"I'm up in the galaxy if you askin for me
.... I'm writing scribs in the stars ..jumpin from Mercury to Venus..
call me spaceship i stay lifted
I'm so gifted my pen feels honored"........

"Love and hate can not operate at the same time...so one who hates a nation or orientation or spirituality cannot love themselves. To love self you are accepting of anyone's conditioning because it does not effect you! Do u truly operate in love? Do you know yourself enough to accept to world and unconditionally love"....GeneOsoul

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It is an honor to introduce a poet & writer who will be adding youthful lyricism to my site. She is truly a gifted writer & poet. And a published poet, she can be found in the International Book of Poetry...ladies & gentlemen...I introduce to you...Geneosoul.. 

Toy High

Born in Gardena, California  





Reclaiming My Time
I had to chime in as the wind to this “Reclaiming My Time” trend.
What you may fail to understand is, this transcends what is considered disobedience. Nah, what you saw was a continuum of years of disenfranchised subjection to the heckling of white male privilege.
What you are witnessing is the rising of downcast eyes when... questions are asked and the answers given is.. “God will provide.” Nah, fuck that.
What you are currently trending is the energy created when communication is in retrograde, so to reclaim is to re-center to re-enter the atmosphere with no more fear. Nah, fuck that.
I’m reclaiming my time of 400 years a slave to 4 score and 7 years of Jim Crow, even though integration wasn’t complete until the mid seventies.
I’m reclaiming my time that I spent protesting that Black Lives Matter.
I’m reclaiming my time spent of indoctrination within my captor’s religion.
I’m reclaiming my time during the Charleston 9 trying to find and ignite the fire.
I’m reclaiming my time trying to teach the people that Negro Spirituals were not to calm the waters but a message to escape to freedom. I’m reclaiming my time watching endless trials of the innocent blood slain as predators walk freely, carrying a badge of honor and calling it policing.
This is beyond the Elder Waters, this is a call to action because the fact still remains we are constantly back tracking. Constantly reclaiming identities, histories and stories of .. who are we?
Remembering that we are still subjected to the same demeaning position on the totem pole. A seat in congress doesn’t guarantee the majorities approval. See I saw this as a means to an end. The tiresome dealings of being misunderstood, received and responded to.
Give a nigga something shiny and they will be smiling too. How can we crack a smile, when our young and older men are walking the green mile every time they leave the house? How can we feel free when the subjection runs freely.
Even within these conscious communities that are rooted in the worship of black woman as god, still got her watered down with just a crown of symbolism. Barefoot and pregnant, while the men run to war. How can we see that things are different? When she is still considered the angry black woman when she’s just passionate.
I’m reclaiming my time... reclaiming my time... reclaiming the identity stolen from my bloodline.
Reclaiming the knowledge that has been blacked out through the white wash of Greco-Roman mythologies. Reclaiming the title of Creator. Savoring in their ignorance when vicious words drip being called a Black Bitch. Failing to realize she is the dark witch. I mean the dark chick... I mean damn ain’t that black girl magic?
we stuck in formations of palms upright waiting on reparations and continuing our own separation of jiggaboos and wannabes.
I’m reclaiming my time so that I may show you me divine. Reclaiming the time of saying the Creator still workin’ on me. Nah, fuck that I’m perfectly me. I’m stopping the melting clocks that rock this matrix cuz my tricks create new life and new thought.
So... reclaim your time... Reclaim you’re Divine.
So... reclaim your time... Reclaim you’re Divine.
GeneOsoul 2017
Inspired by Congress Woman Maxine Waters

Genesis And Me

Are you ready for me

Can you get with my poetry

Now I have style and versatility
Meaning I'm a genre from A to Z
Whatever is in between I poetically and lyrically recite with style and I proclaim
I got game
Let's see...
I stepped up to the plate with emancipation type faith
I'll wet your lips with anticipation in hopes of an exploding triculation 
Should I continue to lie in hopes of keeping you on the outside
I'm in the house now and your voice don't count
This is the sheet that the white man had to create in order to separate
Those are just some of what you will get after reading my shhhhhhh

Now I'm going to hand the pen to
The one I call my Gen Gen
Who's off the scale
So inhale her smoke
Exhale...cause' you might just choke
Break'em off

Seems since birth my pen wrote eloquent verse.
Pulling from my Earth center to deliver.
Slamming quotes and giving hopes from broken roots ...here goes the new soil.
No toil on astral planes my sentence like etymology.
Me and Troy here to build while some plan to destroy, but poetry is the perfect plot to unlock our agendas. 
Spitting verse i quench my thirst and belly filled with wisdom.
So get spell bound and I spell right to left.
My success is me living unlimited.
I've broken chains of bondage I fear nothing and accept ascension.
Welcome to my dimension.

By Genesis and Me
Dedicated to those that love poetry


Let's take it from the beginning, We call it the first inning.

I was watching you and thought that you had a style like no other.

Always wondered would you be boothered.

Learned lessons by association. Would never deny you.

So now I find you bringing to me all that has been boiling inside.

I'm iffy to confide, but yet I find comfort.

Tell you things I'd tell no other, sometimes I wonder.

Think too deep about somethings, want to walk around and go off my first intuition.

Place myself in new position without care of the opposition.

I find it interesting, you piercing through my barriers, and sometimes that feeling is scary.

But i bury the worry and don't take wooden nickels. Yes I'm fickle about who I love and it takes time to let me know

I have yoru trust and respect. Tired of falling in love and still falling into an abyss.

I need that limitless love.

Rub my back before I ask, don't work my brain have me wondering what's going on.

Yea I need that communication bad.

Must be a sign of the times, the trun of the age, so I shall turn this page.

A capitvating chapter a character that never left the story, but paused to gain glory.

I had my rookie and that showed me not to distort physical love from mental.

My knight shined and was the affection I wanted but too affectionate cuz she needed to save others, and give her parts to other hearts.

Then was my bishop still got mad love and sometimes I feel that's the one to be with.

Captivated my sprituality, we locked and aligned and now i find she is starting to find self.

So next on my checklist is Queen. Not saying Im not one but in the game of love I play the king.. moving slow and methodical switch positions with the rook. shake the opponents by placing walls of pawns in front.

Right now I see the battle between the yin and yang.. The dark and light fighting to capture my light.

I am apart of the battle set up by Athena, she know she wrong for that.

Cuz I'm weighing my options on a Libra's scales. 

Have you ever seen a battle between water and air??

It is a symphony that doesn't seem to be one-sided both seem to work together so you would never know

they are fighting.

It's breath taking.


It's rules and regulations to this shyt...

and if you play by the rules then you can REGULATE some shyt..

But if you living in your past tense always talking about what you did .. then when do you have time to do?

I don't pitty fools I release them to the universe for god to protect...


The time ain't never gon' be correct so make it happen right now instead of your last hour on your death bed.

Yea we hear what you said but we can't see what you do..

I'm beyond your recognition so my description is past your wordplay

my sword plays as sorbets are to ice creams..

You scream but what has that done but create chaos in your own frame..

Mental lames walking around dead in the brain.. wana make it rain but 7.75 is not enough to act buck and poke your chest out..

Bust is flat so relax your back you flexing a bit too much.


In a nutshell you can't handle a little then i know I'm too much...

Hush mode like its the benediction, and my dictation got you tasting your sour tongue,

where is your intution.. ?

Where is your victory when you've already laid in your grave?

Save me the sob stories you can get them a dime a dozen by flicking through channels and news feeds.

Have you been eating bird seeds?


Where is your brain or did you forget it on the horizon.. my eyes open but i can't see none of you!

Wasn't you that number one Gunna' now you under like foot soliders..

You acting like you Atlas carrying the whole world..

But as i look at my atlas you are not on the map..

Twist open your cap and let me pour in these facts...

Don't be mad at the reactions to your actions this what you wanted right?

don't worry... I'll wait....

(pause for the long effect)







 Murder, misguidance & hate mongers line these blocks.

