It is my pleasure to introduce and share raw and unfiltered talent of so many people that I have met in my life.  I am like that mother when she is proud of her child, shoulders squared, back straight and chest out. We all bring so much to the world with our unadulterated talent. This is my salute to that by having the "Artist Corner" ; my yellow pages of talent. Some you may and may not have heard of but, enjoy as you learn something new, something different as all on this corner share and give you what they are passionate about...enjoy!

“Did you hear that?” “No.” “That hummingbirds heart just skipped a beat.” Smiles. That was a line from the movie “Ray”. A line that I feel and has me in my feelings.So to speak in writing the article.

I was introduced to this fabulous artist by the show “The Four” I was captivated by her raw talent! Octaves, range, riffs and tonality! Why had I not heard of her before?? Where have I been? I was now glad that I was introduced to a fab of a talent via “The Four”. Ali Caldwell! Her stance, energy, vibrancy that flowed from her mouth like beautiful streams rippling by mountains! Try me and take an easy listen to her work. The song, “To Be Loved” is a fantabulous rendition of Jackie Wilson's.”To Be Loved” in 1958. However this song has it's on twist the lyrics and production. I was simply in awe! Great job!!

Ali Caldwell is an artist like most that sang at open mics spreading her wings and singing for those who appreciated her talent as well. Ali Caldwell is indeed what is needed in the industry today. Ali can sing ballads, Show Tunes, Broadway, Soul, Rock, R&B. Country I am sure if she wanted to. A voice like hers stands the test of time! How cliche is that?

I, like many love to be oohed and ahhed when hearing someone sing. To get chills and walk away feeling different. A change, thoughts, feelings, comfort. This is what music does to you. It creates an accord with you and the person singing the song. A singer is to move us in and to the universe and envelope us wholeheartedly and have all eyes on them as they drown us with the beauty of their voice. Ali Caldwell has that “IT” voice!

I immediately start looking her up on YouTube and found her singing at “The Village” at an open mic. Also I caught clips of her in Season 11 2016 on “The Voice” her voice and song choices were a perfect match! She made it trough to the “Live Finals/Semi-Finals”  Giving her all as only Ali does. She wowed the audience with her performances! As so she did when she performed on "The Four" This again was the showcase that introduced me to Ali.

Ali Caldwell also sang and performed with an R&B group called “Xhale” Ali for me embodies an artist. She seemingly comes across as the person who is persistent and humble to make a name for herself.In the words of P Diddy.  "You ready to eat?" Very cognizant of the industry. How one has to pay dues. How one struggles, pushes, fights, gets knocked down but comes right back up shining better than before! An artist that believes in their talent with confidence and not arrogance. Ali keeps on this path and many doors will open for her. Because true talent like this does not go unnoticed! It shines, breaks through thick and dark clouds. It appears to the masses!

I must say I am now an “Alikat” Which is what she calls her fans and followers on her Instagram. I see her in my best Biggie voice, “Kick in the door wave in the four-four!” in this industry, in her life, with her voice, tenacity, talent! Making it rain on us. As Ali Caldwell moves and grooves in her journey. We here at the Artist Corner now have a front row seat to see her make even bigger moves than the last.

Please dim the lights. Audience...please let their be silence. Bringing to the mic and stage and spotlight. Please ladies and gentlemen welcome Ali Caldwell to the Artist Corner!


Being an artist in "Hollyhood" (Hollywood) is indeed a mean hustle!  One must stay on top of their artistry and have a strong will and thrive in a world that has a lot of hurdles.  However, I must say that I respect the hustle of this talent that is making some serious waves in the industry.  I may be a little late with this gentleman.  However, better late then never right? 

Bringing into my Artist Corner Woody McClain! I stumbled upon him by accident on YouTube with his shorts. Going under the name, "Woody the Great" This young man is simply hilarious!!! I started off with "Milk & Cookies" He made a short/video parody of Bernie Mac's milk & cookies we saw this portion of Bernie Macs stand up in the movie Kings of Comedy.  Which had a lot of us in stitches!  Woody the Great brought this skit to life with his video short.  I LOL seriously! Woody, in my opinion, brought this skit to life and gave it depth and realization for me.  His comedic timing, acting, facial expressions made me feel as if it were the late legend Bernie Mac doing the skit himself! 

After watching the skit, I began to watch more and more.  Taking pieces of other comics stand up shows like Kevin Hart, (Stories with Kev that Kevin Hart is an executive producer and backs Woody's Shorts) Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker and Lavell Crawford to name a few. Along with making his own video comic shorts were simply genius!  Woody has made music videos too that are witty and comedic.  With a great director, cameramen and production team.

Corner Multimedia Group/Condido Verona Joint. My favorite is the video short he took from the movie Bad Boys when Martin Lawrence's character answers the door to his daughter's first date.  Martin Lawrence and Will Smiths characters are berating and intimidating the young man at the door.  This scene is hilariously funny.  Woody and his partner in crime Keith Powers interrogate "Ricky" coming to take their mom out on a date. The same way Will Smith and Martin Lawrence did but with a huge twist.  LOVE! 

Then it dawned on me!  His face looks awfully familiar.  What and where have I seen his face before? I am a huge movie buff more than watching television.  Then it hit me! Woody was in the New Edition Story! He also had a role in Training Day.  Playing in two of the series Tales produced by Irv Gotti. A Story To Tell and Trap Queen.  What a fabulous talent!  

Woody McClain to me in my best Biggie Smalls voice, "Kick in the door wave in the 4 4!" Is making a name for himself in the industry unlike ever before. Woody's hustle in the game has turned Hollywood execs to take a deeper look into Woody's talents.  All inspired by his vines, video shorts on YouTube and Instagram.  His comedic timing and acting skills cannot go unnoticed by anyone!  He has a strong following and a fan base that truly loves what he does and supports his artistic endeavors.  I am one of those who has become a lover of the body of work that he has executive produced.  Just to think this man was a dancer! Touring with Chris Brown!  Now look at the huge turn his career has made. 

The wonderful positive thing about social media is that one does not have to have a recording contract nor a contract with a major production company in order to be "seen" real artistry can be found and touched by the masses that are plugged into the many social media apps one can download to their iPhone or Android.  Once someone posts their videos, music etc., can soon be seen on the www and will quickly be shared over and over.  Thus, making a person be seen and followed.  There is no excuse not to make a name for real art. True art if one believes in their selves. I love it! No agent or contract required! 

Woody McClain is one to watch and follow because he will indeed leave a major mark in and upon Hollywood!  I respect the hustle that Woody has for himself.  The team that he has built around himself that assist him with producing and making these movie shorts.  The production team that believes in his art and his talent.  The actors that Woody has chosen to work with him and they all shine together.  The suns out and the heat is on!  

Woody McClain is hot that one will indeed need to urn the AC on as low as they possibly can. Because his genius, smarts and great business savvy is placing him in the lead in the entertainment industry!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Artist Corner fabulous raw talent Woody McClain!  Stand to your feet!  Bringing to the stage, Woody McClain!  And the crowd ooohhhhs and awws then breaks out in a roaring laugh because we all know he is going to bring it to us!


In my Smokey voice from Friday, “That's my dawg, that's my dawg! If anybody asks you that's my dawg!” The feeling that I have when I relish in the success and the beginning and rise of this man that has been a plethora of things! I have watched from the sidelines, his side chick, his cheerleader because he came up nor far from where I was born and raised. Before I go any further. Let me be clear! No there was no love affair between us. Get your brains on the right path. Side eye.

DL Hughley is a representation in many forms and now in his career he for me and others I earnestly believe can attest he is not only a Writer, Producer, Actor, Comic. Also an Activist, philanthropist, and a survivor! I shall get to that later in this Artist Corner.

DL Hughley had us ROTF when he hosted BET Comic View in 1992. Filmed at the Normandie Casino in Gardena California where I was raised ever since I was 2 years old! DL Hughley's name permeated and wafted in the ears and mouths of many in the neighborhood, the “streets” as well as in the media speaking on how funny this young man was. I was proud! Again, the side chick, watching it all unfold before my very eyes.

DL Hughley was best known, and still his signature form of comedy today is bagging, jonesing, clowning members in the audience. So I can just imagine (my fantasy) that when he was amongst his “homeboys” kids at school he had them LOL because he was making a spectacle of someone. Then maybe, just maybe he just fell into this comic role of life. His purpose, his calling. DL Hughley was coming out in the entertainment industry shining with his raw uncut, slap you in the face wisecracks, and the people in the room going, “Ohhhh!!!!” eyes widened with their fist up to their mouth because he put somebody on front street!

I watched, filmed (In the background) visited clubs DL Hughley performed at in Cali. I was proud! Like a mommy that has seen her son push through and make something out of his self! Personality, humility, loyalty to his craft, art, humor feelings and love of his life. That is what I saw when movie roles appeared. Are you  on the screen like this is natural?? Yeah you DL! Welllllll, why would it not now that I think about it. He was a natural! No formal training needed and the camera, the audience of many loved what he did. TV show DL??? Really? Ohhh you fancy huh? Not only a TV show...Hmmmmm.. a show that has your name in it, “The Hughley's” I am proud to say that he left that “life” behind. Rolling with the gangs and now saying let me go this route. Because I dream big! And so he did, DL Hughley clearing my throat. In my best Biggie voice, “Kick in the door wave in the 4-4 all you heard was DL don't hit me no mo!” That part!

He has been in many movies, hosted many TV award shows, appeared on so many talk shows, news, interviews, touring constantly. Headlining one of the highest grossing comedy tours “Kings of Comedy” headlining the tour! He slays! She snaps her fingers across the front of her and pops lips rolling eyes! DL Hughley is the most!

Let me get into what DL Hughley has grown to. A radio host, the DL Hughley Show. Again his name all over the place! Upfront! You know who I am! I smile. DL has grown, and really always been loyal to many causes and wrong injustices in this world. He has a soft heart. DL comes out barking, growling, snapping hard at the leaders of the world. Politics, police brutality, the government, prejudice, bigotry and the irony of the world. How did DL Hughley get here? Well, only I can answer that. Well, from my view. A sharp quipped man that has knowledge of self and the many ill wills of how the world turns. He uses his platform in comedy, radio and his social platforms to spit his truth! And if you are not ready, and strong urban language gets under your skin. Best not follow a man who is real! That is not going to change his opinion, his life, his world and conform to the mayhem and madness that permeates in this world! So this for me is the philanthropist DL Hughley representing my words, my in your face, my feelings. You are saying just what I feeeeeel!! That part! The new and improved about the sisters and the brothers and the injustice of our times. A philanthropist of urban, intellectual, fact checker and haver when “they” think “they” are getting over on DL. I applaud how he speaks the truth and his truth.

An activist, because he is just that! The new AL Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson of our time. This is purely my opinion. A ride or die who left the gangs, but still has that gangster in him to speak out! “I ain't never scared!” That activist! That man. Rather you agree or disagree with what he says. With the humor and facts as well as eye-opening dialogue he comes at and on various subjects on his radio show. DL pulls you into his world and has you paying attention! Sitting up, taking note!

Still humble, still him, still in my Dr. Dre voice. I admire and am inspired by his climb, his growth, his wisdom, his love, his art and DL just being DL. Unafraid, unadulterated and unfiltered. Do the right thing DL!

It is with mad love for this brother of another mother. Yeah, I watched him grow up. Yeah, I was the side which he never knew he had. The cheerleader on the sidelines that was in the background. Staying entertained, laughing, listening, learning and inspired.

