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For me, I believe that we feel from our souls.  We love from the depth of our souls. That our souls indeed transition to another pace after our bodies go back to dirt. I believe also that our inner soul speaks softly, yet loud warning us of what to do and not do.  We just don't listen as we should and ignore. 

  What about my soul? 

  My first book "Why Compromise Your Soul?" has a myriad of poetry and short stories in regards to what and how the soul feels and reacts when it has gone through drama, trauma, hurt, pain, test, life's journeys take us on bearable and seemingly unbearable situations we have gone through.  

  "My Soul To Keep"  Comes from a place of non-factional short stories that draw you in and keep you entertained, yet bring awareness.  As I should as a writer to not only my reader.  But to myself as well. 

~Author Toy High


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ISBN: 978-3-7438-8218-8
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