Lazily waiting for liberation through reparations from clowns in KKK suits.

The block is  hot with drugs, disease and dastardly decisions making oneself deaf with personal indecisions.

Read the inscriptions, for it written you the first and now you last.

How's that for a blast form the past?

The block is hot with criminals  robbing their own kind losing their own mind.

Filling the cell blocks with niggahs from hood blocks, got they brain cells block in cell block four. 

Took you being taken from your home once again to read a book.

On these blocks are queens with kids from different backgrounds that don't know where to find the XY to provide.

This block is hot.. the block is hot hot.

Selling and slanging... banging for a gang that don't save you when youre on a chain gang.

No cards no text just jail bars niggah.

And all them figures you made were for the 10% in the game.

The block is hot with ignorance and no amount of prescriptions will fix this.

The block is hot with white bricks  never saving to build a house with bricks.

Living in homes quick to be foiled by thunderstorms.

The warning came but you to hard to listen. Hard head make a soft ass.

How hard can you be if you killing your own kind because they were competition?

Where is the uplifting ?

You been turned inside out and folded by the real competition.

The block is hot with cracked concrete and bare feet.

Foodstamps and government checks to keep you living.

But youre living brain dead,  got that conscious cancer so you stay searching for answers.

reindeer for santa, on Donor on Prancer even you video Vixens.

The block is hot cuz everyone wanna be a rapper but thats the trap life.

Lil boys lookin' up to lil wayne cuz he got young money. peep the play on words.

little girls like minaj but she is no trophy wife. She is not about better your life.

The block is hot with nina's and other haters taking your soul but before you go listen to the lyrics.

trail blaze for self not making "human" stars your gods.

Unblock and get off the block to open fields, open your mind and climb out the box.. stop cornering yourself.

Cuz the block will stay hot  and your life will stay locked. 




No Intro Needed

One breathe and I relax myself...

2nd breathe and I align myself....

3rd breathe and I manifest this wealth...

Here is the teacher that sit next to the wishing well...

Sometimes my best writes come at what you call night..

the reflections of light illuminate my lines...

Im posted like notes to remind you not to quote but affirm your actions...

And that will bring the satisfaction...

See no doubt is in these words cuz then people try to start "blessing you"

Im on a mission for prosperity so my clarity sprouts whenever I open my heart, soul or mouth..

Divine telling me share my creations...

Going beyond wisdom cuz the wise and dumb go head to head..

That's the point of shepard and sheep..

And if your stuck i know  only amen with do... haha ... And that fruit will benefit a selected few.

I exhaled Once and now at my feet are the fruits of my labor...

Read my cards and its time for me to savor...

I pushed out this gift and I will be the best of me..

Even the mess of me is like silk threads you want to weave them into ...

I exhale twice.. and the head began to crown...

Feeling the ring of fire Burning my desire into my divinity....

Thrice i exhale and the epic tell of this living legend marked as pegan is showing you a resurrection...

Hold your beads and crosses as i hit you with these credible topics...

Im part of your genesis... and some nodding approving this...

And if you can't come along you will remember this...

My rapture is so captiviting they call to hear more of my "creativity"

so ill swaddle this gift and present it to you...

Cuz a month from today it'll be 24 years ago that on May 23 at 10:23

you were given this "messenger"

And no signature is needed for this delievery it's coming in whether you summoned me or not...


AGP 2010 

....Or So to Speak....


I'm beyond the figuring 'cuz these things don't add up.

And as much as I take out my calculator to estimate the time spent to the time lost..

i wind up with zero.

Possibly the varibles were never in the postive favor cuz i keep getting negative numbers...

so I wonder. My mind runs in circles around the track that was create by the lack of space...

Now it's nothing but space.

I tired to retrace my steps think back, relapse and talk to myself in all CAPS...

still when i roll the dice I get all craps...

Now a note is attached to the latch hook of thought process saying there is a rejection to unlock.

No matter how many times I've memorized the codes and wrote them down I found it was changed within the time i figured it out...

So I doubt that the conclusion matches the introduction must be a compare and contrast essay with nothing to compare to.

This is like a game of truth or dare with nothing but lies and childish dares..

I DARE you to say you BELIEVE ME...

I lie and say i do.. you lie and say you care.. and the snare comes when i FIND the true existance is uninclined.

Too much division when there should be multiplying physical, mental and emotional standards...

Conversations of granduer were plagerized by the blind eye.

Signs of chaos clinged to the mingling of elements that said do not mix..

still the persistance to see ..."what would be or happen if?"

A catch 22 cuz some you win and some you lose..

Some bend and some break the rules...

some choose and some let others dictate the day to day perception instead of your own mental erections.

Did you not hear my latest confession???

Or was I speaking to an empty booth?

Ruthless has become the tongue and as sharp as any blade of steel.

The movie reels are silent and attention is not paid to them since talkies are what make the people come to.

can't tell me of forever when there is a lack of knowledge on what may happen today.

Like Russian Roulette with a full chamber someone is going to get it.

Someone is bound to hear the sound of a piercing bullet...

So i bite it... ignite the whole forrest with fires to purge the surges of energy thought to be entitled.

Property of state now cuz the debates create illusions, either way both sides could be right or wrong..

depending on your moral standards or lack their of.

...or so to speak....

I stopped standing under and began comprehending at 18.

So the pages of lessons and graded pages are my resumes of experience.

There is now a clearance and everything must go ...

Hoping for A high tide to create a new flow..

Shaky foundations cannot hold heavy building so leme tip-toe off before this muthaf*cka blows...

I was there when there was nothing but darkness and void and in a matter of time light and life was more bright than the sun star..

...or So to speak...

To reek havoc on your hibitual habit.. silly rabbit these tricks weren't created for you to be help.

But for you to get a spoon full or two...

now you lost in transition cuz the best thing known to your vision is surpassing you like the bus missed on the first day of school...

or so to speak...

I'm slow to speak now cuz i was over speaking and not listening to the small things ringing clearer than the liberty bell.

hell .. i have well wishes but the insolence of character rather determine the factor as being sarcastic...

I leave the bags so im not carrying shit..

Married to this tablet so I'll simple spit on these pages and dimple my I's..

It could've been simple but i have to defy gravity to make savages see that I am of a greater DIVINITY...

smirk while you read if you please but the curse is written like the verses in the beginning..

so I created some light to shine on the afflicted..but it was threw with before it began and...

IF you read between the lines of the fables the truth is hidden like passages in kemet pyramids.

Amongst the bullshit is the lamb sacrificed from the esoteric blood line to help find the way home...

Still a lot sitting like garden gnomes waiting to be moved by man.


..or so to speak...

I seek to build... some seek to destroy.. ima lover of peace some just want to create the chaos of digital scripts..

But when your system crashes do you know your temple enough to survive in the wild?

When the wolves step out the sheets and wools will you pull it together or hid under the covers..

Will you bow your knee?

...or so to speak....





Venting VENTI-Style


Where are they hiding all the good shyt!!!

It isn't in these movies or shcool books. It surely isn't in T.V. or advertisments.

Where is the poet that spoke his words outdoors mouth stretched to the Heaven's so the universe could here it?

Where is that soul singer who sends chills when she shrills love notes and painful keys of G..?

Where is that revolutionary group that fought for TRUTH... ?

Where is that hippie saying "all we need is love?"

where is that councilman who works a regular job and his city works are strictly to better the community...

where is the commune's unity?

Excuse me can you help me find the manner's and kindness?

The respect for our elders, the places of childern?

Where is the circle of the wise to which i am to bring my burdens and recieve comfort?

Why must REAL SHIT go underground?

why must I dig to find that real ground?

Why some so scared to just live life? Always grabbing for gold ..

Coveting something you can never truly have or be...

Trying to immortalize there person's by being celebrated...

And see this is past creed now... Yea, everyone now is just trying to fit...

Creation has created it's on fear and has forget how to turn it off.