Ladies and gentleman. Bringing to the Artist Corner an Activist, Writer, Actor, Comic, Survivor, Producer and Philanthropist! DL Hughley! Please dim the room as he walks to the front of the stage. Spotlight on him. Please all stand to your feet and give some holler and outrageous applause with whistles as DL Hughley steps into the Artist Corner!

 “Uh, wha wha you got it going on! Wha wha!” In my Lil Kim voice. This is what many young ladies, teenagers and grown women may have said, (or maybe they said something different, I smile) when we saw that smooth skinned, bright eyed radiant smile of Tyrese in that Coca Cola Commercial. For nostalgia sake I am going to go back, take you back to 1994! When I first saw that commercial, heard that voice, saw that smile. I got chills all over! His voice for me was just that resonating! So who is he? ….Calm down ladies, calm down. We all soon would find out......

Soooo I know him, but I really don't. I watched him grow up. But I really didn't. Oxymoron isn't it? Wouldn't be me if I wasn't. However we all had questions of this young man that threw all that covered up sex appeal when he hit the small screen on our TV screens. I recall discussing with a few in my circle, “He needs to come out with an album!” Here we are, and many of us were all crushing on a sixteen year old young teen! Be still my beating heart! Pull back, I don't think we were aware of his age at that time. So, yeah, I did watch him grow up. (contemplating) I smile to myself. I am so glad that he was encouraged to try out for this commercial! If not, how would we get to know the very many talents this wonderful being possessed and would share with us?

Let me now fast forward a bit. Enter in the year 1998! Tyrese hits the R&B world with his first solo album release. Aptly titled, Tyrese. Now we see a young man, four years later a young man coming into his own. However, for some reason Tyrese gives us the vibe, that aura that he is not just twenty years old. he has been here before. The maturity in his voice, his look and appeal. Tyrese had a voice that superseded the voice of a twenty year old. This was a seasoned mature man serenading and saturating the world with riffs and mellow sensitivity. Think back to that voice we witnessed on that Coke commercial. Take the lyrics of Sweet Lady and Lately all chart topping singles. Ain't Nothing Like a Love Jones. Those lyrics! That album those singles, allll classic R&B songs that will always have and hold endearment in our hearts and pure at heart lovers of pure music! That was a mouthful!

Let me a take a pause for another cause. That is some may be unaware of the many accomplishments that Tyrese has under his talented belt. We all know that he was a model, and we know actor and singer. But what about TV Producer? Screenwriter? Or Film Producer? Also did you know he was a VJ? The beauty of Tyrese is, he came into this industry as a singer. But soon he learned how to utilize his artistry of creativity in other avenues. As he should! Take the bull by the reigns and ride till the hoofs come off. Kick in door wave in the ….oops I was about to start rapping Biggie! Laughing out loud! Go on and go ahead Tyrese and let others take note of your talents!

Does it matter that Tyrese came from and born in the roughest part of Los Angeles? I call these humble beginnings. Humble beginnings of seeing and living in a world that most would say no one can dig themselves out of. Your presence nor your past can define nor keep you from your destiny. Tyrese had dreams and goals. He pushed towards all obstacles and moved into his destiny. If you are one that follows Tyrese on social media you will see and feel how he connects with his fans. Tyrese has an incredible sense of humor! He remains humble at all cost. Tyrese is indeed a giver. Giving constantly to family, friends, his staff and strangers. Tyrese also has an innate ability to give encouragement and uplifting words. There is no shame of where he was born and raised. Here is a man that has traveled the world over and over. Yet he connects and has you feel like you do know him. So, yes we have a personal relationship, yes he builds and uplifts me through some of his cellphone or homemade videos. Tyrese has been given a platform. A platform to express and expose his brilliant talent in acting and singing. What most of his fans see and know best. But also a platform to inspire and motivate the many people that follow him on his social media accounts. Rather they be people like yourself and myself. Or the many talented movie stars, singers, actors and more that follow him. Try 4.7 million followers on Instagram! I am sure more will continue to follow. Over 27 million followers that have liked his fan page on Facebook. This man has mad influence, and a heart of gold! Do you know Tyrese? If I can ask the question again of myself. Yes....yes! I feel that I do! Because he makes me feeeeeeel that way!

Tyrese in his acting and singing connects to his audience and draws you into him. From his break out role and performance in Baby Boy. Tyrese has acted in movies just about every year of his acting career! Except for 2002 and 2014! Now that is star power! Staking his claim in the Fast and Furious sequels. Who knew the brother could act?

I honor and give praises and much respect due to an artist that brought R&B back! We are loving his latest album Black Rose! Shame his break out single that has shaken the airwaves and all over the world breaking and topping the charts. Check your bulb! Tapping this thing on? Is Tyrese on? Yeeesssssssss he is! I, his family, friends and fans look forward to seeing, hearing all of his new endeavors. Going on adventures with him, traveling with him. As Tyrese brings life to art, and art to life. Oh! Keep giving us that grand piano he calls a smile! Fanning. Melting......Okay....I'm back. Smiling.

So Ladies and Gents, please welcome to the Artist Corner Tyrese Gibson! (hollering, cheers, yells! Women in the audience screaming “I love you Tyrese!” Tyrese answering, “I love you to baby!” Winking and then flashing his radiant smile. The crowd goes mad and the thundering applause continues, standing on their feet) Wow! Singing in my Mary J. Blige voice, “All that I can say....All that I can saaaay!” Gratitude for sharing, gratitude for being you and giving and showing us YOU!

Please be sure to Google this talented artist!  

I had to take a relax, relate and release moment from my schedule. I decided to find a movie on YouTube. I pulled up “Thick As Thieves” 1999 directed by Scott Sanders. I was suppose to be relaxing, but I was still working. Low and behold, I hear a familiar voice, a voice from my past. I furrowed my eyebrows, scrunching my forehead. Yeap! You guessed it!! It was my best friend! My rib from back in the day! Ricky Harris!! Comedian, actor, director and producer!! Wait...wait let me slow my role!! I am smiling so hard as I write this. Let me be clear, I do not know Ricky Harris personally. I had you thinking I did huh? the cops, sue me if you can! LOL!  However in my life, my cypher that is how it felt. I was not quite in the entertainment world nor industry at that time as I am today. However I would be found in such circles where I was around and knew some celebrities back in the early 90's. Rappers, actors, producers, singers and so forth. 

I had totally forgotten about this movie! I hadn't seen it in so long! So now that I knew My "best friend" was in it.  I stopped working, and I watched the "homie"  so his thing on the big screen.

So now, let me take you on my journey, the journey of meeting Ricky Harris and being inspired. In my Biggie Smalls voice, “And if you don't know now you know.”

When you are given an opportunity to speak to Ricky Harris that is how you feel!!! I recall my first meeting and seeing him in person. Maverick's Flats!! Located in Los Angeles California. Yes sir!!! Oh my! I laugh and toss my head back! Maverick's Flats was like the Apollo back in the day! Way before I was close to a child, teenager or an adult. Many R&B acts had performed at the small famous club Mavericks Flats. Ricky Harris was one of them.  Mavericks Flats was now doing comedy, and it brought out many comedians that have long gone on to fame and fortune. 

Ricky'smile lit up the room!! I had to cover my eyes!! I jest, however that is what I felt.  He had the packed intimate group laughing for their life! He gave us life! He healed old wounds....basically the man gave us medicine. You know the saying, even in the Bible. “Laughter is healing to the flesh!”

After I had the courage to walk up and talk to him after the show. I just had to smile and congratulate him and encourage him. This was not be the last time I would see Ricky Harris perform at Maverick's Flats. Twice, and I was blown back the second time as well. I then began to see Ricky hanging out with some heavy hitters in the music industry! Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and other various artist I knew in the entertainment genre. Ohhhhh....Oh....Okay I see you Ricky!! I had said to myself. Then there he was!!! I am now seeing Ricky Harris on Def Comedy Jam!! Are you serious? My best friend, the one who knows how to make me laugh and get my life? I smiled and leaned back into the sofa. Chest sticking out like a proud Mommie, like “Look at my baby! He did that!” I smile....wait....what? Is that Ricky Harris in the Snoop Dogg video “Gin and Juice”?....playing his father? His role was comical making and leaving an impression!

Ricky Harris was lighting, firing, burning the streets of Hollywood up! There was no one that didn't want to work, promote nor promote the brand of Ricky Harris!!

Just think, here was a man that had set his goals, career in football! Going to USC to get an educatio.  Then later playing pro was his dream. Though I not disrespect the injury and the pain that Ricky had to have felt injuring his knee, being paralyzed. Not good news, so this was indeed a wrap! His dreams, his goals were over with! However, with empathy in my heart. How would I have met my best friend ever? My heart? The down to earth, beautiful smile, “Yeap, that's my homie from back in the day!” Feeling? I smile very hard. He gave me all of those feelings when I saw him in person, TV and movies. Ricky brought it so hard in the early 90's he was a regular performer on Def Comedy Jam, I am telling you Ricky Harris was tight!! He later hosted Def Comedy Jam!

Just as I saw it brewing, the various celebrities I saw him with. Were celebs he worked for, wrote for, directed for. Talent!! Talent!! Just to think he wanted to play football for a living? I give the hmmmmm face, rasing eye brows.... Ricky later on went to direct and act in the movie “Murder Was The Case” in 1995. However he contributed writing material for the film. He played Taa Dow in Snoop Doggs it's a “Doggy Dog World” video directing it along side Dr. Dre. Ricky has lended his voice on Dr. Dre's Productions. Hilarity! No doubt! DJ EZ D**k WBALZ Radio. A fictitious DJ and radio station, Death Row Records.

This talent was worried about fools-ball? No disrespect to the hardcore fans of football. Come on though...Ricky Harris represented a talent and purpose he would have not ever explored had he not gotten injured. That again is why I am proud as so many others are. Natives of Cali. Long Beach, (Strong Beach) L.A. As we watched this talent cultivate. He was born and raised right in our backyard!

Ricky Harris represented and let us rest relax in his genius! I was proud to have had him in my life. Oops, I am taking it there again huh?  My best friend. ( of course in my heart ) I was okay with letting our friendship go. We were now distant best friends because he was now on the move! I saw him though! I saw and knew he was making noise. 1993 Poetic Justice, Danger Theater. Though one episode. I knew he was busy, grinding. My ears were to the streets. He was filming and stayed working! 1995 Ricky Harris acted and lended his natural acting chops for the big screen in three movies. Murder Was The Case, Tales From The Hood and Heat. In 1996 he had a role in High School High. Later having six recurring spots on the hit TV show Moesha! 1996-1998! Working!! Exuding.....I along with the industry paid attention, close attention. I smiled...... he smiled back. So many spoke of his success! We were just in awe that Ricky acted in movies with veteran actors in the very beginning of his career. Clarence Williams III, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer, Robert Dinero, Alec Baldwin! The beautiful Pam Grier!! Janet Jackson, Tu Pac. Let me please not forget that he was apart of the cast in the successful TV show “Everybody Hates Chris” from 2005-2009.

Ricky has been working non-stop! Not only in movies, producing, directing and writing. Of course he still does stand up because this is where his heart will humbly beat. I like the rhythm and truth of that. Ricky grew into his talents! Talents he had discovered. He is a living example that whatever we set our hands to do shall prosper. That every chance that wasn't really a chance was a chance and a door. That something good can come of something bad. How does that work? It just does! At our lowest we find certain things we never paid attention to. Ricky became an activist. Spoke out against many issues and injustices in our community. He motivates, he upholds....uplifts.

