Come on in, come on in. Woo! I'm sure glad you made it
hear safe. Come on, have a seat. Woo! I'm tired now. I just
finished cooking for everybody. As you can see, you the first one
here. What did I cook? Child I made some good ole cabbage,
hot water corn bread, fried corn, potato salad, crispy fried
chicken, and a roast. And for desert I made a german chocolate
cake from scratch. And the peach cobbler is still in the oven.
And it is still hot in that kitchen.

Wait a minute, let me go pour us a glass of that fresh
lemonade I made. It sure is good. I was sipp'n on a little bit
while I was cook'n. Here you go. Here's a napkin for you. Let
me get a swig of mine. Mmmp, mmph, mmmp! That sure is
some good lemonade if I have to say so myself.

You look sad baby. You look stressed and worn. Like you got
a lot on your mind. You do huh? Yeah, well, it's this lifetime. It's
all in this lifetime. After while we won't see no pain. So what's on
your heart child? You say you just not happy? Stressed about
your husband. Well baby, I ain't no therapist. And I ain't got no
degree in counseling. All I can give you is some solid wisdom.
Advice I have none of that. Cause everybody got an opinion. And
people can give you advice everyday. But it's wisdom that stirs
up your soul. Like when someone telling the truth about thangs.
And it hit home to you. You can feel it in the pit of your stomach.
A smile might even come across your face. Cause you agree wit
what they say'n. Yeah, I have been there.

Life is full of trials and tribulations child. Plenty to last you this
lifetime. But the trick is getting through them. I know people say
it is easier said than done. But it's really not. You can do
whatever you put your mind to. And stress in this life will kill you.
I know, I have seen a lot of my family and friends to rest over it.
Oh how they could sit and complain, and worry. Child you can't
keep worrying. If you can't fix it today. Eventually it will get fixed. I
learned a long time ago. You can't walk around her wit your
head hung down low. Make your self-esteem fall at the waist
side. Can't do it. Gotta stay positive. Gotta keep your shoulders
high. Because it all passes. Don't it? Think about all the times
you went through, and how now it's nothing but a memory. You
got through it. And at the time you were going through your trials.
You didn't see no way out. I know, I seen you there. And I been
there. Things got me down for a minute. But I would shake
myself real hard. Put a smile on my face, and get myself busy. It
didn't matter rather or not I thought about it throughout the day.
The fact of the matter was. I was gone keep a positive outlook
on it all.

See baby you can't let people take your energy. You can't give
them all your power. When you fuss and fight, and when you
argue. You let people know they have the control. It ain't hard to
walk away. We just make it hard. We want to keep pushing the
pain closer. Instead of just waiting it out. Letting sleeping dogs
lie. And when everything calms down. And the storm is over.
You sit and talk. You hash it out. You work through it.

Patience is a virtue in this lifetime child. And we sometimes
too pig headed to realize that. And know that life is not going to
go our way. We can plan, and set goals. Sometimes a monkey
wrench named life comes in with some circumstances that
throw us off our path. But you pick yourself up. And you hop back
on. Pull and hold it by the reigns. Not too hard where you lose
focus on everything. You gotta learn to separate things in your
life. No that work is work. And you leave it when you leave. And
that the people that are important in your life. You focus on them.
Your friends and family. They don't need to see you sad and
depressed all the time. You know what doesn't feel good to you.
And you know what's not right for you. But you gotta be the one to
put a stop to the things that are not good for you.

Now I'm not saying you gotta be so strong where you can't talk
to nobody. But nobody wants to hear someone play the same
record all the time. Misery loves company, and company will sit
with you if they are miserable too. Can't never get nowhere in life
if you always walking around sad and upset. A smile feels better
than a frown.  And I know that when you go through things, the
world don't stop moving on it's axis. The sun don't stop shining.
That's why we keep on moving. That's why we continue to focus
on the good in our lives. No matter what the situation is. And no
matter how bad we think we doing. Some people ain't got what
we have. And that's not to mean that we take glory in the bad
situations someone else is going through either.

It seem like so much don't it? I know, but child life can be so
sweet. Life can be one big adventure after another. I'm telling
you. Some people can never come up out of the water to see
that. To know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You
can will your mind and body what you want it to do. Even get
healthy, I have seen it.

Now I have found a lot of theses things true. And a wise man
learns from another fools mistakes. You don't have to go
through nothing bad. Especially if you seen a friend or loved one
go through it. And you don't want to burn no bridges. Is best to
walk away as a friend. Then to make enemies. You can keep
friends for a long time if you don't stay up in they faces all the
time. Cause you'll be staying out of they business. And seldom
visits, well they make longer friendships.

I hope all this is feeding your soul. I really do. I know you all
like when I cook and feed your bellies. And the food is good to
you. But good and honest wisdom feeds your soul. And it always
will. Good old wisdom and encouragement keep you on a
positive road. Picks you up, let's you know you can make it. And
when the storm passes. And believe me child, it can't rain
everyday. It's gotta be some sun. And so is the way in our lives.
The sun has to shine.

Look at me, I just been talking. Running my mouth. But it was
a good conversation. Inspiration. Thank you baby for listening.
You always were a good listener. What was that? You are so
sweet. I am glad I could help. I love you too. Now help me set
this table. Everybody will be here in a while. And I want to have
all this soul food waiting for them. I want everybody to be nice
and full.

"Just Toy"
Written Expressions


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