Creation has let so much shyt just ride and stack up..

But how can she handle the kids, wash the clothes work 2 jobs, be a lawyer, bricklayer, spritual guider and give her body?

All this without the help of the childern the man to toil fields..

The woman who makes the silks.

The man who makes the steel..

The fowl to give signs, the waters to clean an cleanse.

Yes we have seem she is capable of any and everything.. Does this mean she should do it all?

Where did the fall of man really come and I mean man in the since of sex.

Im not talking about your religions context, cuz everyone gotta story on how the Genesis progressed.

None of these mere mortals have even came close to divinty and every penny earned goes into their wooden boxes.

Where was the fall of the womb? When did life choose death..

why must the kiss be a curse? Because of an apple the world has turned on its head..

Yes I  mean scientifically cuz some say that proves god theories are dead...

But you concieve what you accept.. and you GIVE life to things that need to be dead...

Its so much post-mortem flesh crawling on my mothers chest...

I smell death before the fresh leaves and grass.

See failures before I see success in my nieghborhood...

Where is the fuckin crook that decided this is how shyt should be?Cuz i know they gotta be short, balding, greedy and heartless.

Cold,conniving, coveting fools. 

Someone who's want was endless, the one who needs control over everything..

Always having dreams of bigger things not caring who they crawl over.. and if they cant make life

pass down to someone just as unclean..

They say the root to all evil is money... so find that muthafucka that created it...

take his family and followers into the deepest abyss and let the world swallow them whole....

Time for love to take back what is naturally hers.... 







See these vines.?

They design my covering to keep out the darts that have disarmed...

Feel my sprouts...

I was lied to and told thats a bunch of snares if I am bold to let my shoulder length curls

locc as they wud naturally...

Cuz processed is subjection to straight up sugar coated basics...

and my linage shows no order of clones..

different tones and shades in my mane...

I am strong and grow bolder as its twisted to remind me to unlock

the relaxed...

She you may look and see chaos where beauty blosoms..

Upon my crown is my cloud of unconditional freedom...

and with the seasons I learn...

See these vines? they hold mositure to quench the thirst of the seeker..

My kitchen cultivates an army of strands stronger than stringy straws...

And if I shake my tree is stands ..

I embodied what some hunger for and thats why i carry this manna...

Twist my cloud and rain waters shower...

Play in my soft cotton you can pick it, twist it braid it cut it and it is resistant ...

even the hot comb couldnt tame this mane...

My vines .. my divine ..and if you are out of line they will cut..

rub them right and they bring luck






Mind Seduction


Block your thoughts and hide your brain cell count.

I am here to take craniums and disect the intelligence.

I am the witty hunter. mind bender, thought twister..

known as the conversation manipulator..

In debate i am known as the terminator..

I will not stand for what i can not back on to..

Decks are better than planks so i build my foundations great.

See the undertone is what I want to be recieved but how I put these words together is how most will read.

Not comprehending the meaning not listening but reciting..

I compare it to licking pussy with no feeling no gusto..

you are wasting your time yo..

Im unlimited with the wit that my scripts could possibly be endless.

I can talk until you are sick of the information I spit and the worse part is i still haven't said shit.

But already a dickrider of two gotta line or two that gott'um.

The problem is that the anwsers they give to the equations are incorrect.

Im a student learning my math,

Scholar when it comes to turning these words to surges of current,

to give even a blurred vision to the darkest sights.

Ignite my words like them blunts and pipes.

Inhale these lines and feel that calm set into you.

I can beast you or rock-a-bye baby you..

create chaos or comfort...

i am not blind to my efforts I know what it is that I DO FOR YOU..

more than an eye sore Im that deep diving vibrating  emotion that brews from the pit of your stomach.. fills your shoes to cement you to listen

Then up to your lips to not rise against this.

To get the point you have to read to the end of this..

I am centered in this immaculate me that some considered a fool.

But my wisdoms have prolonged you.

Disarmed your need to feel tangible reading me makes you feel surrounded.

Still Im grounded and my High evelates you..

Are you still with me .. or have I lost you ...?

Mind seduction






Thoughts twisting like bottle caps...180...ha

Dodging the obvious traps ...but rolling with rented dice you'll only roll craps.

I took a chance to get lost in the airs I breathe.

I've predicted presidental slogans when I asked if my mic was on...

Now,... I know it wasnt ...still diggin for change in the bottom of ashtrays. ...HA!

Obama is the new Jesus for black folks..

Framed pictures next the idolarty of "white" Christ...

Damn they got some again... Praying to the pegan and denouncing your heritage...

heretics... HA!

Good with just hoodrich...

I guess youre quicker to go for what comes from black lips... not in the sense of race... but color..

Smothered in so much gravy all you seeing is gray baby...

Gotta folks saying they praying, and maybe that's why things is feeling harder to move..ha..

im just saying...

Hope 'Merikah don't fall behind on those Yellowman payments...

I wanna say lets face it... but too many of these big faces got faces looking in wrong directions...

Ever heard of digression?

Well we seeing downfall...some already looking for a womb to crawl into... and only my intellects will catch that one...

And i might have just lost one...

See real bad boys move in silence.. so why so many going for the gusto of a secret sect set to put you all in check?

Silly rabbits its all a mind game..still a mind slave... HA!

Minds change with the securties colors... get under the covers and hide.

And when you can't see your folds its easy to spend... get with the trend!

First cash ruled everything.. the new order will bring you techno folks dreams come true...

digital world...

It's funny cuz i still see modern day monkies.. gimmie your gold and Ill give you this cash with these mummies..

Money gotta move thats why you cant hold on to a dollar...ha..

And on that last one I might have lost two..

I heard through the grapevine... That you sold you soul for redemption.. but still that cashed coupon has brought you nothing... wondering why your trails are so tribulating..

My water's aren't trouble they just rushing to get this fish age moving..

but here comes my conclusion...

Find your own, get your own.. stop waiting to be saved slave...




Self glorification...

When I stumbled across this synonym for pride it jumped at me. Pride to me extends into the deeper level of subconscious that has to do with self-worth. And if you don't have much self-worth how much are you willing to subject yourself to mediocrity?
In the entertainment industry we have come to the understanding that sex sells. From Lola Folona and Lena Horne
to Halle Berry
and Katt Staxx. Wait!!!!! Kat Staxx?!
Yes, the world has made her an overnight sensation. Prostitution is not legal yet we embrace and race to watch groupie sex tapes, want to know who is screwing in what and licking where.
So it even goes into where is our pride as a people in general.
Let's go back to Corrine Stephens’s bka "Superhead". First off how much of a woman can you be to not be ashamed to have the name "Superhead." There can be no gain from such a disgrace. I really feel indifferent about her son’s upbringing.
Soooo if Katt has children not only do I wonder about the fact if she will know whom the Childs father is, down to how will that child feel as he/she gets older? Finding out your mom has cock shots on the web and has slept around and bragged about it. The men are not to be blamed in my eyes. They are simply partaking of a service rendered. To me it is an extreme cry for help. The world has turn to nymphomaniacs... pride and self respect are a distant memory as the civil rights movement even though it was just a few decades ago. If it’s not racy, gore filled, sexy or in your face it isn't going to work.
This isn't good for the younger generations coming up. Babies are having babies at younger ages, becoming more sexually aware in the peaks of adolecense. Maybe Sigmund Freud was on to something deeper than we realized. If you show sex and lust to prime aged children their brains soak this up! This is the development stages. So if you’re 2 year old knows the words to Nikki Minaj... shame on you. If your toddlers can curse better than saying their ABC's ... It is time to check OUR own pride. Time for us to pull and lace the boot straps to raising our children and not BET!
There is nothing cute about being a groupie. There is nothing sexy about being a video vixen. Nothing honorable can show from shaking your behind and exposing yourself for a few camera shots.
Vainglory... another word for pride... Aren't you tired yet? I am.

 AGP 2011





There is no such thing as perfection,

but she walks like problems don't affect her...