I may miss my “friend” My homeboy, my rib. However in truth....he has not gone anywhere. He has always been there.. Making a difference, paving the way, staying rooted and humble. Sincere, loving and loyal.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the Artist Corner Mr. Ricky Harris! Be sure to smile hard, hoot, yell and holler for the incomparable comedian, actor, director, writer and producer! For he is and always will be surprising us with his talent. Come on!! I can't hear you!! Bring him out and to the stage!

If you would like more information on Ricky Harris, please be sure to Google him, or send me and email. I can direct and guide you to finding more about this talented artist!  

The life of an artist may be complicated and overwhelming to others. However this is not so to the artist themselves. It is life, breath, oxygen and consistent creativity. Admiration runs deep for those who step out of the box and literally feel creativity from many forces. And with that I love how he blends musical symphonies! A composer that composes musical art. As if this talented artist Lukasz Lowkis ran with storms, clouds, rain and sunshine! The combination and influences that one must possess to get the attention of an audience that welcomes this young composer.

British Composer Lukasz Lowkis was born in October of 1980 in Bielsko-Biala Poland. Lukasz currently resides in London where he creates and composes. Lukasz has classical musical influences of course. Those being Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. However Lukasz would not be Lukasz if he being and artist were not to think out of the box! Taking and using synonyms only? No! Lukasz Lowkis is a music lover of rock! So infusing rock and classical music in his compositions is the beautiful dichotomy here!

Try Sick Desire which happens to be one of my favorite compositions! It is edgy, raw, thrilling and suspenseful! A brilliant work that was used for the movie Night Life. As you listen the softness and melancholy of Lifeline; It's deep, thought provoking and honest. Respiro gives you the same vibe and soothing to the soul. Lukasz Lowkis has composed Sense of Creation, it is a brilliant work mixed of rock and classical. His solo release Forsaken Era has a combination and correlation of a choir and symphonic orchestra! Core Redemption his second release dropped spring 2014. A talented man Lukasz is, mastering the piano, clarinet and violin. Then just because he wanted to. Taught himself how to play the drums, guitar and bass! Six instruments this super composer plays well and utilizes those talents in composing his artistic pieces.

Lukasz Lowkis has turned his art and gifts into a business! He provides soundtracks for movies, movie trailers, documentaries, advertising industry and video games. These are they of those that provide these mesmerizing suspenseful eerie compositions for the movies we flock to the theater to see. The horror films, thrillers and dramas! It is these, the composers, the genius of what Mr. Lukasz Lowkis does with ease. Cinema composition! The world of music, the world of art, the life of art you hear.

Lukasz Lowkis represents and sets the epitome for a younger generation that can be who they are. Not to conform and live within a box when it comes to art. Art is an expression, and the way Lukasz expresses his art with passion gives all musicians hope and promise. Generations after Lukasz Lowkis will be in awe of his compositions and inspired to create fabulous work as he has done.

I salute the energy and love that Lukasz puts into his art. Thinking and living above and beyond expectations. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Artist Corner a true, deep and creative artist! Stand on your feet as he takes center stage to dazzle us with his beautiful collection of symphonies!

If you would like more information on this artist please be sure to Google him. Or you may please contact me! I will be more than obliged to assist you!

 Of course we all know that living truly begins when we are born into the world. However there are many questions that are answered and unanswered about our true heritage and ancestry. Of course we are told stories about our ancestors, forefathers from family, books, and those who truly know the struggles. And those who have dug deep into history and have opened up many facets of the past and have broadened our horizons. However, what about those who may not have been truly exposed to the history of our world? Well I am exuberantly proud that we have just that! There is a place that serves the community up a huge dosage of our history. Please enter in the Apex Museum in Atlanta Georgia! So much rich history and so many stories untold that have lived in and traveled the grounds of this state! Being located on the famous Auburn Ave., that holds so much history of a then called “Negro Community” Once thriving many successful business' that were owned and maintained by the “colored” or “negro” community. Martin Luther King Jr. resided at 501 Auburn Ave. Atlanta, Georgia! When I walk this street I can feel the old past and the energy and see all the many charismatic souls of those walking the streets of “Sweet Auburn.”

Located on 135 Auburn Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia. The Apex Museum gives you the feel, that mystery, that past, that life, that history. Our history and all the many wonderful things “we” African-Americans have brought to this world and helped it rotate on it's axis. Feel the terror,fear and realism of your narrator as being told how our ancestors were captured and shipped to America. See how they, the slaves were shackled on the ships and to each other unable to relieve themselves of their extremities. How they were under fed and tortured. To see, hear and feel. This is one of the many things the Apex Museum brings to life!

Take a trip down memory lane as you can visit Sweet Auburn. Feel and know the success and struggles of the community that thrived, loved and took pride in their world. A world where they could shop, party, and have a fabulous meal. This was a roaring beautiful time for African-Americans. A time and era of pride, hope, love, respect and uplifting. No matter if you were poor, middle-class or rich. The life indeed was a mixture. And no one looked down on the other. All worked together in unison. Ahhhh.... Sweet Auburn! The Apex Museum gives you the richness and visual that envelopes you during that time.

The Apex Museum also has an art gallery on it's premises that host many of it's up and coming African-American contemporary artist in the Atlanta area. See the artistic creative paintings that tell a different story to all that look at each and every canvas. We need this support, we want this support, we breathe and live to get the accolades that we, our people, our culture deserve! I thank the Apex Museum for opening it's doors and showcasing these talented artist!

The Apex Museum also supports it's local artist by hosting many events there. From book signings to artist & photographers showcasing their work. Have your seminar there! Have your meet and greet there and introduce the community to your business, and the fabulous Apex Museum! The Apex Museum serves it's community and supports it's community. Something I truly adore and have a warm feeling in my heart. Giving back with that same feeling that was hosted in the 1940's, 50's and 1960's of Sweet Auburn!

The Apex Museum was founded in 1985 by a wonderful soul and human being Mr. Dan Moore. I could personally deem him my godfather and hero an awe inspiring man that is a huge inspiration to many! An author/writer, free-thinker, film maker! Dan Moore interviewed Corretta Scott-King for a movie he produced, “A New Time A New Voice” I sit an awe at the many accomplishments Dan Moore has to his credit. And the continued accomplishments he continues to make. Mr. Dan Moore you are indeed a living legacy!

I employ you, please support the Apex Museum and what it does, what it gives, what it host and feeds and gives back to the community. Donate your time, donate to the museum, and please if you are living in the Atlanta area and have not been; be sure to visit the Apex Museum. When you visit Atlanta be sure to make this a point of interest and visit the Apex Museum!

It is more than a pleasure to have the Apex Museum and it's founder Dan Moore on the Artist Corner! Where art thrives and history breathes! Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming the Apex Museum! Let us give praises and congratulatory applause to a fabulous museum and  that has had it's doors open for 35 years and counting!

If you would like more information about The Apex Museum please go to their website make a donation! And find out moore, yes I said moore about Mr. Dan Moore  President & CEO as well as the Directors of the Apex Museum.

 What is an artist? Artist [ahr-tist] n. noun- a person who is overwhelmingly sophisticated in a talent that is noticed because they have turned their talent into beautiful art form. Well, that is my definition of what I feel is an artist! Sue me! However Webster dictionary describes an artist as such; person who works in one of the performing arts,as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer:a mime artist;an artist of the dance. a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria. I must also concur with this definition as well. There is an artist I know that has a quote, simply stating, “Nothing is happenstance” I truly believe this statement in all of its depth! So here it is when happenstance meets art.....Joya Bravo!

If I ever decided that I needed (or wanted) a high that would take me out of the atmosphere and let me run with the stars. Jump from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars! I would want this talented beauty to give me the ride! Joya Bravo is indeed a petite dynamo! I truly and dearly love the underground, roots, grass, neo-soul, jazz lofts and clubs resting in Atlanta that host an abundance of talented souls! Leaving you gagging for air and clutching ones pearls! “They make me wanna burn my notebook!”

If ever I thought I wanted to sing, Joya Bravo declared that a no! Her voice gave me chills! My spine tingled! Now there are a lot of talented singers in the world and in Atlanta! However, Joya Bravo has put a plethora of them to shame! Let me move on to the real good and juicy stuff! How Joya Bravo shocked and surprised the audience and myself! Taking us on a journey of the unknown. Joya Bravo plays the electric violin! In my Samuel Jackson voice, “Can you dig it!?” Okay, one more, just one more! ( I could be lying here) My Busta Rhymes voice, “Who ha!! Got chu all in check!” I broke my neck ( well almost) feeling, moving, grooving, soul, wine, soul-food, not that food you eat. Joya Bravo got the attention of the room, held it, and let us go when she felt like it. Leaving us grappling for more! Gurh I'm mad!! (walking away SMH)

I told myself, “She don't love me! Or maybe she does.” Okay, let me step back, take a deep breath. Relax, relate, release. I felt so many things come from this instrument called the (electric) violin that Joya Bravo was playing! Like mesmerized, seduced in some coma like sleep, and yes you are up! Buuuuuuttttt......The way she held it and handled it. And made this instrument do what she needed and wanted to do. Kinda like a gumbo! Spicy, mysterious, tasty, country, jazz, soul & some rock & roll. She did that!

Then this powerful talented soul saaaaaang in the mic???!!! Boooom!!! Why? Why did she decide on pure “happenstance” that I needed to see, hear, feel, be moved and motivated but what I heard and saw this evening! Uh Jeesh!! Because I am an artist! Because there would be no way that I could not place her on the Artist Corner! I see Joya Bravo moving and progressing in entertainment world of music because she is worthy and talented to do so! There are no gimmicks or trendy music here! Raw earthly; “we need talent right now!” We are missing something here, and I love the earthy raw talent of this world that hardly any of us get to experience because we are plagued with....oh oh, I was venting! Joya Bravo!! Joya Bravo! Joya Bravo! Ok I was wu sah-ing Um, is that a word? Oh well.

Joya would fit in this world of unique organ grinders that “need” our attention! So it is with great pleasure! That I place a talented beautiful artistic creative force on the Artist Corner that will please all of you with her skills of music and grandeur! Ladies and gentlemen, please stand to your feet and show your love for Joya Bravo!

If you would like more information on this artist, please Google her!! Joya Bravo or contact me and I will refer you to her sites!

I am always and I do mean always astounded when I come across a fresh new face that has a talent that cannot be ignored. Well at least not by me anyways; and here it was that I had come across a fabulous song that had me bobbing my head, and is what I refer to as “feel good music” who is he? Darien Dean who simply refers to himself Darien in the music world. And why did it take me so long to find out about him?  However long it took me I am sedatedly satisfied I did! I just love making up words! Ha!

I was introduced to Darien with his single “Nowhere” the intro of the song, how his voice just sailed in all smooth and liquidy delicious! Is there such a word “liquidy”? Well now there is. I simply adored, no loved the lyrics of this song. It made me smile, feel good music. And in this industry of music how often do we get this? Not often enough in my opinion. So of course now that I had heard Nowhere I was of course peeked in my curiousness was now stoked so I had done some research on this beautiful man with with this beautiful voice! His debut album, “If These Walls Could Talk” So I did what any normal individual would do.  I followed the yellow brick road and began my journey that Darien had lured me into. Take a listen to “Sail Thru” and feel the vibe and energy that flows through your speakers or your headset. “My Door” is sweet simply stated song that so many of us can relate to. Okay Mr. Dean you “knocked on my door” and I have opened. The whole collection of songs on this CD was fantabulous and delicious!

