The eccentric side of me is many things.  It is physical, mental, emotionally stimulated by creative forces of what I read, hear, taste and see.  It is a tuning in of passion and love of being a writer horn-ing in on the surreal real and fantasy.  Bringing a painted canvas of psychological and emotional issues encountered by myself and others that have crossed my path in this walk of life I have been blessed to live. It allows me to speak in various tones of chatter and creative characters that express ideas, life, lost and recovery.  To teach and give wisdom and uplift circumstances shock waves of perception.  

Painting perfect pictures as does a movie, drama, suspense addicting words that hit the paper, pad and with a pen I can be whomever I want to be. I am a man, a woman, a child, boy or girl.  I cast myself in roles on the big screen and as I should be the "star" Creating life and holding your attention by captivating you with vowels, nouns, syllables, adverbs and pronouncing something so detailed you are mine. 

Being an artist capable of so much in the fantasy world.  I am the director, the actor, the writer.  The eccentric side of me has a grand ego and loves to entertain you with humor, love, hurt addiction and reality. 

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