Chin stays lifted so even if tears fall they roll off and don't touch her...

She is an awesome wonder,

And when I think she's gone for good she comes back eyes of thunder,

lips speak peace.

I know back when we did some horrible things but as i think back i wouldn't do it for anyone else...


Do you know the definition of true kinship? When you can go months without talking

and pick right back up as if time doesn't exist?

Yes she is a Lady in every definition of it.

Holds her own but she is way past independent...

I smile at her confessions when we digressing she is an image of beauty...

a powerful breed, she is orginal creation...


Her words make you think,

can be soft or hard depending on her views of you...

Truly Proverbs 31, her virtue compared to none...

Glad i can call her a friend of mine...


Lady Harrison .. woman you are divine...

AGP 2011





See the problem was i was searching for a solution walking in a circle
Thought the cure was in a new place however more chaos i seem to create,
No blame to place simply seeing the epiphanies as they are placed.
No time to regroup and i say fuck the loop im outta that too.
My planets rule my emotions and the air i stir isnt cooling me down.
Im seen as the crying clown,
Yet im past being a walkin contradiction,
Yet my dictations arent heard and my words burn briefly before forgotten.
Thought that sleep was setting into my writing hand.
But i come to realize words may not be enough since people dont read any more,
And if i was a tweeter update id get read more,
Post my shit on mediatakeout and whether the reaction gotten is negative or positive my spirit is out.
Some feel they fresh, but youre rotten like summer fruits in march.
My throat parched yelling in pain from the darts you arm yourselves with.
Damn must you be helpless and reckless?
Taste my soup called TRUTH..
I got so many walls cuz no one is smart enough to make them fall.
And all wanna know what makes me tick,
It isnt the sticky green, or whats in between your legs,
Not the words you express when youre feeling lifeless,
But if my readers digest , try to see this as more than an angry poem, or some randomness of scorn they would surely make my walls tumble.
Timbled thoughts in needle point brains couldnt obtain the drive in my drama, the heat of my persona,
Dont get me so asshole is how they label .
If thats the case youve only met the fabled clone,
no where near my soul, so phone home or call tyrone.
My throne is designed for one and just becuase your backside was comfy for a second dont mean to stay in a seat not designated for you.
Damn Soul who you talkin' to?
Anyone mocking this goddess with the audacious choice to hoist the title queen on me, im beyond your seven seas and states.
My elevation cannot be measured in latitudes or altitudes.
Nope im above, so i can comprehend why u still UNDERstanding
Ive overstated and my facts arent for debate cuz that would make them opinions, see i have dominion.
I guess earthly im like a sour patch, sour and sweet, yea something like that,
Dayum Gene'o dont cut the apron strings just yet
Time after time im still subjected to ignorance and immaturity.
but what good will these words do when they cant understand me?






In through the door comes a presence I have been waiting for..
Anticipating you return..Yes you and have a seat lets have a talk.
Relax lemme rub your shoulders ease the tension from your chest...
calming down yet? Less stress...
Well you have always been impressed by my abilities which comes to the topic at hand. Lately my ears are hearing but not understanding, I remember telling you who i was and what I was capable of but under the rug and swept like dust you ignored my warning...I mean introspection. Now lately you rejecting the things that made me who i am .. the things that brought you to even consider me...Or did you accept in the beginning thinking you could change me?
nope.. the same me...
Im going to feed you, make sure you warm and your head is relaxed.
My verse comes first she is my love so why are my words  keeping you away..
like my writing is a mistress you just dont trust...
You keep saying we but i dont remember where Us let off..
Im simply going to do me and if you down come along ..
I never said dont dream for yourself.. we all on a mission and the survival is only for the fittest...
And weak links are distanced .. detatch..
de-activated and you will not pass go...
You say why am i so cold but the name is not Chicago no...
Im that breeze through the palm trees that creeps into wherever i need be... and you play your part while I Do me..
So freely some can judge and want to unplug my connections.
Get all in my energy and try and be a distraction..
But i do not need this attraction...
Your reactions are going to be choosen for you ..
cuz i did not know, you...
I am everything I Already told you...

agp 2011




 Eye is watching me ..not sure what I should be,

or what it wants me to be but that mighty eye is watching me....

waiting for me to go back on bended knee..

bot knowing that I know my chemistry..

So im tryna fight the powers that be.. But see power in a sense of deception  isn't apart of me.

My love is my growth and I made that apart of me.

Manipulation equals the degrading of a nation..

Please listen it's time to open your 3rd eye...

which is basically ya brain ..

 but it's so much substance abuse

booze nicotine and narcotics...  

Even chemicals in the air got me twisting up my hair...

AWARE of the beWARE sign...

They say war is the showing of times but it's the growing of money signs.

Sell me salvation in home land security and humbly the freedom of me I give away?

but why? cuz some doing it dilligently

Naw.. now it has nothing to do with race, creed color or concept.

Soon your chips will be in chips robotic shit since your antenna's is fixed.

Nothing is giving you the truth ... even in books you have to root it..

But if you stay intuned with your UNI verse..

you cannot miss this course...

 you will know we are one...

WE are creatures not to be dedicated to currency...

burning for democracy but that's a republicans mockery...

Serving you cold dishes of fuckery..

wonder why others say you so dumb cuz you won't look out to see..

Afraid of the shawdow and pale sheets that hover...

thinking cuz they got the legal tender they better than me?

Born with nothing die with nothing they go through the same..

You need a legacy cuz you don't wana leave the earth without them knowing you.

But if you showed the best of you ...shit the population may murder you.

Building underground tunnels and follows the 3 kings..

sup with the 7 SIStars and on the crux i shall rise again...

My constellations my representation...

Reading the skies cuz it's the only thing that don't lie...

Power is soon to be waterdown and once again love will beam...

and hopefully you  will too realize the Eye is watch you ..

so I'll tattoo the eye of Horus for protection from you Set energies...

And I will go down as Her Story...

Read me or hear me.. somehow the message will get too you.

APG 2011








Knockin noose's off of the neck of hip-hop./

crush rocks with my bare hands /and chew bricks so when I spit its grimy./

No need denying me/ I am the last of a dying breed. /

Words hit so hard i leave you knock knee/

To many amistad's screamin " give us free"/

So i took a dre beat/ and wrote this heat./.

Burn like fire so Wayne called me Helen../

You need some pepto after  digestn me../

So stop..... testing me/ Mixed with Gin and Chronic/

Box a tissue ..cuz its sick. /Need that 5 star to tote my piece .

/ not the 9 or the Nina

but my words she keep./

Lyrical bandit leave you wet after my set slams /my squad composed of glam Gods ..

Who ready rock?/ they ready to pop/

Stilleto steel toes /look us up in the cosmo's./

Usher found is baby/ but she but she was bowing to my throne..

Betty Cocker/ my batter drippn from ya nose../.

take a picture and facebook it/ Katt stackz you .. feeling exposed?

Call me karma.. /cuz when I unleash you lookin around like../

 "when did this go down"

Not Tyson but Ima first round with no clips...

no edits.... no scripts.... candid../

I Rammed it but im not from st. louis../

Watch the judas' sit court side/

ready to ride./. true westsider so im riding on passenger side../

Made the Dove's Cry/ and the rain purple../

audience thunder claps/ rappin your brain .. /

Bic stay lit so I must be flame.. /

Eddie Kane ur career/ and leave you counting ya last 5 heart beats. /

She light skin she suppose to be sweet.. /

Give you Terror/ sick my pit Tweeter then tweet about how I disfigured you/.

Tweedle dee sinisters/ that means Ill put you to sleep./

That grass unda ya @ss feelin real posturepedic...

stay down.. countdown...

count them sheep now..

.. as i creep... words so gangsta sounds like i crip walked the beat.

But no affiliation..

this flow is recreation..



(idk.. was in a freestyle moment






I wrote a maze and titled it poem..Cuz nowadays your norm is skinny jeans and mohawks..When style becomes our center focus...slowly the hocus pocus is stirred...