I of course cannot place this soulful singer who writes, arranges and produces in one category. That would be too easy in my opinion. I love gumbo as you all know so let me go ahead and mix up the style of this awesome man who was voted “artist to watch in 2010” However I say please keep your eyes, ears and soul open because this is an entity that will blow the R&B, soul, neo-soul, contemporary jazz world off the bricks! A fabulous performer that will be riding the backs of stars and soon (if not already) have a major influence of those singers aspiring to do exactly what Darien is and has done.

Darien is a performer that can and does hold his own. When on stage Darien draws his captive audience in with his voice and lyrics. He rocks the stage and owns it! And that is exactly how a man of his talent should do. I am excited at the many projects ahead of Darien. I see much success in his future because singing and composing great lyrics is what he was indeed born to do! Darien is indeed every letter of the word an artist.

If you have not purchased his CD on itunes then it is high time that you do! “If These Walls Could Talk" is  a CD is fit for all occasions! It's feel good music, adult music, soul music, love music, inspirational music. I love Darien's music!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please....stand to your feet with your lighters in the air and welcome the wonderful talented super sweet soulful inspirational jazzical singer Darien Dean to the Artist Corner! 

If you would like more information on this singer please be sure to Google him or contact me.

 I simply, love, adore and I am fully behooved when I hear a powerhouse of a singer and chills run up and down my arms! This was the case when I heard this booming voice light up the room.  Not only did she light up the room she had that wonderful live energy to match her voice.  Enter Lorie Moore who is and has been making her mark in this world giving us passion you can feel!

Lorie Moore has captivated many audiences around her.  A woman who is moving in her craft, pushing her craft, relishing in her craft, breathing and living her craft!  And that is what I truly and dearly call and artist! 

Lorie Moore has a humble yet cocky attitude about her music.  How so you ask?  Well what artist doesn’t? Her charismatic vibe lights up a room and one song comes to mind; a rap song when I think of Lorie’s huge personality and her voice, “I can give it to you but what cha gonna do with it!” Jayo felony. Lorie Moore doesn’t have the “IT” factor she is the factor that makes herself it.  And a talent that cannot be denied nor ignored.  Being received by audiences everywhere she goes receiving standing ovations! 

R&B has been under major duress for more than a decade and without question Lorie Moore would give it the super facelift that is needed.  Pulling the wrinkles of out of R&B taking us out of the drought and give us all living waters to sip on!  One cannot help but to gravitate to her soul stirring voice that commands you and rocks you into a sweet savory salvation of sublime!  Whew!  I like that!  And as P Diddy once said, “Take that take that!” 

Lorie Moore gives life to music and one can only respect her for that.  It is not an easy thing to do when such a heavy burden comes along and one is ask to save the state of R&B!  Be the Wonder Woman of real music and neither conforming nor confining skills such as Lorie’s.  Wait did I just place a huge weight of responsibility upon her shoulders?  I believe I did! I’m not worried and neither is Lorie.

Lorie was well received on the X Factor, and when her schedule permits she can be found singing at the Xen Lounge ran and owned by Duane Martin. She is Tisha Campbell-Martins favorite singer on Tuesday night.  Lorie has producers clamoring over her, so recording in the studio is and will always be number one.  Lorie Moore continues to tour the country and is currently working on BSLADE radio. Lorie will always continue to invent and reinvent and push and place herself in roles where one can be seen and definitely be heard!  I think we all need some chills and goosebumps running up and down our spines and arms. 

It would not be an Artist Corner if I did not say who Lorie reminded me of when she sang now would it? Try mixing Lalah Hathaway and Whitney Houston!  Yes I said Whitney! Lorie and Beyonce could do runs together!  Watch out there now! Ohhhhh how I love when she hits her highs and her lows and Lorie Moore can harmonize oh so well. She did that! Look at God!  Won’t he and can he give us raw talented people to make us feel good about music when they sang?  A writer, singer, musician playing keyboards and piano. I’m over it right now; she is done!

Ladies and gentlemen it is way past noon, and time to bring a living doll to the Artist Corner please in my Don Cornelius voice Show your love for Lorie Moore! Stand to your feet for the Wonder Woman who is going to put the R in R&B!

If you would like more information on this artist you can Google her or contact me.

“You have to laugh to keep from crying” is a phrase my mother would say to me all the time.  And she is correct with that analogy.  And with laughter in my heart, and now a smile on my face I think of a wonderful animated comic Arnez J! I have followed this comic genius for a long time! Oops! Am I telling my age? (bows head and shakes it from side to side) What I loved about Arnez J when I first witnessed his tyranny of jokes was how animated he was and the surge of energy Arnez J had on stage! Facial expressions, body language and an opulent smile for his captors and the camera.  Okay so here I go with my music comparison. The one song that comes to mind when thinking of this wonderfully over the top talented comedian is, “We ain’t going nowhere we can’t be stopped now this is bad boy for life!” Puff Daddy Why?  Because so many have come and gone!  And he is still here making us laugh, making us think, giving us his unfiltered humor!  Arnez J is a mainstay in this business and he is going nowhere because he is indeed a “bad boy” on the stage and his routine cannot be dismantled by anyone! In my P Diddy Voice. “Take that take that!”

Arnez J has graced too many stages for me to recall, but I shall recall a few! All Stars, Def Comedy Jam, BET Comic View!  Not to mention that Arnez J has toured and blew up too many stages across the country to recall!  Arnez J has headlined and is a box office draw!  Arnez J holds it down and can fill any auditorium or comedy club on his own!

I have the utmost  respect for Arnez J because he has never compromised his art nor himself to keep his longevity in this business!  Arnez J has remained true and loyal to not only himself, but to the plethora of many fans that he has garnered over the years.  Arnez J has kept his comedy fresh, raw and honest from the moment he hit the stage! If you have not heard him talk about his beloved brother Rodney, oh my! Hilarious! Simply hilarious! My view on this soft subject of Arnez J’s mentally incapacitated brother is as such.  I know everyone has something to say, but I will take your power from you. I will speak on it rendering you incapable of hurting me because I am fully cognizant of the situation.  I get this and wholly understand for I have done the same!

Though other comics have done it but never to the echelon that Arnez J has done it.  This man laughs at his own jokes! I mean how great is that?! Arnez J has perfect comedic timing, knows how to leave his audience on the edge of laughter, and knows how to draw them dangling like a participle.  Then reels the audience back in.  And standing there on stage laughing at the next joke telling his audience “Ok you guys can’t laugh.  Because if you laugh you’re going to make me laugh” Is simply genius! And when Arnez J starts laughing the audience being so enthralled begins to laugh! I love it!

I know when I am laughing so hard and there is no noise coming from my mouth, mouth wide open, head back and eyes closed!  This lady is in some deep laughter and caught up in a rapture of comedic joy!  This is the doing of Arnez J!  I can’t with you!  Oh! How Arnez J will slay you with joke after joke.  Bring your tissue because you will cry from laughter!

Witnessing the stand up of Arnez J is truly a pleasure on many levels.  One will not be disappointed when seeing Arnez J live!  I cannot tell you how many times I have actually gone back and pulled up so many of his stand up performances and still bowled over with laughter.  Arnez J has that aura about him, his material is classic!  

Ladies and Gentlemen stand to your feet!  Please give an overwhelming applause for the super funny, super talented Arnez J hitting the Artist Corner! By the way I do hope you are wearing your depends!

If you would like more information in regards to this artist please Google him!  If not I will be more than happy to direct you.

Before I get serious about this fabulous goddess that creates art, let me take you back to the days when a woman of color went to the beauty shop to get her hair pressed with beeswax! Those edges would be laid back! And if you were in the south the last thing you wanted was to get out in the heat and that beeswax to melt on your scalp and your edges go back!  Whooo!  I can’t right now!  And the kitchen beauticians?   Remember them? You could smell the hair getting fried with that pressing comb!

I must say that women of color have come a long way in the arena of the hair industry.  From Madame CJ walker (born Sarah Breedlove) who formulated a product to help grow her hair back that had fallen out. To the now fabulous Kim Kimble who has not only followed in the famed footsteps of her predecessor  Madame CJ Walker; but has taken hair styling to a wonderful new plateau! An art form! Hair is an art, it is fashion, and it makes statements! And Kim Kimble understands that, believes that and shows us that in her unique art form!

Kim Kimble is the first hairstylist to hit the artist corner and I am jubilated to have her hang on my block!  A courageous stand out, I can do this, I can do all things that I set my hands to do, work hard, I love what I do, I am she and she is me, business woman and entrepreneur, and I give back to my community and activist! What?! That was a mouthful! Let me go back and check all of my commas.  Yeap they are in order!

Kim Kimble is indeed a living example and takes pride in what she does and how she does it!  And when I look at her work, I am in complete awe!  “She did that!” Taking supreme pride in the arts!  Kim Kimble transforms, lifts spirits and has a unique an innate way of dealing with each and every one of her clients differently.  Just like a doctor!  Even though they “patients” are in need of some help and healing not everyone can be related to all the same!  Kim has built her name and her brand by staying true to herself and her talent! You know when a woman can walk into a shop in sweats and sneakers, sit in Kim’s styling chair and when Kim Kimble is done that woman feels as if she has on designer clothes from head to toe!  Now that is talent!

Kim has styled too many celebrities for me to name all of them! However I will name just a few!   Oprah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Brandy, Mary Mary, Janelle Monet, I am barely scratching the surface here!  Kim has traveled to a plethora of locations to style for many movie stars, celebrities, and entertainers.  Video shoots, photo shoots, award shows and much more.  Her talented reputation supersedes her in the wonderful world of styling!

Kim Kimble is indeed the captain of her own ship, as she should be! Starring in her own reality show L.A. Hair which can be seen on WE TV. Kim  Kimble successfully owns and operates her own salon in West Hollywood “Kimble Hair Studio” Kim has also established her own line of hair products “Kimble Beauty” What does this fiercely fabulous woman not do?  

I laugh to myself now and think of the characters on Living Color, “Blaine” and “Antoine” when they loved a movie how they had their own little way of complementing the movie.  Well I will partake of that and say Kim Kimble gets two snaps in a circle, with my left hand on my hip, hip extended; Sewing needle in one hand.  And as I look in camera one, “She can do some hair Mr. DeMille!” 

Oh how if Madame CJ  Walker were alive how proud and elated she would be of Kim Kimble who took hair styling to a brilliant level and showed up and showed out! No longer do we get our doo done as we did way back in the day! We have artist like Kim Kimble that paint so brilliantly on a canvas!  And give us that wonderful feeling of what  she has created!  Something that only an artist can do! Make us feel good and pull us out of whatever we may be going through!  She shines and so therefore we shine!

Ladies and gentlemen please put your flat irons on the table, and hair products to the side.  And let us give a warm and welcoming ovation to a fabulous artist from the gawds! Welcome to the Artist Corner Kim Kimble!

If you would like more information on this artist, all you need to do is Google her! 

