave him a hundred dollar bill for bringing it. He was surprised and happy. I went into my kitchen and I quickly downed some juice and meds and pulled myself up the stairs and got into bed. 






I got a call from Naomi telling me that Walton was in the hospital.  And that he wasn’t doing good at all; she said that the doctor said he did not have the flu and things did not look too good.  I told Naomi to stay by his side. At 3 pm Thursday afternoon Walton was dead!!


Good written to bad rubbish! Oh yeah it was all over.  Camden, my sweet girl did her thing along with the help of Naomi, Ricky, Mike and Monroe! You see there was no way that we were going to let Walton live!  Hell no!  He didn’t deserve to live after what he had done to a lot of people.


We had this thing planned down to the science and dotted every I and crossed every T.  You see the first week of Tom’s death Naomi was poisoning Walton.  (laughing) she was sprinkling this poison in his coffee and on his food that she would bring to him in the morning.  Not too much because we didn’t want him to die quick! No, no, no. We wanted this to be a gradual poisoning.  To take a hold of his body slowly.  And when flu season came around this fall it worked even better!  That is when Naomi started putting more poison in his coffee, juices and water.  It looked like splenda or sweet and low sweetener.  She made sure he got larger dosages. Of course this was all figured out by my cousins.  They had it down to the exact science of how much to give him a day without killing him off fast.  So Naomi had just enough on a daily basis pre-packaged to give him. The day of our last meeting she had basically Od’d him. When we ordered the lunch, she brought his water and her brother took him some apple juice and chicken soup.  The way my cousins had estimated he may not make it to the morning.  Well he did, he just didn’t  make it to the ending of the day. 


Of course no fingerprints or anything like that would incriminate any of us, especially Naomi.  Walton had a few health issues, so with one of his prescriptions that just happened to be capsules.  Naomi took that prescription bottle out of his office of course with gloves on and took it to Randy and Mike who had also placed some of the poison in each capsule.  There was only a half of a bottle left. So if and when they did an  investigation of his death or asked for his prescription bottles they would find that same poisoning in his meds.  Are we not sharp or what? (laughing)


The last set of papers that Walton had signed were to make sure that a certain percentage of the monies from the company went to Melissa I felt she deserved it marrying that cad of an azzhole! Plus she had a son to support so I wanted to make sure they were covered.  Of course we all had a heart unlike Walton.  We also made sure that his other child from a previous relationship was taken care of.  There was a trust set up for her when she turned twenty-one.  She would be one rich girl and she only had a year to go before she would get it.  However she was set up with monies for school and Walton had it setup so that she got one of those many cars that Tim owned.  The man had a fetish for cars go figure.


Of course Walton not having any family that he claimed he made sure that majority of his earnings went to certain charities and non-profit organizations.  Which we had set that up a long time ago, however, and that is a huge however.  Walton left 1.2 million dollars to Mike Weston his old school buddy! My cousin.





We of course made no moves for at least a couple of months just to play it safe.  Tom Wallingford’s Agency was sold to the highest bidder and his assets were all liquidated as per Walton’s request. I was nervous, why I don’t know I was the one who had the least involvement in all of this.  But I was glad things were over.

Also the great thing about all of this truly was the fact that Walton had incriminating evidence in his office and in his home when he died. Later everything led right to him! That he was the one that had set the whole ordeal up with Tom being videotaped and the media getting the coverage. That he had it in for him all this time. But the financial part of it, the business end of it. Well that was not discovered at all. We had that trump tight sealed. The tapes that were made when he was drugged and thought he was sleeping with Cam and wasn't! Simply a classic piece of work I tell you! There was more and more info being discovered as the weeks wore on and all of it was pointing to Walton Cambre III.


The good thing about this was my sister was found.  The detective found her in Canton Ohio ! She was in a rehab and had been there for the past two months.  I was so happy and so relieved.  She said that she would come see me once she got out. But that wouldn’t be for another month.  She sent me pictures and she looked absolutely great! Her skin was clear, she said she was taking herbs and vitamins and eating very healthy like she use to.  My parents were very happy when I shared this news with them.


Now as far as Camden and I go.  We are taking it one day at a time.  I love her and she loves me.  And right now I value her friendship more than anything she wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I understood why she was the way she was, and I had a lot of respect for her.  She had made me a very rich woman. I was just going to take my time and work my business slow and easy. Why not?  But I will tell you this I am looking forward to my new lease on life.  We all plan to take a trip to the islands together.  We are doing the Bahamas , Jamaica , Belize , Kaman Islands .  Taking cruises, a month of vacation!  I know that I would sorely miss Camden when she takes off to Rome .  But I knew she would be back for me soon. 

My respect to those who have worked hard (honestly) to accomplish their goals in life. Those who have respected the journey and others along the way. Much love to you!

To those who haven't respected the journey, maybe there is a way that you can redeem those lying and cheating ways and give back what you have stolen before it's all too late.

Much love.....


“Just Toy'

Written Expressions


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