Test dummies without seat belts. Ejected into the matrix that promotes self hate...

 Shaking to be the next with the retail bells that jingle your success.

 But when the dollar falls how will you ball?

How will you make it rain When money is as common as Conscious slaves.

 How can you be saved by someone who didnt complete the mission?

Interpolations on my new stations and I can't get away from the bugs in the clubs and poetry houses..

Looking to see whats coming from the mouses and monkies.

Ain't it funny how easy it is to become a junkie?

Addicted to whatever is scripted. Love to look at the lives you will never fit in.

All about the demonizing of a nation.

But be strong and have patience.

my soilders is rallying and we coming on white horses carrying torches to burn down the mind extortionist. and when you get your freedom hoard this..

I wrote a maze on some pages and titled it poetry..

something about the river that's got me flowing see..

I met me at the moment of conception. Dont let this flesh fool you ..

and remember you never know when you entertaining angels.

 I sprinkle the 5%.. do live shows for the 85% but they don't get my words they simple say "yea you right"

 And to the 10 I stick it in with no vaseline cuz that's how cleaver they did me.

So im beyond reaching for fantasy..

 I feel myself breathing inside my dreams

and Im collecting my missons from my subconscious to deliever this chicken dinner with extra hot sauce so when you bite into it your no longer lost..

 I wrote a maze one day and titled it poem .

 Must be gone in the heavens ..seen my crown .. Now its time to rule and hold my sceptor down.


AGP 2010






Casting call for the hoarders in life..

and I dont mean boxes and junky shit.

I mean the ones that grow a dependency upon things that control mentally.


I start with the Money hoarder. . .

The one who sits on every check and ever cent that manifest.

To go against the grain of being poor of not having enough again.

Cuz someone dont give a fuck about the light bill, the rent has to wait

and because there wasn't a niche a skill had to be built.

She can't really give since she feels she doesn't have.

The little of the alot she has to last...

The past stays posted on the frontal lobe...

even though 'God" will provide you run and hide to bank accounts.

And mattress stashes.

She rehashes on abuse and misuses her powers ...continuing the rouse.....


Then there is The Food Hoarder...

Growing up in a home that never was warm.. coldhearted cuz the parents never had real love.

Cupboards bare , drunken voices snare memories of "what the fuck you looking for in there!?"

Stomachs grumble and teeth's chatter from the cold ...

So as she grows older... she keeps her cupboards full.. if a space even shows it must be filled.

Her kids will never miss a meal. Never hear her kids say they were hungry...

She masters the cooking and home abilities .. making new warm memories in her home and heart.

Some places still dark. 


The Clothes Hoarder...

Torn dresses and made shirts...

No new shoes.. no cute purse...

No dolls no follies... no nothing.... Even food and money are spaced...

She tries to keep the face of innocence pasted..

But somewhere down the line even that gets taken.

Shaking from not having... clothes ..shoes and accessories and now

 she can probably start a store.

These woman all have storehouses to keep them feeling lost in poor houses.


to be back in places that held rock faces... slanders and disrespect.

Not wanting to reflect on what may be the cause of insecurity..

No insurance for sanity so they mock themselves in frugality...

Just to not re live such a harsh reality...

And all these women are related.. they share the same foundation.

Yet no one reached to the other cuz then thats facing the possibilities of it being a problem.

And according to the Matriarch only God can solve them.

Creating a hell on earth must be simpler so its more obtainable to fantasize about heaven.


And I didnt need a movie or book to help me see .. I simply looked at my tree.

And to the roots I dig to remove all the curses..

unworthiness I dismiss you with an easy pluck....

mis-gudiance is right behind it....

...misunderstanding... loveless...

selfishness..abandonment... materialistic...

burden baring... blindsight... suffering......

 I plant the new seeds for my future seeds....


I find ways to soothe the wounds of the afflicted

so never do I turn from them.

Never would I burn them..

For I am the seed they planted.. I am the beginning of new knowledge...

And for my family I burn strongholds....

I stay armored and clad with the strength they had deep down...

I am the making of the deepest gifts in them ...

And i leap into life giving them new life.. new insight.. new baring...

new family ties..



AGP 2010





Rounds sound like bullets but those be my words .. Silencer on so the foes can't hear the destiny. Lyrical content... so listen carefully .. I am the masterpiece created on the turn tables of Jam Master Jay the poetry written on the tablets of Asada.. I am a rider.. shotgun seat as I blaze 16 bars to the stars...
Turn my mic up and my headphones down.. My voice the choice instrument as I breathe on it .. ...
Lyrical gangsta ...
While some drink 3 fifths to decrease the pain.. making them more of the 3/5s the constitution claims them...
I take a rough draft of the Declaration and roll my trees.
Take aim ...Pistol starter words locked like clips...
Acid drips from my lips... making you curious to take sips and when you read it you become as sensitive as my shhhhyt.....
Leave them limp when I end it .. take the life from you and create a new.. The beginning gotchu stuck like glue...
simply anotha geneosoul production for you





...Lonely... you dont know what lonely is...

Have you ever been around a crowd ..

Know the whole setting and still dont fit in?

 I mean Im searching for love wtihin as I give love without...

Still tryna figure out when love for me will come back around..

When the passions I ignite in others will blaze in me..

When I can say I crave more than a day... a kiss.. a sweet release

I look into my heart and feel it knows love.. has felt love..

but lately the nudge must have a grudge..


I am waiting for the one who comes to me and gives themselves freely...

Not waiting on me to intiate a thing...

I don't even know where to go to find this



I want someone to bring me my fovorite ice cream without asking....

I want them to read my poetry.. as I bask in the flow of jazz music...

I want to lay in the grass while I get fed grapes and melons.


I need to feel the presence of the real deal..

I need to know that love is just a ring away .. and if you cant stay the night..

I'll lay my phone on the pillow to hear you breathe at night.

I need to know that I am secure and that you only see me...


..Funny how somethings spark others and you sit ..begin to wonder...

If ever again you will feel that thing that made you forget all the past bullshit...

....so I sit here silently... not lookinf for love cuz i want it to come and find me....


AGP 2010





Verbal flips from my lips hit hard

like bricks in the yard..

Venous drips when I slip into this poetic shit

make the stand-by crowd clap

Bring the heaters like Kahlifa

Come harder than that queen Latifah

Regal so get your cameras out for this cinema...


I'm feeling the rush of kush push into my lungs...

I have begun to ascend.. transcend and i begin

I mean i be the BEginning..

Winning when my pen strokes

givin' some left strokes

death strokes to the ones who doubt..

Im out like Elton.. pelting the false prophets with shells ever time the crowd applause...

You the cause of them being lost...


Spinning on rings of Saturn like a DJ's scribble...

tryna figure my riddle but don't fiddle with the written ..

I should mention it's lead so the poison is deadly...

Give me a beat and I'll write you a melody...


Scared of the real so some rely on fake

take that shit to the bank and expect some Ben Franks..

Excuse me if I be to frank

But you know you ain't..

I'll paint the picture you frame it and claim it

name it epiphany.. and sign it eternally me..


I'm free, free to be ..now i see

divine will appealing to me so I diligently follow the message and the plan.

I can show you who I am


I rather go 12 rounds than knock'um down

that way the sound of the bell and time will tell the real champ

Wasn't created in no lab so feel im original..

Heart signed with the Original's penmanship

so i grip this felt-tip

And wrote some felt shit..

And i smelt it.. so i know i  just dealt some shyt.. :)








I laid in a bed on lilac flowers...

staring into the skies my eyes began to flutter,

A sleep state had consumed me...

I begin to see ... so many things and the want for their possibility was strong in me.

I smiled within my dream like state...

It almost felt as if this was fate.


I was taken up by air and warmed by the sun.. water cleansing me.. earth...

I feel so free but this seems to be the first challenge to me 

To bring the unity..