“Ta-daw!  Ta-daw how you like me noooooow!” Ice Cube.  These lyrics to this rap song “What Can I Do?” come to mind when thinking on the brilliant comedian Esau McGraw! This man is simply a pure genius in making his audience laugh.  As he so simply states, “I’m from the future!” I believe he is.  If you have not heard nor seen this comedian you have indeed been hiding under a huuuuge rock! He has played too many stages to recall and has been on too many comedy shows for me to recall.  However I will tell you that I was first introduced to Esau McGraw when he appeared on BET and 1st Amendment Stand Up.  I laughed soooo hard when he spoke of the Uncle that has been smoking since he was eleven and had to now talk with a voice box!  If I could sue Esau for making me laugh so hard and making my head hurt, I would!  Though I say this in jest.  (She smiles hard now thinking of his hilarious jokes)

I had reached out to Esau a few times on Twitter and he has been responsive.  Finally after an invite of seeing him at the famous Improv.  I went to see Esau McGraw in person.  And trust me I was excited and happy that I did.  Esau has a way with his brand of comedy to pull you in and MAKE you laugh!  Doing a great job, his audience was captivated and in tears.  I know that I was.  Have you heard the joke in regards to the relative so heavy that he looks like a stingray?  Ohhhhh my hilarious!  It takes Esau to tell it!  Listen, oops I mean read how can you listen if you are reading?  Oopsie my bad!  (She wipes her brow) Moving on…..

Esau has this unique ability to make you feel at home and relate to every line, syllable, word, vowel and verb!  Esau has had a great career in comedy.  And the reason why he has a long standing career is because Esau is not only good at what he does, but he knows what timing means.  There are minions of comedians that are doing stand up and you may see them for a brief moment. And soon they are out of the game.  Esau McGrawPushes jokes like weights!” Again more lyrics from Ice CubePushn Weight” with a flip of one word. 

Laughter is healing, and in these days and this time the healing is indeed needed!  Therapy for ones souls and hearts.  And when you go to an Esau McGraw show you are in for a wonderful treat of healing!  I love the connection, the vibe, how he sets the tone and the mood.  There was not a moment in Esau’s routine where a joke was dry.  You know where you can hear crickets?  Not at alllllll! And this is what makes a great comedian! To keep your audience engaged.  Though I may be a bit funny, I could not stand in front of a crowded room, packed house and tell jokes! Esau, my hat off to you and I bow gracefully at your talent! Did I fail to mention that he packed out the Improv to capcity? Esau has not only made a name for himself in comedy but has a great ranking in the world of comedy.

Being funny is a gift!  Telling jokes is a talent.  Holding ones attention is amazing.  I watched as this beautiful soul had me caught up and wrapped up in his comedic charm.  And because I am an artist who appreciates others art and talents; long live the career of Esau McGraw! In my Biggie Smalls voice, “And if you don’t know now you knoooooow!”

Ladies & Gentlemen bringing to the stage right now! A hilarious comic, please give a round of applause and standing ovation for Esau McGraw!  Put your depends on because you are going to laugh yourself into tears! And maybe just maybe get your depends wet! LOL Please welcome Esau to the Artist Corner!

If you would like more info about this talented comic please Google him.  If you would like to contact me please do so and I will direct you. 

There is something beautiful, earth moving, soul moving about an artist; a musician that knows how to bend the notes, hold the notes and make the notes sing!  That is what I feel when it comes to this incredible talent Mike Phillips! I have always been a lover of jazz music.  And I indeed enjoy how Mike Phillips can play for all genres out today and yet stay true to his own artistry.  I simply adore “Fallin” ft the Floacist.  This poetic jazzical mix, that laid back romantic, sip wine, candles lit type vibe!  

You know how you can feel the vibe of an artist?  Like if they are cocky?  Arrogant or selfish?  The vibe that Mike Phillips gives off is one that is humble, sincere and full of life! Mike Phillips enjoys what he does and gives his all when he holds that saxophone in his hand.  Eyes closed…..deep breaths. He controls the music…he is the music.  

Mike Phillips has been so fortunate and blessed to have shared stages with so many greats!  One of those greats being Stevie Wonder! What an honor that must have been!

Mike Phillips steps up his game playing for all types of audiences who are sincere musicologist as myself! ( that came off cocky and self assured.. oh well it os what it is!) He can play for the hardcore jazz fans, hip-hop community, contemporary jazz, R&B and soul.  He can throw down in the neo-soul world too!  Mike Phillips is well rounded to fullest capacity.  And that is why I enjoy his music.  I love the way he romances me in “If it Takes All Night.” and “When it Comes to Loving Me” Ahhhhh the sweet serenade he brings to the listeners ear…magical…truly magical!

I can recall being a little girl watching cartoons.  I loved Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny was my favorite character. I may be going over some of your heads and telling my age (who cares!) But there is this one cartoon where Bugs is leading  Tas (Tasmanian Devil) back to the zoo.  Bugs has a radio on his shoulders, and Tas is in la-la land dancing, caught up in a rapture all of his own!  Tas is a beast and cannot be controlled.  But through the music Bugs was playing he was controlled!  Well think of yourself as the beast, you need calm, you need chill from the heavy maxed out world you live in!  I got you, I understand and so does Mike Phillips!  His music calms the savage beast! Mike Phillips music is the epitome of soothing, sensual, gentle, passionate and smooth.  Like a warm cup of your favorite drink. Not too much and not too little.  I have been a fan since he laid down “You Have Reached Mike Phillips”

The sophistication of a true artist will always shine through!  “Mike Phillips M.P.3” is off the bricks!  When I listen to this CD the song that comes to mind is by Diggable Planets. “Rebirth of Slick” the lyrics, “I’m cool like that” Hmmmm… and Mike Phillips is cool like that, he flows like that, he jams like that, he plays like that! And I said it just like that, and I mean it like that and I’m out! Did I make my point or what? (She smiles)

Mike Phillips has gotten great reviews in regards to his music. And I see in his future bigger and better.  Accolades out of this world! I see longevity; I see a plethora of awards.  And I see a fan base that grows day by day.  His music permeating the airwaves, pervading and giving heart-gasms to his sea of appreciators and fans of his work!  I see a mainstay of greatness.  I see his-story of HIS music leaving listeners wanting more.  Yes I am overly zealous speaking of this talent and I look forward to more.  I look forward to the many accolades that Mike Phillips will be given and honored with in the near future!

Ladies and gentlemen light the candles on your tables.  Relax, relate and release and open your heart and ears to a fabulous artist Mike Phillips as he hits the stage and douses us with the sax to the Artist Corner! Applause please!

If you would like more information on this artist please be sure to Google him. Or you can contact me and I will assist you to finding out more about this artist!

Of course I love talent!  And I love those who exude a wonderful talent that shines so bright that persons such as myself are sure to seek and find them out! I was being nosey one day, and I found Sam Trump! Who is he?  I asked a loud.  And with a bit of research I had came up with a plethora of videos, songs, SoundCloud and website!  So pull up a chair, sit back and take this fab of a journey of an incredible artist Sam Trump!

Let me go in and tell you that Sam Trump is a singer, songwriter and a musician that plays the trumpet and the ukulele! Did you frown up when I said the ukulele?  So did I when I first had done the research on Sam Trump. He has an album “Sam Trump plays The Uke” Okay, okay, back up!  An African-American playing a ukulele?  Some of you may have never ever heard of the kooky-odd looking man that got famous for being odd and non-talented (my opinion) Tiny Tim “Tip-Toe through the Tulips.  I honestly did not know what to expect!  However as I sit and write this I am listening to Sam Trump’s music and as they say in the south, “Shawty this album is the truth!” she smiles as she types.  Ahhh this is so refreshing! Beautiful and a smooth elixir to my soul, heart and eardrums.  Sam Trump has cast the net, so what I am a fish that was caught up in his melodic musicianship! “No Limits” puts me in a smooth quiet storm mix.  You want me to give you a comparison?  I will…Sade!  You know how she has that smooth epitome of cool love vibe?  That is what I get from that single.  And yes he is playing the uke as he refers to it.  “If We Must Die” is a deep song of lyrics that has meaning and depth. “Paradise” is a smooth banger that should be listened to while one is entertaining, riding down the highway or coast. 

Let me give you some east coast vibe real quick, in my east coast accent! Brova got it goin on naw what I mean SUN? This is romantic music; make love music, be easy music.  I of course cannot place Sam Trump in a category it would be extremely crass of me to do so.  I will first say that Sam Trump would not fit solely in the jazz arena.  But if he played to a crowd that were all jazz lovers he would get a standing ovation.  I do not consider him to be strictly R&B or soul.  Though he will be welcomed and loved! Neo-soul? Yeah he would fit in great there because of the mellow-ness in the music.  But Sam is what I truly call an artist who listens to his heart, moves to his beat, and writes what he feels.  And he sings what he feels, moves and grooves to a level, uke and drum of his own!

There is no competition for Sam Trump.  He may have many mentors and those whom he is inspired by.  And I get that wholly, for I am the same way.  But stepping on the scene with such a talent as his.  A voice with that sweet soothing balance.  I love his delivery in his music and I enjoy how his music makes me feel.  Now I am a kick back type of lady who enjoys all types of music (some more than other’s) but this young man had me at hello! I can vibe to his lyrics and music!  Surround sound, scented candles burning all over the house, and me with my cute glasses on, at my desktop or laptop.  Chilling, kicking back with some white wine listening to Sam Trump as he permeates through my home and his music wraths over my soul!

Sam Trump is refreshing!  And in this business I like that and I need that! Some calm for the savages, music to calm the beast! She loves, she likes, she enjoys, she is moved and so shall you! Don’t take a catnap on this artist!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls put your hands together as we welcome to the spotlight.  One mic, one man and his uke Sam Trump to the Artist Corner!  Show your love!

If you would like more information on this artist please Google him. Or you can contact me and I will lead you to his music and contact information.


Who does not love to laugh?  I mean really laugh when your sides hurt, back gets tensed, headache, tears and ones back hurts? If you have not experienced laughter like this in life then you have not experienced “The Next Big Thing” I am super excited to bring you an artist that more than deserves to be placed on the Artist Corner.  With this young man’s perfect timing, super quick wit!  He will very soon be knocking on the door of super success making us all laugh in the aisles and speaking on his comedic genius real soon.  Who is this talented artist?  Robert Powell III!

I was blown backwards the moment I heard the first joke that permeated the room and wrath over the audience.  I saw his nerves of steel as he stood straight and looked each and every member of the audience in the eye.  Shoulders pulled back, gleam in his eye, his cape flowing in the wind. Hands on his waist, oh my bad that’s Superman! Okay, weellll that is how I saw him, so that is who Robert Powell is! (moving on-she smiles and then thinks of his jokes) Superman of comedic presence.   And I am sure that there was a bit of cockiness as Robert Powell stood on that stage and let us have it!  I enjoyed the way that Robert Powell brought innocence, a pinch of raunchiness and his straight candor of jokes.  He wooed us!  Not giving us a moment to inhale and catch our breath.  In fact I was a bit peeved that I laughed so hard, due in parts that his comedic story telling was so hilarious I would miss out on the next joke!  (Shame on you Robert for doing that to me!)

A fabulous story teller in comedy genre that tells his jokes as if they are not funny; and that is what makes his comedy so funny.  His smile and facial expressions assist in telling a brilliantly colorful story.  And what really enthused me was his sweet accent!  When I found out that Robert was from Louisiana, the state my parents were born and raised in.  I felt an electric connection!

Genesis 21:6 “God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh over me.” And I believe that Robert Powell takes this verse literally to heart! A talent that some could only pray that they have! These comedians better watch out!  Because when Robert hits the stage he will indeed be a hard act to follow!  I am just simply saying!  When Robert Powell graces the stage he is in charge, takes full control! There is no competition!  Hold onto your panties and draws because he has the skills to laugh you right out of them!  That was a good joke wasn’t it?  No?  Oh well I am not the comedian Robert is. 

