I introduce you to a  “true fiction” novelist with a gift to write all of realities ups and downs and make it so inquisitive that you can’t help but come back for more. When asked about her inspirations a simple answer flows from her lips. “Life.”
            Born December 20th, 1966 to Wyman and Ethel High, Lysonda Etoy High could not have fathomed the gift that God would wait to reveal to her in her early thirties. Ms. High better known to her audience as Toy has one other sibling La Shone High whom is 10 years her junior. One of her greatest accomplishments she states without hesitation are her two daughters Amber and Genesis High.

            Currently working to self publish her first novel Why Compromise Your Soul? (plans for release in late first quarter) Toy reflects on the times that have inspired her through trial and tribulation. “I focus on the negative when I write. And in transition of the story I build the characters and pull them out of their mess. However all the endings are not happy.”

            Toy brings a new edgy rawness to writing. Creating mental stimulations and thought process. Never letting the obvious occur.  She does not write for sensitive people and brings honesty through art. “ It’s freedom of speech. I am not trying to spare feelings when I write because it is how I feel. I am in therapy when I write. It's cathartic.”


            Growing up in Gardena, California a very modern middle class neighborhood, Toy had dreams of becoming a dancer,singer &actor. Always into the arts as a child and adolescent she began to become an avid reader at 13.  “I’m a visual person. So when I read I visualize, therefore when I write I try and paint the picture for you. I am a renaissance type of person so I love the arts I always dabbled in something but never really pursued it much. It wasn’t until one night I could not sleep and I just started writing. I had hand written a 300-page story on hot pink paper front and back. From then I knew… this is what I wanted to do.”


            Toy has obtained a degree in American Sign Language and English minoring in psychology. Following in the footsteps of her mother in ways who also holds an AA in English. “My family is creative. We all have some sort of artsy-ness about us. Something creative. From cosmetology to architecture/construction seamstress on to writing and fashion.” She also successfully started up and ran an entertainment company Malicious Pleasure Entertainment. She realized anything she put her mind to she would accomplish.


            All though growing up was not as smooth sailing for this aspiring novelist, she constantly builds on those endeavors and creates innovated pieces of literature that let you into her mind, heart & soul. From molestation rape to heartache this woman has a lot to write about and freely shares her journey with those willing to pull up a chair.

            “I don’t want to compromise myself as an artist and write what "sales". I can write about love, sex, violence and heartache but I’m not just stuck on that. I want to broaden horizons not shorten mine.”


            A novelist, poet, mother, sister, friend, companion and a true cosmopolitan, Toy is ready to take the world of literature to new heights. To reach the masses and outside the simple “book” world. Eventually seeing her work on the big screen but not for some time. “I have a lot to learn about the writer’s world, and as soon as I master that I am on to new heights.”

            “I give solutions. I want my work to be fulfilling and touch people that might be in that situation at the time. Letting them know they are not alone.” Toy sees the big picture in writing. Attacking the subjects some might be too afraid to tackle. “ My work is humorous, truth and emotional, it’s about morals (and the lack there of).”


            So what all can we expect from “Just Toy” and her written expressions? She plans not only on releasing her first novel but her poetry and short stories. “I wouldn’t mind doing self-help books either it’s definitely something I will look into.”


If you are ready to be taken on a journey to the depths of the heart, the twist and ties of human nature and the simple everyday decisions that some find hard, truly there is something this artist has that you will enjoy. Witty, raw, edgy, and candid just a few words to give you a taste of what to expect when entering “Just Toy’s” domain.


Biography written and dictated by:

Magic Touch b.k.a. GeneOsoul


Dedicated to my Mother....

Deep inside the wombs stirred the energy brewing the beginning..
Earth felt the seed begin to grow... In spring she shall show..
Earth was overwhelmed not sure of the joy her belly was filled with...
Already was helping the photosynthesis of another planted seed..

She dug down into her soil and felt the stir of magic.. Back and forth
about the life she'd offer two..
Still learning life.. but love was abundant so new life she let pursue...

And as the beginning came anew chapter did too..
A blessing, a backbone a best friend...
The Most High knew that this High needed to feel the Love of truth and honesty...
My Earth groomed and taught the beginning .. instilled knowledge and diligence..
She gave light in the midst of her darkness.. saying beginning the Earth isn't always right
Earth has made mistakes .. And Earth is not perfect...
Earth constantly gives affection to her seeds...
Amongst all things.. the birds chirp for Earth ..
Life always seems to turn around...
Positivity always consumes Earth.. as she produces more and more fruit...
I'm glad that Earth gave life to this New Beginning!


Genesis Autumn High

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