The light surrounding me is so bright and i feel the need to ignite...

These passions are blazing

and my thoughts are trailing to the possibility's that be...

sadistic fantasy?


Consumed by the pleasures in me...

I shift for a better feeling of this fluttering inside of me...

The age of reasoning.. soon to join with me...

Baring the understanding of need... wants.. and fulfillment's..

sadistic fantasy?




 mentally elevated... written verbal stimulation's elating on my pages...

 poetry exchanges glances... again we are romancing ..

I am making love to the one whom courageously takes my hand and mind

at any given time...

And not always do we climb in rhyme but when we do it's

sensation gives me so much stimulation...

I am remembering love...

Holding me close in winter's embrace.. I am faced with the warmth of her glow...

I am flowing....

My spine grows with thrills.. my lips are sealed with the golden kiss...

I feel the sips of exotic wines begin to take there toll..

I am floating....

Moving past the vision of the natural eye.. I climb to the mounumental peaks..

and push past them...

I pounce from the wings of eagles.. to leap higher...

my feet sweep the mist within the clouds..

The voice inside of her speaks so loud... The soul inside of GeneoSOUL..

Light brims at the tunnels of perfect darkness..

we spark this conversation of an unknown tongue.. I am home..

in the arms of song...

In the dance of praise..



AGP 2010





New suns in my horizons....

New beginnings beckoning my attention.

Releasing passive tensions...

Giving reasoning and understanding to reach new levels...

Relinquishing the insecurity to be secure..

I gracefully move in the directions meant for me.

The path of wisdom is not to be understood by others ..being that it is mine.


Signs point to the divine path,

To the stars i connect the connotative s  directions...

My indiscretion may cause declension within others ranks..

But my actions you can bank on..

I made strong to carry on..

An epic movement to improve to better thought.


New seasons bring new fruit..

I cultivate my soil, and prune my branches..

Cutting of the weak links and clearing the broken scatter.

Soaking up the energy that is created for me to renew...


My essence strong in the noses of the needy...

To give my smile and embrace to take minds from current to a better place.

My mission is to re-direct standing from over and under.

I care because i bare the gene of creation...

I linger because a mother does...

Im cautious because children are at play and my eyes must keep watch.


AGP 2010



Just Like..

I felt this while I was sitting in between lyric and  verse....

I wrote this at the turn of the earths course...

Rhythm is my speech and my patterns are like rimshots...

Staccato voice.. with the spice of acid...

Ramp-id violins playing for my orchestrated plans...  

Trumpets trail in the winds of my sphere to keep a brass ear.

Crashing upon the unsuspecting like a hi hat.. and a snip of snare..

Beware I can bring the bass..

I can face the opposition with the Bflat consistency ..

Sit in this round playing around with this verbs and nouns...

my pen touches and lightening sounds.


I got tha Sticking down... The congas symbol my womb

and out comes the sound of the birthing process...

808's the break of tears that show my healthy child...

no Auto-tune.. this is created by the hands of the listening.

The bridge is never over 'cuz it plays inside your head...

Even without words you feel this song..

And if you don't hear it .. the spirit will reach you to teach you

bout this

(boom boom, bop de bop clack clack)


AGP 2010






Follow me ...

And i will open up the eyes of the deceived.

Constantly in the state of culture shock..

From queens to stock to mother's of mulatto drops.

I am here to attempt to put a stop to the backwards thinking.


Start it off by wondering why you choose to whip your children,

call it learning a lesson.. I call it trained behavior.. and because of the whips 

that fixed and adjusted "outta line Negros"

Now the tradition carries to beat your child to submission.

Raise them in the ways of man and they shall not depart...


The drum that sung the songs of freedom is now drenched in Auto Tune.

Presume illusions of ignorance when questions are asked...

Im constructing the new world order...

Im a supporter of the rebels ..

The savages and servants...

700 plus years of indentured servitude...

The virus of rebellion must get inside you.


Some times I feel my words fall on deaf ears..

Rather feast on the" known" cuz that's all you know ..

place your faith in foreign religion..

Still not reaching your peaks wondering , pondering about the faith oath you've taken.

 Man puts on a dress to imitate..

a woman puts on pants to work ...

The constant backwards jolts of oppression lead to lethal injections...

call it "flu shots" and vaccines...

Why you love filling you body with dead things boggles me...

Dead presidents in your pocket...

Dead thoughts... Dead meat in your stomach...

You want to be taken dead ass serious...

but your dying resolutions got you pimping and prostituting...


Can't make it cuz you too busy faking it...

Im constructing a new world order... for the babies sake...


agp 2010





Dammit goddess I must confess that ..

 you my dear have made see somethings clear.

The things I've feared have changed to courage...

The energies gather when you are near and the winds blow the songs of your interlude...

It preludes with the sounds of you whispering your "later's" in my ear....

I've acknowledge your powers and conjure up the spunk to show you I too know...

The flow of the esoteric...

The need to feel .. you calm my shakes and take my burst in strides...

Fire in your eyes ..

I ignite when you bite into my mental state.. take me to that place that Kama met Sutra..

I met Orisha Oshun at the 23 degree and she openly introduced us...

I felt the universe burst with a new galaxies birth...


We dipped down into the Moon's crescent and enhanced our mentals...

Mami Wata... All in the mix of this ....

Divine one .. I see you goddess

APG 2010



                       TIRED OF MAKING LEMONADE


Im so dayum tired of these lemons in my life...
falling from trees..thrown by hands trying to free their responsibility...
I've drank so much lemonade that my mouth seems twisted in this position
testing the inquisitions presented to me...
Im tired of making lemonade ...
Just want a smooth day with sun rays and maybe a bit of rain to wash away this lemonade...

Egg shells dont even seem this complex
Testing my patience totting these lemons like bag ladies...
tried selling them to make profit but the fruit man locked that trade down
so i got off the block and stared at the lemons that i stand knee deep in.
I stopped.. landed on my knees and prayed and I know God hasn't heard my voice in awhile
but i know He still loves this backsliding child..
I asked him to take the taste of lemonade from my mouth.
Asked him to clear any lemon that I may come about.
I prayed for His forgiveness if I ever gave a lemon.
And when I open my eyes my lemons have disappeared.
I open my cupboards and pantry closet and every window and door in my house.
Letting the wind take away the scent from my house.
Im tired of making lemonade ...
so I'm making a new start....

peace and blessings





                            DEATH OF THE MATRIARCH

Wombn .. why have you fallen so?

What made you want to relinquish the powers well known to you?

Was it not in your mother.. and her mothers.. and her mothers mother..

he couldn't be without her....

Wombed man.. i have spoken to you before.. Your heart is no longer pure...

Yet your physical being is constantly reconstructing and you dont have a clue...

Woman Thou Are Loose!

Create your structure .. plant you feet for you are the defining source...

and I dont need a book or given speeches to know my self worth....

So caught up in what man has "made" you "feel" ...

Not hating on the species Im just saying I know what I feel.

Your power decreases yet you give power and life when you mate...

Yet your divinity should never be up for debate...

Conception was a con to begin with... never needed a god(man).. but to give him position he was born through her womb...

Some probably wont understand this .. and think I need to re-think and recant some statements.

Its a reason they say behind a strong man is a stronger Womb-man..

But this role of submission has been for too long..

Let me leave this alone....





             I'm spectaculous!!!!

Let me drop something heavy..

Cuz that light shit don't start fights and this shit deserves some flight syndrome.

Poetry spills from the top of my dome. They say Gen won't change I'm simply stuck in my ways.

I paid too many dues to act like I don't need to sit on my high rock.

I love making heads spin and teeth clench.

I'm spectaculous.

Not average. I can make you think you've figured me but still I flip the script.

Yes a true gemini I'll be proud to admit.

I'm spectaulous... let somebody else be the shit.

My throne is made from brass,

Not trying to rule over you, but if you step in my kingdom you must follow the rules.