I enjoy a comedian who says what he feels, means what he feels and does not apologize for the laughter he ensues.  Here I go comparing him, which for those who read my Artist Corner’s know that when I do this I am literally over taken by an artist.  I recall Bernie Mac the first time he appeared on Def Comedy Jam.  (God rest His Soul) If you love the comedy of Mr. Mac you will not be disappointed at Robert Powells stand up show!  He will soon be ushering in a new funktfied-in your face-raw-new king on the block comedy.  And Robert Powell will also soon be the headliner running the comedy industry!  There are many comedians in this world that have been doing this for years!  And a sleuth of them do not have a small inkling of what Robert Powell has to offer!  Get this, Robert Powell will be and is “The Next Big Thing” coming in many movies  theatres  and TV shows real soon!  Do not sleep; don’t even take a cat nap! His theme music when he walks to the stage, “No one on the corner has swagger like me!” I know it’s us, but there is only one Robert Powell!

Ladies and Gentlemen and grown boys and girls stand to your feet as we shine the spotlight on an incredibly talented, overwhelmingly funny Robert Powell!  Give it up for THE NEXT BIG THING!!

If you would like more information on this artist you can Google him or contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you!

She takes a deep breath, closes eyes and then exhales.  Where do I begin?  How do I begin to describe a beautiful soul that moves so elegantly and with such grace?  How do I? Well I will, and I shall narrate and expound on a talented woman, V. Bozeman! Some of the lyrics to a tight anthem of expression to explain her would be; eccentric, extraordinary, extrinsic and exciting! Did I put the E down or what?!

V. Bozeman is an entity in her own right! To hear this eclectic beauty open her mouth calms the naysayer and lets the world know there are talented and rich singers.

V. Bozeman came to my attention by a close friend who had spoken of a singer by the name of Timothy Bloom. V. Bozeman AKA “The Visitor” AKA “That Girl V” was featured in the song, “Til the End of Time” This indeed is lyrical crack for your ears!  It induces you and has you coming back for more!  It penetrates ones heart with love in the lyrics! I appreciated the artistry of the video.  These two holding onto each other in the nude!  Making statements giving art to life and life to art! There is also another duet featuring V with Timothy Bloom, “On the Rise” an eargasmic rush! These two definitely make sweet soothing songs together! You dig that? She smiles.

Now not only is V. Bozeman a singer, who sings, sangs and sung that! I liked that, hmmm…ok let me get back to VV is also a woman to be wreck-end with and can put Naomi Campbell along with Beverly Johnson and give them run for their money!  She is a model with rich skin, a smile that melts; a diverse beauty!  What I am saying also is; V is a model too! Now not only does it take confidence to create musical art in the nude; V rocks a bald head and puts Grace Jones to shame! I admire her boldness and how she represents herself.

So we have a melodic voice that has beautiful range.  We have a model, and we also have to add songwriter V’s list of talents. Take a listen to “Free Bird” V says, “I fell in love with the lyrics and thought it would be a great song to cover. When I discovered the band’s previous connection with the confederate flag, I was even more compelled to re-record this song and give new life to it. I was extremely impressed! So I applaud V!

V was deemed Ceelo Green’s protégé.  In the words of V he stated, “Where have you been all my life?!” what a serious compliment! Ceelo Green also stated in describing V,"V = Vivacious, Visceral and Vital. A Vision a Voyeur can live vicariously through.  A Vow a Voice so instantly Vintage it could never be in Vein. Ladies and gentleman, answer your have a Visitor"   There is nothing left to be said.

 Ceelo Green and That Girl V The Visitor performed together, “Ceelo Green is Loberace” opening night in Vegas. She has been recognized by Hip Hollywood “artist of the month” And so it is of course with great honor that she is a feature to hang out on the hottest corner on the block of Just Toy’s Artist Corner!

Take a listen to “poison” it is indeed a delicious ditty! And also her remake of “Knockin’ Da boots” by H Town Her very unique sexy remake!  Don’t we love how V sounds and puts her own twist to it! Being her, doing her, living her all day everyday with no questions asked.  It is, and this is why I enjoy artist and their own uniqueness and what they bring to the world of art.  V brings her own rules and as Mister said in the Color Purple and I quote changing words around a bit. “V got talent, V got spunk she can stand up and be noticed.”

Ladies & Gentlemen, realist, music lovers of raw talent please as we stand to our feet.  And we give an enormous applause to That Girl V as she graces the stage with her eccentric edginess and sings for us! The spotlight never looked so good! Welcome V to the Artist Corner! Take your bow V! You deserve the spotlight!

If you would like more information in regards to this artist you can Google her.  Or you make contact me, and I will be more than happy to direct you to her website.


I have no idea that when I am placing pen to pad that I hear certain lyrics to various songs when I am embarking on an artist write up. So the song and lyrics that came to mind before embarking pen to pad in regards to this artist were, “I like the way you work it, no diggity I got to bag it up!”  Blackstreet, "No Diggity" Because this soul stirring soulster has something special and unique! So let me stir the seasoning in this soulful spinning surreal pot and introduce you all to the beautiful ballad soul-stopping songster Frank McComb!

I am here to tell you that being on the World Wide Web does make a difference!  Had I not did a little digging in some other areas then I would have not come across this fabulous man who when I had sat back and listened to Frank McCombs music.  I was led down a beautiful brick road with, “Love Love Love” I heard this live.  He led me into a secured place.  I continued on the yellow brick road and Frank moved me with, “Left Alone” I clutched my pearls, I gasped, I stopped in my tracks and I stood there and looked in the distance.

Artist like Frank McComb are the real diamonds in this tainted world of music and entertainers!  The ones that should be in the mainstream, spotlight, and a new R&B ( I will call real & brilliant) Frank McComb’s music is what I will label; soul`lyrically`jazzy`lounge`sophisticated`easy smooth flow! Ahhh that was indeed a mouthful was it not?  She nods yes, but as I continue to delve more into this man who writes, sings, plays the keyboards (pianist) Frank Mccomb has worked side by side with some of the beautiful in the industry! Teena Marie & Gerald Levert, Prince, Chaka Khan, &Teddy Pedergrass!

Frank McComb has a wonderful life-love for music! It comes off when he sings and when he plays from centre of his heart!  He walks in his purpose; he gives his purpose in his words as Frank McComb blesses the audience with light!

For me being an artist has to truly be something that you eat breathe and talk about.  That you love what you do even in your dreams.  I feel this coming from Frank McComb, his passion for his art ignites when he performs live on stage! Let me take you further dwon the yellow brick road and give you some wonderful things about Frank McComb.  Frank has worked with the wonderfully talented producing duo Gamble & Huff!  Has been signed to MoJazz (and offset of Motown i.e. imprint of Motown/Jazz) Columbia records.  Frank has toured and traveled to world and has worked with a plethora of beautiful artist.   India.Arie and Frank Mc Comb graced the stage and performed a fabulous tribute to Donny Hathaway in Atlanta. This tribute was electrifying, moving, soul stirring, chills all over, perfect harmony! The crowed was induced with their performance! “Where Is the Love” never sounded so eloquent.  

Frank McComb has an infinite gift with playing, singing and songwriting in the jazz, gospel and R&B genre. A soul stirring soulster of an artist such as Frank McComb is needed in the world where our pure music is being polluted by non-talented singers.  Maybe I should pull back a bit and not be so harsh right?  She shakes her head no! Real music for the heart.  Music for the soul.  Music for the journey in life!  And that is what I see, breathe, feel, hear and hold onto when vibing artistically-musically…. This music, his music, my music. Our music… Frank McComb music.  Enough said.

Ladies & Gentlemen just don’t take my word for it.  Recognize a real music Don when you see one!  Please stand to your feet and give an uprooted a rousing welcome of applause to the one and only Frank McComb!  Welcome him to the Artist Corner!  And keep clapping as he woos us with “Future Love”

If you would like more information on this artist please Google him.  Or you may contact me and I will be direct you to his website.

I know this will sound a bit weird, but there is an oddidity when it comes to an artist. And I am an artist quiet as kept.  A song that comes to mind is Johnny Gill “There you go” from the soundtrack Boomerang.  The reason why; I have no idea, however those three words come to mind speaking on the artist/rapper/writer/lyricist Philly Chase! For those who follow me and read my reviews on the Artist Corner you know I am not easily moved by the music that is polluting oops being played on the radio today.  ( she scoffs)

I just so happened to “stumble” across this artist and decided to take a listen to Philly Chase’s music.  Yes I was being open minded.  The first song I listened to was “Mama Said” Really?  Are you serious?  No inappropriate language?  No backlash against women? Hmmm…Philly Chase lured me into his personal man cave and seduced my ear drums!  I am so livid and peeved at Philly! ( I’m really not…sneaky laugh) So the next thing I did was go to his website.  Upon going to Philly Chase’s site I soon found out that the lyricist does not write down any of his lyrics with a pen and pad.  The lady is indeed impressed! There is no bushwa when it comes to this unique lyrical super hero.

I then took a listen to the single “White Noise” I must say that I was truly dazzled and snowed by this song as well.  I truly enjoyed the video too.  Then Philly Chase had the audacity to move the crowd again and hit me with “The Money Team” She simply loved how this song that paid homage to a great fighter Floyd Mayweather.  And when I heard this song it took me back to a popular DJ and producer.  DJ Jazzy Jeff when he produced the single “Practice” featuring J-Live and sound bites of Allen Iverson with his infamous interview on missing “practice”  However this single “The Money Team” and video were brilliant and told a lyrical pictorial blast of black and white visuals.  Philly Chase being so humble not once made a cameo in this video.  Did I mention Philly Chase seduced me lyrically?  Oh yeah I did.  Ohhhh kay let’s move on!  (She winks)

 Soooo now I am speaking to myself out loud!  The creativity, the genius, the spark, the light and the gift this young artist brings to the table is purely phenomenal! Philly Chase has opened for Drake, T.I., Lil John and State Property.  And being that he is a top echelon artist himself, I am sure that these artist will be clamoring to work with him soon if not already!

Being a lover and huge fan of Hip-Hop of the 80’s and 90’s joints.  Philly Chase takes me back to a time in my life when I enjoyed not just the lyrics of a song but the production and the swag of each artist.  Philly Chase does that for me and then some! It is like he took the words from Tribe Called Quest, “You on point Tip? All the time Phife!” And he reversed the Lyrics just for me “You on point Toy?! All the time Chase” Again take a listen to “Nite Lights” and “Girls Like To Party”  Philly Chase has stayed true to his art and his crafty lyrics and is truly on “point” I can appreciate the artist that do not get caught up in the mainstream and begin to tune their lyrics and beats to the trend of music today!  Go head and be different!  Stand up, show up! And Show out! 

So now that you know I have been bamboozled, led astray and ran a mock with Philly Chase’s brand.  Please ladies and gentlemen and lovers of real hip-hop go ahead and throw your hands up and stand to your feet.  Lighters in the air and welcome to the stage and Artist Corner…she clears throat Phiiiiillly Chaaaaaase!

If you would like more information on this artist please be sure to Google him or you can contact me and I will indeed give you his information and website!

Clap your hands and stomp your feet! It is time to give praise! I am proud and pleased to present Lemmie Battles to the Artist Corner!  A spiritual down to earth gospel artist who brings it to you when she delivers a song.  I can recall going to church and the choir singing those old spiritual hymns that rocked the very foundation the church set upon.  Ahhh the organ is grinding and the pianist giving their all.  “Give me that ole time religion” Does anyone recall the lyrics to that song?

