Life is what you make it...sad songs, sad lives. Do not let the past be your present.....

I got blues that are deeper than the color itself!!! I am talking about the ones that make you think, that make you sulk, that make you cry, the kind of blues that even make you sigh.  I have blues cause I am lost in a world of idiots, in a world of idgets, back stabbers and made of players and liar blues.

I got blues that have and look deeper and bolder than all the colors of blues blues.  My money is short, my bills are waaaay past due.  Inflation, taxes, recession blues.  Forget having fun and taking loooong walks in the park.  I am sitting up here wondering how I am going to get to work in the morning blues.  Because now gas it's up to five dollars a gallon blues. 

I got blues that make me get depressed, stressed, hard up to do things I have never thought of doing blues.  I have blues that are taking shape and hold of my body blues.  Not enough sleep, not enough food, not enough this and that blues.  And most of all I got relationship, celibacy, know one to really call on blues. My friends got the blues so it is hard to call on them and get a shoulder to cry on blues.  Because they are facing the same thang blues too.

I got aches and pains, headaches from being worn down, and the really don't wanna eat blues.  Looking sucked up one day, and looking overweight the next day blues.  Don't wanna leave the house blues, thinking of suicide and wanna die blues cause I was told that life was what you make it blues.  And as I know my worth, and what I have given.  And what I know that I do blues.  I still have hope and search the truth blues. 

I got mad blues for my family becasue they are going through the blues of heartbreak and divorce, low self-esteem blues.  The verbal and emotional sometimes health ain't so right blues.  And what can I really do for them blues.  I got the friends, aquaintances, ex co-workers, new co-workers blues.  Those who need more money, got laid off. Should be making more money blues.  Hours being cut blues.  Wife and husband cheating oh my blues.  My roommate stuck me with the rent and bills blues. 

The type of blues that make the color indigo, aqua-marine, light and dark blue blues.  Maybe you can feel me when I speak on these type of blues.  Maybe I can get across these type of blue blues to you.  The type where the kids are acting up in school, I do not see my children enough, I am so wrapped in the bitter type of blues. 

The hardest blues of not being able to get no attention, no kissing, no hugging, rubbing up, compassionate no empathy blues. 

I got those don't nobody understand me, what the hell I am I doing to get rid of these blues blues.  These are the blues I have dreamt of, didn't want none of, don't have the patience for these BS blues. I got bigger blues than the blues I have mentioned blues.

I got the she pulling me this way, and he want me over there blues.  And want to have me turning trick blues.  And the girls that want a shoulder to lean on blues.  When I got blues of my own. I have the type of blues that my peeps say "I got chu' blues"  and have not stepped to the plate ignoring me now blues.  The why you treat me and do me like that blues.  When you know I am going through it blues. 

I got the why you being so insensitive to me blues.  The blues that I never could understand blues.  The my baby done left me, don't nobody care about me, no one has time for me, somebody still wants something from me blues.  I am tired of being lonely lonely blues.  The everybody is going through some mad trauma and drama blues.

Ladies and gentlemen,




"Just Toy
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