I'm not on no cocky shit I'm simply spectaculous... that's spectacular and fabulous.

I'm a mess and I know. Ain't too proud to show it.

I gotta drop something heavy cuz your eyes are gettin weak from all the poetry that's lovey dovey.. Gettin all depressed,

I'll stand naked with ink covering my body before I let poetry takes it's last breath.

Use me as your scribe.

Look me directly in my eyes if you mean what you say.

I'm spectaculous and you should feel the same way.

My momma said I'm something special but I weigh down on her heart.

My Daddy said he knows I'll make it but his shoulders heavy with my cross.

I crossed paths with many people.. Some I wish I treated better.

Others I can't remember names.

But excuse my behavior if you felt that I was wrong.

But know this it takes a spectaculous person to admit a wrong.

And it takes an even stronger person to accept it.

I'm spectaculous and you shouLd feel the same...

My melodic sound pours into your ears, falls into your step,

running down your back. Did I cross your mind?

I'm glad that I could take the time and express my spectaculous shit...


Anotha GeneOsoul Production






(readers beware: some things said may sting or hit a nerve)


God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah what master do you serve?

And do you understand the extent of your servitude?

When you align yourself with religion you align yourself with that "truth"

so is it fair that you still do what you want to?

Wouldn't that be a radical slave.. I mean servant?

Christians don't truly understand their faith..not all but some took the bait..

Never do some take credit for self.. if God isn't blessing you then the "devil" made you do....

Crying out to God when your going through.. but where is your faith after you pray? Why do you say the same prayer?

What happen to affirmations of the spirit?

You can't feed your inner man cuz you too busy placing blame on others.

Funny how a Christian will down a Buddhist. Talk about them placing fresh food and tea in front of a statue but when you go and praise you raise your hands and bow down to the alter praying to a picture of Jesus on the cross.. And then have communion representing the broken body of Christ..

And please don't get me started on the 144,000 that are allowed into heaven...

I start to wonder does anyone read this text for themselves?

Don't want to ask questions cuz you afraid of damnation.

Not suppose to judge but send "sinners" to hell cuz that don't believe the way you do.

Muslims will clean their hands and feet before touching the Quran.. but some of these holy bible's got chicken grease and kool-aid stains on them.

I hate to give the facts but Islams was not created for a black man.. When clearly in the text is says the darker complexion folks are to toil as slaves.

It's too many followers cuz people can't stand up and lead.

Always gotta convert to a belief?

Ask will a man rob God... but its done on the daily.

Worship is done in a building to hide "rituals" ,

of course why would you want those that need to be "saved"

seeing how you believe?

It said forsake not to assemble .. nothing about a temple. But maybe you just sacraficing yourself..still playing the animal.

Wouldn't you want to pray in open air so that the energy of your prayers go out into the universe.. nope you trap them in walls and confessional booths.

Telling a man your short comings like him and God know each other better than you ever will.

Same preist is milking nut into the young.

I know not to put my faith in man...

A few hundred years ago when a boat pulled to the shores of a "re-newed' America... the "mules" were taught Christianity...

Something they never heard of.

They were told to put down their magic and act accordingly.

Some didn't lose their astronomy so they knew to follow the north star..

Didn't lose their manipulation of elements and if you wade in water the scent cant be caught.

So who is your God? And are you for sure?

Do you know from where all blessings flow?Did you evolve into religion.. or did you feel it was a must?

Some say "God" hates a person who thinks... but wasn't this brain given to me?

Peter denied God 3 times I wonder if he is in hell....?

Why we have this vision of the Creator as this hippie walking through the flowers smiling and granting wishes doing no wrong.

The same one Christians believe cast Lucifer from heaven cuz he was trying to out do him.

The same one who says I am a jealous God. . .

The same one that metaphors war equipment, Breastplate of righteousness.. Helmet of faith... The sword .. your word...

Im just saying you better pick up your armor and fight to get some real faith.

To edify yourself .. and strength the God that dwells in you. In man I dwell...

But yall aint hearing me...



Stick to the shit you comprehend.
Stick to the aggravations that keep you locked in you penny thoughts
pussy droughts
asse'd out like hurricane victims.
A sick twisted vendetta.
piss in the wind so it flies in the directions of gas stations changing prices to boost there economy....
This is the exact reason I dont fuck bitches with bushes
cuz Bush's hustling me for my green dollar to make his white collar pop
and fatten his wallets before he exits office.
Am I the only one not simply focused on the Obama train.
Open your eyes and you realize you standing in acid rain
Slimy slick shit I spit to slip from the grips of intolerance and ignorance
a blissful gain in commerce while we twiddle thumbs waitn for unemployment.
So that makes you unimportant to society another way to become a statistic on the system
but we must be the victims
Cuz they swear the jobs out there
But maybe my vision is barley there cuz that sign blatantly says no gays
by the look on her face when I walked the place
black button up and slacks
slimy slick shit i spit cuz who likes dry pussies?
Wishy washy choosers beggin to partake in natures they dont comprehend
but because VH1 made a reality show we know bi-sexual is except able
blow my strap and eat me slow if that's you vision
I m tryna piss off politicians with this slimy slick shit I spit
Push crack in my hoods I bite back with words to choke the core of its existence

funny we only support black business by buying a sack from tay and sometime
ask um can we hold the shit til we get paid.
But bill collectors get voice machines instead of Im workin to get you that green
Lips black from spittn the tar they fed me to make me more
since it was irrational to be a light skin rebel
"too much white in you girl you can be successful"
passing brown paper bag test inside my family light enough to eat indoors
poor excuses for ruthlessness
yet we continue as a race/nation to piss right where we rest
and attest that someone of the other race is holding you back
forgive but dont forget the 400 years
But stop workin on their yachts and cleaning the ships you came on.
Stop buying jacob chains to feed his great great great great grands.
and stop raising your hand at thinking HOOD is hot
Cuz when the dope boy get caught
and the hustler get shot
It only adds to the percentage of the fucked up system called
but how does "incarceration" help the patient think outside the box
when he is locked in the box 24/7
plotting escape from the prison gates
slimy slick shit i spit got my hands slippery unable to
properly type
I write so that you can gain wisdoms and unlock the paths
forefathers set
let us not back step and lose our voices as of yet.
we are free not dumb so stop askn for freedom to be dumb
cuz the lack of knowledge only keeps food and wealth from your hands.
Slimy slick shit i spit
may not sit well on the empty stomach......



                             Just This...

If I supplied you half my thoughts and a sip of my wisdom..
You may still be confused by my mannerisms
My ideals you cannot conceive simply because i am beyond normal understanding
You comprehend my dialect but do you hear my words?
I'm a complicated melody played swiftly like flight of the bumble bee...

I am free to do me..

Free for my mind not be bound by the ideal of someone in denial.
I've tried to prove myself for too long so now doing me is the best I know.
I console my brokeness. I lift my fist and revolt..
And i magnify and edify
I don't need the depth read when there is none...
Sometimes the surface is what it already is.
Yet imaginations take some on virtual trips.
Take off your 3D glasses
This is so bold that it needs no braille.
Its so strong that it gives legs to the frail.
You may never know why I do what I do...
Why I do what I've done...
But my heart is one of the pure one's left in this world.
I adore the beauty and the old.
I cannot look past my need to make others feel they are worthy.
Just don't take it too personal ..
I'm simply being me...
But as I invite you in and I give you incite...
Watch the curves my pen writes...
Listen to the words beyond the rhymes...
Feel Inclined




Im a criminal minded immigrant with the intent to blow up some shit I dont give a fuck about then blaze some chronic in Amsterdam I heard they got the bomb shh..

I take a long hit and swing my bat at the congressman's head. Dammit he's dead! And I proclaim this the day that Kane had slain Abel Therefore splitting governments into Democrats and Republicans. 