Lemmie Battles is a force to be reckoned with! Her voice is what I will refer to as“soulful churchy urgency” yes urgency! You cannot help but jump to your feet and clap your hands at the simply amazing performance she gives.  Being moved by each word that pours from her mouth.  Giving praise to the utmost high.  Well I can tell you this in regards to Lemmie Battles she does have something to sing about and give thanks for.  A survivor of cancer! Listen to “You’re Looking at a Miracle” And get this, her faith, hope and love for the Almighty Father has placed her as a living testimony.

I grew up listening to gospel music.  Soul stirring music that speaks to ones soul and heart. Of course this genre of music comes from a long line of ancestry.  Lemmie Battles has been featured on “Bobby Jones Gospel” Hour on BET Network (more than once I might add) and also has been interviewed and sang, yes I said sang on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Lemmie Battles was also a premier soloist with the “Mississippi Mass Choir” known for her lead vocals on “Come On” “Higher Ground” and “One Step” Lemmie Battles indeed has a wonderful gift that cannot and will not be suppressed. Praises ring free from this mighty woman of God! 

What truly pulls me to Lemmie Battles music is when I hear her sing I literally get chills all over.  I am moved to joyful tears, healing tears, compassionate tears and happy tears! Gospel music gives us hope and inspires our faith in God.  It inspires us to keep moving forward and not let the issues of life burden us down. Lemmie Battles has that God given gift.

Lemmie Battles is currently signed to Ashro Records and her CD is absolutely amazing! “Only the Grace” a song that encourages one not to give up!  “Lord You Did It again” for me is a song that has you immediately stand to your feet and dance in the spirit! Lemmie Battles reminds me so much of the gospel greats before her.  Rev. James Cleveland, Evangelist Shirley Ceaser and The Mighty Clouds of Joy! All classic gospel artist.  And just as these artist are classic, so is the one and only Lemmie Battles!

Please I employ you to keep up with this artist as she tours the country and premiers on a plethora of Christian programming television shows and concerts.  And if you are blessed to catch one of her performances, then be prepared for the Holy Spirit to move through her and surround the building and have it's way!

Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm standing ovation to a legend in gospel music Lemmie Battles!  Don’t sit down yet because as soon as she sings we will all be back on our feet clapping and swaying from side to side giving Him praise and honoring the Almighty! Please let us welcome to the Artist Corner, Lemmie Battles!

If you would like more information on this artist you can Google her or contact me.

Before I really get into this let me give you some strong adjectives to describe the vibe and energy of this talented artist.  First of all I am beholden to rain compliments on this artist.  She reins her Queendom with a raw and loving hand.  Her smile lights up the stage, and there really would be no need for a spotlight because it illuminates from her spirit when she engages the audience with cordial banter and most of all when she sings! Her charismatic smile draws you in quickly! She is who she is she is... Choklate Moore!

What moves us in the world of music is the voice of the artist and the production; or shall I say the arrangement of music.  I am very picky when it comes to singers and I simply love a raw artist that brings a raw unfiltered appeal.  And so does this talented artist Choklate.  Choklate has depth, range, passion and a distinct vibrato in her voice that sets her apart from all artists.  When Choklate sings her words are uplifting, intoxicating direct lyrics that send you and speak to your soul! 

Choklate gives you clarity in the song “Sun’s Out” I love the lyrics of this song.  Inspiring, uplifting and grateful are words that describe this song for me.  I enjoyed the fact when singing this song, the audience I am so sure felt as if Choklate was singing to us all personally at the same time!  Ahh ha! Did you catch that? When Choklate sang the song “Incredible” I felt as if she wrote this song just for me.  Well can we all be a bit narcissistic sometimes?  However this song is more than that.  Step back and self check, you are, we are, she is (Choklate) incredible!

Choklate had her audience induced and transfixed all singing along with her because these people, wonderful people were her loyal and true fans.  And all let Choklate know that her art, her voice, her talent was indeed appreciated. Choklate is an artist that I cannot describe in just one word. Meaning society places artist and many things in a category.  I agree that some things need to ne categorized and placed in a box.  However being an artist is very different; I love the artist that cannot be placed in one box.  Choklate has a jazzy`~neo~earthy soul rhythm~sophisticated funk~Hip-Hop edge.  Well I said I couldn’t give her just one word.  And all of us artist that can relate don’t like to be placed in boxes.  How will we expand our art if you place us in a box? Choklate is sure to move you in one way or another.  Trust me! Go and take a listen at “6.8 Billion” and place some headphones over your ears and feel the vibe, the voice and the energy of that song. “Bigger Than You” and “Pretty”  are also great joints to vibe to.  Choklate tells a story in her music, is that not what we want when we listen to music?  I know I do!

Choklate did Seattle Washington proud when she was born.  A woman who has strong gospel roots and at one time involved in the art of dance!  Most artists indulge in more than one art at a time. And this is why artist chould not be placed in a box because of the plethora of talents we, us, they all possess. And of course Chokate would have to be a poet of sorts!  Choklate writes her lyrics and has creative input on what hits the wax!  A wonderful mix for all artist that are serious artist! However you can tell a lot about a arrtist (poet,writer,singer) in the words that artists writes and how each artist conveys what they to do the masses. Choklate knows she has a power with the pen and a voice that riffs beautifully over the M I C.

Choklate has a wonderful future ahead of her.  The many purists at heart will always be ever present listening to Choklate’s music.  And Choklate will capture the heart of many new fans to add to the sleuth of fans who praise her music.

Choklate is constantly on the grind performing and touring. Have you heard the single "Fly"  featuring Musiq Soulchild & Phonte? The wonderful Micheal Brian Cox stated, "This girl can sang!" Choklate is an elitest and as we watch and continue to see her grow in leaps and bounds.  Actually I see Music Awards in her future! One of Choklate's favorite quotes, "Blessed are they that expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed." I feel this quote deeply. However with talent like this why would there be nothing her loyal fans would not expect greatness! Because that is what she brings, greatness!

Ladies and Gentlemen I say let us turn down the lights, and that we all have a seat and be sure to listen to this wonderful songstress magnify, electrify the stage with her effervescent candor!  Please stand to your feet and welcome to the Artist Corner the sweet sounding songstress Choklate!

If you would like more information about this artist you can Google “Choklate” or please be sure to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you.

It is of course a pleasure in having this huge talent on my artist page.  A man that has been on the musical scene for years. No Dave Mc Murray is far from a rookie, he has played with a host of established musicians and singers.  Herbie Hancock which is one he said he was a true fan and overwhelemed being in his presence and I can understand why. He has toured the world literally, with Kid Rock and a host of others.  He has performed with Kem, Marcus Miller, Chaka Khan ( a legend) Bob James, Marcus Miller, Gladys Knight, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, and Bootsy Collins. Need I go on?

Dave is prone to playing his favorite instrument the tenor sax.  "I play all of the saxophones, clarinet, flute, and keyboards. The tenor saxophone is my main instrument. The saxophone was hipper than the clarinet. That's my voice." 

I say Dave and I have a lot in common when it comes to music.  Dave may love more genres than I do 
because most musicians are open than listeners.  However we share the love of his music, his soul, his depth and how he zealously expresses that when playing alone, in a studio, or on the road.  Dave is continously grwoing in his craft, and for one am glad that he gave up his teaching career to pursue his music.  And trust when I say that Dave is a working musician, he is just that!

Dave was asked what was his proudest moment in his career.  He responded by saying, "One of my biggest moments was headlining 2 concerts in England. We played at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, and in Manchester. I brought my Detroit group of musicians. Both shows we're sold out. It got great reviews. "

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and dolls please give a standing ovation and a round of applause...DAVE MC MURRAY!
You can Google Dave Mc Murray or contact me via email for more information in regards to this artist.

There is much to say of this young woman who has started a craft of soul searching and expression through the art form of writing.  I have been taken back with tears, smiles, chills and two snaps up and a circle!

I wonder where does and how does she reach so deep and speak in lyrical connotations and spills these words brilliantly with no hesitations.  I cannot keep up with all of what she does, for she is a woman on the move with words of reality and expression.

Geneosoul her name when she writes, her birth name Genesis High.  Genesis meaning the "beginning" and so it is that this writer was published in the International Book of Poetry at the age of fifteen. 

Genesis has been recorded with her brilliant soliloquy of words to music giving her words a transcending effect!

Genesis works are truly spell bounding, fluid and eye-opening.  Unafraid to "spit the truth" when asked why does she write Geneosoul replies "I write because it's freeing, eye-opening.  To expand horizons to put some paint where it ain't .  And to understand myself more."

It is of course my honor and pleasure to present a young lady who has been writing for over a decade now! And has been putting the literary world on fire!

Poets and poetess' please stand to your feet and put your hands in the air and snap!! .....Geneosoul!!

You can Google Geneosoul, or click on her link provided in this website. For more information please contact me by email in regards to this artist..

I will admit that when I turned thirty-one I had begun to go another direction with the style of clothes I wanted to wear.  So instead of following the latest fad or fashion trend.  I had then decided to set my own trend of dress.  I at one time made my own clothing, designing jeans and standing out!  However that was not my true calling.

I had met James Mc Daniel years ago when he was in a total opposite profession than designing clothes.  So it was a huge surprise when I had gone to California and our paths had crossed again that James was designing clothes.  A perfectionist to stand out and literally drip in being different with his soulful and artful clothing collection line, "Hardwarez".  I was extremely impressed with the things that he had made and the time it took to make each piece. Just to give you an example of what he does and can do so exquistely.  James showed me leather wristbands he had cut and designed.  Hats, shoes, jeans, vest, jackets, shirts, bandanas even jewelry! He died his pieces and sewed them! He also bedazzled his pieces with stones and silver and gold studs. James stands by his work 100% qualifying that "No piece is the same.   When you buy any of my clothing you can rest assure there will be no one else with the same thing you have." Now what designer you know can say that?

I immediately wanted him to let me showcase his work and show the "eccentric trendsetters" his work.  I was excited!  I had no inclination that this man was so endowed with talent. James has an exceptional eye for design and detail.

James had told me that he was going to do a show out in Las Vegas and that he had an unction to wear something "unique"  so he had quickly came up with an idea to make something old into something new.  And that is what he had done! It was and is now five years later that James has spent countless hours and wee hours working into the morning defining and honing his craft. "I get excited and I get an idea and I go to work on it." 

James Mc Daniel has had many celebrities come out and support his unique creations and love his clothing line.  I for one am happy and proud to present one of the hardest working men I know to date! And that is no exaggeration! I of course wish much continued success to a talented man who will soon reach the stars with his unique and brilliant designs!!

So to all of you trendsetters and unique fashionistos! Please give a standing ovation as Mr. James Mc Daniels walks the runway and present you with his unique line "Hardwarez"

James is currently working on his site to show his fashions. For more information on the artist please contact me by email and I will connect you to his site where you can look at his designs!


So many young people are in the music industry, the numbers are countless! I being born and raised in California have met the next producer, rapper, actor, actress, singer and model.  Why not?  This is Hollywood! And everyone wants to be a "star!" 

This young genius was born and raised  in California a very small portion of his life. So the glitz and glamor of Hollywood were not shimmering in his eyes.  When his family moved to an entirely new surrounding he was placed in a precarious position of not having "city life" as he once had and forced into a life of quiet surroundings where people didn't move as fast as they did in California.

It is with a sincere and open heart that I introduce to you an up and coming wonderfully multifaceted producer of music "Big Yella!" I have been knowing this young man since he was born and I had no inclination of any sort that he would be a musical genius! When LaVonte BKA Jonathan (by his family) started playing the organ and piano by ear! He practiced on a keyboard and later took lessons just to learn the basics and once he did it was over for this talented ten year old!