I skip down where Civil war's I spark for advancement in government knowing it really ain't shit wrong with they way they run they government. I digress. My chest rises and falls with the rises and falls of these governments. Wasn't this the reason why we demanded some damn rights? Damn right! But the damn rights don't give you a damn right to do a damn thang.. Damn shame. Aint it mayne?

As plain and simple as I can get it.

I seem to remember peace once describe in a book. Must be fantasy cause peace still hasn't rised from the pages of these books. And the looks of disaproval I get .. I spin to my court jester and tell him to clown these simpletons not recognizing this nubian.

I'm a  criminal minded immigrant with the intent to blow up microphones with this real shit. And excuse me if I get to deep.. But the words need to seep seep seep.

Recognize my gangsta. I  hold the power of life and I have the choice to destroy... if I do so choose. But still I've given you any clues to whom it is that is currently sharing their blues.

I'm a  criminal minded immigrant sent to destory the bullsh... and pump up the volume to some real noise.

I stay poised and ready to spit this wisdom and recieve some intellect but i bet some to busy speaking so they not even listening not knowing their demise cuz they too busy speaking. reaking of ignorance your common sense was commonly left some desk or bus stop. Won't even stop until the claps drops.

Anotha Geneosoul Production 2007



                SOME WON'T FEEL THIS


I exhale carbon compounds that exude profound insights.
Wisdoms from pass lives of mid-wives, warriors and slaves
I regurgitate the raping of my nations as I pace through past villages
Panting with the pulse of the dying knowledge.
My timing wasn’t perfect but impeccable it will be.
I’m placing faith past color into the bosom of creation.
Redirecting the energy it takes to hate to make socials feel security.
From field hands to royal dynasties I craft charm to disarm the feeling of hatred.
The mystical warrior armed with words and sonnets.
Fire in my eyes and my palms upwardly positioned to carry my scrolls.
Riding my horse to give deliverance to the many lost to programmed woes.
Under achiever’s with gold.
I breathe life and death. My sword can save and it can cause turmoil.
I chopped down all the cherry trees and rip the Emancipation Proclamation
And I shift the winds of Columbus’ boat to float into the Triangle.
Knowledge tree guarded by ten foot ark angels.
I gather the seeds from the dust and water … Let them dry out in the sun to gain energy.
I exhale chemical imbalance and produce.
I dispose evolution that has created pollutions, injustice and miss-information.
My patience grows for my hour nor minute is known.
Knowing if you look in my eyes too long the desire to know my knowledge would burn holes.
Think outside the circle sense you’ve learned that your world isn’t square.
Still playing on words and not watching what you say.
How can you know me when you don’t want to understand self?
So you work in vain and for the grave you prepare.
And when asked about your life and what you did for you… the blank stare appears.
What good do my words do when you don’t allow them to help you?
How can you profit off of what doesn’t belong to you?
To gain the respect of the whole world but do you respect yourself?
Searching for a position in this dismal disposition.
I am a descendant of sin so it comes natural to me.
I can embrace that … however some hide behind screens.
I am the maiden’s daughter and the result of the King’s impregnating scepter.
My scent is everlasting and my ways never seen before.
So human emotions breed lust instead of the want for understanding.
Read deeper in my dialect and then maybe you can FEEL and HEAR what I’m saying.
Or does my honey laced voice to moist so all you can do is listen? 

anotha geneosoul production@2010

GO HEAD ....













                        Scatter Brain

Sleeping slumber ... wake from a cold grave
built to institute the souls of indecision
lost in transition and the translation has disapated
into bits and pieces ..right before the call drops ....
Zero bars in hells playground....
bellies filled with sin and and glutton
can't button collars cuz neckbones stick out
like Cold Sores on VD patients.
Sleeping slumber... number days
horoscope reading motha fucka with still not a clue
make believe friends and voices keeping the demons silent.
Trespassing thru the flowers as if something big was done.
Laugh lines?
sad faces that laugh and cry at the same time.
Thoughts buried ten feet deep...
Fallen down 4 stories fuck... now Im on life number 8....
skating around the truth and making ruthless choices.
boisterous voices telling me to stay put
but only for the benefit to wipe the soot from their boots.
The frolicking fool has caught on to the jester costume...
Cool calm collected but reckless
from the hecklers that taunt but probably
wont crack the code or get the meaning of this
epic of distorted thoughts.
scatter brain bullshit ...

words rain from my mouth
rotting out the excuses and reasons for not being a better individual.
running out of thought I guess this is the end...

I digress.




Let me get away and take a break
to understand all the disillusions.
Conclusions drawn before stories completed
the stereotypes fit perfect.
And the skirts and make-up don't make up for a flawed life.
Bite my lip when I speak to keep the light from shinning.
Admiration is flattering but copy-cattin' is fucked up thinking.
Speaking in dialects unknown to my ears.

I need to step away and breathe.
Leave footsteps in your doorways and you will remember I was here.
Leave marks of lust and thoughts of thrust encrusted in your brain.
Ashamed that I had submitted and drew blood at the beginning.
Fuck being greedy.
Swallowed to much tainted soup
but before you swoop me I loop.
Mirages were bountiful.
Lips spoke but didn't mean everything about each obstacles.
More details each time a story is told.
Old soul lost in directions unknown.
Wanting to make bold statements sense life has been simple.
But still beneath the mask of deception I see were peace is lacked.
How some just want to scream and be free from the blissful ignorance.
Repeating what was heard by t.v.'s
Mass murder souls in 16 bars and smiles turn into scolds.
No words for a brother we pass on the street.
But if it's the product they seek we reach deep to recieve
the green fuckery that begin this.....
Understand this... Im tired of talking and only one or two hearing this.
Copy my words I could careless as long as the knowledge is kept.
But hear beyond the color phrases..and..
read between my lines of insecurities and jealousy.
Peer into a creation never understood but constantly craved.
Maybe this time they get what I say.
Maybe this time she won't lay before they pay
and the gas man will under stand when I can't pay the bill
and when I feel empty I will smile until I get chills.
High off ephipanies and I gotta make this life real.
Sometimes it seems a dream and when I wake I'm still in hell.
But the bell has rung I clung enough...
I finally see what's real.
Cuz shooting words and birds really aint get us no where.
So i muster up the courage to know longer be afraid of my power.
Energizing with the sun and going on my knees before I make a decision.
In this breath I win.
In this life I choose greatness and the frankness in my words
should support these rock like statements.
Not to be taken lightly so rape this poem for all it's worth
and milk this muthafucka till it hurts....
Cuz stability is a state of mind.
And rich is a state of crime...
But wealthy take you out of the 85 and cast you amongst the plastic face 5.
So do you pick the 10 that knows how to glow and move without being noticed?
So focused the hocus makes my point with out the pocus...
Spit this shit til teeth rot and fingers no longer write anymore.




                                  SQUARE BIZ

A square's biz is to entrap, confuse and demolition...
To create chaos to your already confused mind.
To infuse the thoughts that are not your's, to compare to their's.
A square corners you, locks you in to the lack of movement....

A new world order as already begun..
stung by the songs of popular time.. hidden messages for the masses
to bury understanding and produce grief...
Create death in labs and then give no cure... simply to insure the slow death of you..
Stuck behind the gates of a square's hate who never found acceptance amongst counterparts...

Delibrately Killing you, and showing you how...
Minorities out number the majority.. but consider such because this is Their census...
I don't vote cuz there is no sense in such..
NO power for the common in this world of desolation.
Or so you assume...
I've heard it before but it seems so much clear .. a square needs a circle to move smoothly...
to Rotate as the planets do... so in a sense their thoughts are cornered in confusion as well.
Can't be well rounded cuz they have surrounded themselves with cornered traps...
Lack understanding so they scramble your's.
And the pork scents seep through your pours...
Democrary and dope ... the leading killers....
A square's biz is to wiz on you then make you swollow the giz that follows..
Consistantly raping you .. not always in the physical sense. But that too.
Dilluted and polluted.. You can't swim in sinking sand...
Square Biz baby..... 

Purification - spoken word.mp3

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