"Big Yella" at the ripe age of ten has been playing for churches ever since.  They call him anointed, and I do not dispute that at all! This young man was getting paid for playing when he started tinkling on those black and white ivory's.  Personally I liken this man to some of the greats, Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder all child prodigies.  I know those are some big shoes to walk in.  However this talented young man can do it and does it well.  A director of music and he has hosted many concerts and has traveled and recorded with some talented choirs.

Big Yella also trained himself vehemently how to work music boards and engineer software and programs to produce music. When I asked him what he really wants to do he stated, "I would like to make my mark producing music for others and staying in the background" Though Big Yella can rap he prefers not to. His love is making music plain and simple.  His first love being gospel being heavily influenced as a lot of artist have been by this genre getting their start.  He is open minded in producing music for all types of genres.  Jazz, R&B, gospel, neo-soul artist and of course musical scores.

Big Yella like most musicians works hard on his craft putting many hours in the night producing tracks for local artist and those abroad.  Of course waiting patiently for one of his many mixtapes to get in the hands of record label i.e talented artist. To be signed and produce music for up and coming and established artist . Big Yella is paying his dues by promoting himself continuously with various promotional companies and working with rappers and singers that are just as anxious as he is to have their voices heard.

This young man has a bright and wonderful future ahead of him.  And soon this up and coming producer of sorts will have the music world on it's ear with his unique sound and intricate grooves that are tailored made explicitly for each individual he produces for.  Because talent like this will not go un-looked! So be sure to be on the look out for Big Yella on the beatz!

Now sustaining his own production company Big Yella On the Beatz he is ready for all that want a one and only track specialized for them.

Guys and girls wave your hands in the air like you just don't care!! And please welcome to the stage Big Yella on the Beatz!


If you would like to inquire more information in regards to this talented up and coming producer please send an email to me and I will give you all the impertinent information

When I moved to Atlanta, you could say that my nose was wide open! I say this in jest because I was so excited in moving to this city and state.  It was per circumstance that Sarafina and I met each other at my home through mutual aqauintances. It was not until later that I found out this young WOMAN, who has the spirit and maturity of someone way past her years was such a powerhouse in her own right!

In speaking to Sarafina she had invited me to come and hear her perform.  I agreed because this also gave me a chance to attend and meet new people in Atlanta and surrounding cities.  Once Sarafina had sat on stage behind her loyal companion; her keyboard. She took on a ethereal appearance and glowed as if she were an angel. Hence the word "Ethereal" she smiled and looked out to the audience as her fingers gently caressed the keys of her keyboard.  Those dimples, pearly whites and eyes that sparkled! She was ready to dazzle the crowd.  And we all waited for her to sing into the mic for you see it was open mic night.

At nineteen years old this young woman sang a song that she wrote and produced all on her own! I was impressed and so was the audience that night as we were all drawn in her world.  It was her night, her stage, her music.  And she did it with finesse, sophistication and flare!

I know that artist do not like to be compared to other artist because they feel they are unique in their own right.  As so they should! However I compare her to artist that most people have enjoyed their music and have followed. She is poetic and writes like Jill Scott and India Irie. Her talent is raw and comparable to Goapele, matter fact she opened up for her. She also tours with Black on Black Rhyme.

I do more than appreciate this young woman's talent, I adore what she brings to the world of performance and the world of music. The words she write are deep and piercing.  Thought provoking showing love when she wants, deep pain life lessons.  Sarafina stands strong behind each word she writes on paper.  I am sure the paper bathes in the ink when caught up in raptures of her fluid lyricism. Ethereal; light, airy, or tenuous: an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination. extremely delicate or refined: ethereal beauty.

Sarafina has song and performed in front of many ever since she was a little girl so there should be no queery of her destiny.  Music. Not wanting to get caught up behind record labels, "selling out" and compromising her music for money. Sarafina waits patiently as many artist have to continue to have it "her way" control what she sings, how she sings, what she writes, and what her look should or shouldn't be.  Sarafina continues to play at many infamous open mics in Atlanta, and is a regular at Apaches!

The music industry evolves and changes all the time and raw and real talent a lot of times goes unnoticed and we are left to pick through and censor some of the noise.  However with Sarafina Ethereal her "noise" is a welcome voice that is much needed right now.  And I stand behind this talent in knowing in my heart of hearts that soon this beautiful underground artist that has many of her works recorded by some wonderful producers and herself will be heard and bring many to their feet anxious to hear and get more and more from her!

To all of the mature men and women who want a healthy dose of some raw and well written, sung and produced to a beautiful track music. Please join me as we turn the spotlight on Sarafina Ethereal at the piano.  As you listen to her first song, don't be shy be impressed and please strike your hands together and make some beautiful noise for Sarafina Ethereal!! Take your bow, one of many to come!


If you are interested in hearing music by this artist and seeing some of the performances that have been recorded live. Please contact me by email and I of course will be more than anxious to give you her information. 





First and foremost I should start off by saying, what does she not do? I have met plenty of people in my life that truly are multi-fauceted and multi-task in their lives.  I personally concur this is a woman who is all over the place at one time! 

I met Queen when I moved back to California for a very short time and as I got to know her I grew to have respect for her many talents.  Let me start of by saying that she owns and runs three business'!  QueenzEye Media and Design: Video Editing, Photography & Graphics, MME Karaoke & DJ Services (Matriarch Music & Entertainment) President of Marketing and Creative Design Detroit's Hottest Karaoke and DJ Services! Thyck Apparel-CEO, and Queen is also a talented singer and performer! Could there be anything else that she does?

When speaking to Queen she began to tell me the many things she had changed in her life, goals and aspirations.  And I will say this woman has strong discipline in what she sets her hands to do.  When I watched her perform in a club she had enamored the audience with her voice, smile and charismatic flair.  I asked Queen, Why don't you make singing as your career ? she replied, "I once was in a group but that is not what I want to do with my life." Were not her priorities backwards?  Who would not want to sing with such an angelic voice such as hers? Instead Queen tried her talents in production and video editing.  She said she enjoys being behind the scenes and there are not a lot of women of color in this industry. Her keen eye for detail and creativity outweigh her counterparts. 

Thyck Aparel is a clothing line that she has come up with for women with "curves" giving women who are full figured a boost of esteem "Focused on bringing you Fashion, Food for Thought, News, Music and Lifestyle." Also Queen states, "What we represent is Self-Love, Confidence and Empowerment.The Gracefulness and Beauty of a Woman in all her Essence. Being non-apologetic about our curvy hips and our ample bosom. Our thick thighs and juicy booties! We don't let society define our beauty for us. We do it for ourselves!" This was a long ten year dream and came to reality in the year 2008.

Queen started "Queenz Eye Entertainment" a business that she utilizes to market and promote her business'. Promo and video ads, of course she works with the public in this venture.

A focused entrepreneur and visionary. "I may as well exploit myself [talent]. Better me than anyone else right? Besides I have some pretty great qualities that world should know about!"

Of course Queen still sings and travels with her karaoke services wowing the crowd. And so it is my pleasure to have met and know a woman on the move and on the go that exudes a positive aura.  Queen has established a loyal following of fans and highly curious people longing to know her next move. She is indeed a celebrity in her own right!

When performing which of course is always her first love she goes by "Elon the singer" my hats off to a hardworking woman, who posses beauty, talent, style and persona to boot. 

Queen has also had her hand in pre-post production work and worked with a sleuth of celebrities and heavy hitters in the entertainment world.


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Queen! As she steps to the podium to speak please let's stand to our feet and applaud her many endeavors as a performer and savvy business woman!

For more detailed or contact information please contact me by email. Or you can Google "Elon the singer" or "Queenz Eye Entertainment"

I adore art!! And I adore and love looking at photographs.  So imagine me looking in magazines, books, galleries, photo albums and even on the internet.  Nothing says art and beauty than a very well taken photo for me it speaks volumes.  And of course this is my opinion! So as I am in tuned with the art of pictures, I feel I am also in tuned with the photographer. The great thing about looking at art is no one person feels or gets the same meaning when looking at art or a photograph. Again in my opinion an artist and writer have this one thing in common, "interpretation"

In looking at a photo you feel something deep, raw and moving.  It is with a deep fondness and exuberant pleasure I was found by this gentlemen "Darryl Savage" myself I love taking photos, and enjoy editing them as well.  And I will far from say I am a professional however I work at my own pace and on my own level. Mr. Savage had come to notice pics of myself and asked me who had taken them.  My face frowning and scrunched  I was behooved.  "Who had taken them?" These were not professional pictures at all! However he had saw beauty and art in what I had done.  And I appreciated that.Darryl is in my opinion a very crafty photographer that of course has a unique style when taking pictures.  He plays with light so deliciously and his shots are so planned out.  Darryl says, "Taking the shots that whisper to my heart" this of course being his favorite quote; Rather he is taking still shots of models, landscape, sunsets, beaches or moving shots.  Darryl brings you into his word where you are indeed left in awe.

I met Darryl now a little over six years ago.  And it was all my pleasure! Darryl and I mostly kept in contact via email on various sites or personal.  Being an artist you always want to share your latest venture because you are always excited.  And so it is that Darryl kept me abreast of his latest shots.  This of course started off as a hobby, and then a part- time job of sorts.  It then turned more and more into a full-time job!  He was excited that others saw him as a very talented photographer and wanted to work with him.  And so this man continues to remain humble and grow, and that speaks in volumes!

Darryl has worked for Rashad Corey Productions and Ramona's Touch of Essence.  Now having his own studio working under "Dscanphotography".  Darryl adds a touch of beauty, rawness and cosmopolitan flair to each shot he takes. He of course does not limit himself; in fact he keeps pushing himself over and over to make his last shoot better that his first. Edgy work but always staying true to his own edgy style; Darryl brings a unique trendiness to his work and is very well received by many. 


Darryl states,"There is a closeness one makes with the world and how it can be perceived thru the lens of a camera. For as long as I can recall I have been attempting to bridge the gap between what whispers to my heart and the ability to capture it. I have come to a conclusion, to do the best I can, for perfection only lies within GOD and to satisfied with the gift he has given to me and share it with the world."

Men and women please give a round of applause as the curtains open and Darryl Savage takes the runway!

I of course wish continued success to a man that started off his career as a hobby and made it his profession!

If you would like to know more about Darryl Savage and see his work; you can of course Google Dscanphotography or contact me be email. 




Of course we all know that Music has made many changes, and I am speaking from all the many genres of music that exist presently.  The music world has come up with new names to give a name to new types of music that cannot be classified as Rock, R&B, jazz and so forth. For instance the music world has come up with "grunge, neo-soul, classic rock, rap i.e. hip-hop, punk and many more the list is endless.  I say this is wonderful all because it gives and artist more depth and a deeper clarification of what they bring to the artful listening world of music.

I tend to hold high respect for those who step into the music world with its deep vastness of picky judges who like or even dislike what they bring to the table.  We are truly some finicky people when it comes to an artist and "their" music.  And even though I have been disgruntled at some of the turns and certain music that is out today; it is refreshing and wonderful to know that there are some people who stay and work closely to what they feel in their hearts.  

"Jeanius Exantus" is one of those young men who has stepped into the rap genre and refuses to step into the trend of what's playing on airwaves.  I appreciate this because he takes me back to time and place where some rappers decided to rap about positive growth, encouragement and uplifting the masses to respect one another.  Honestly this is not "commercial rap" Most of these artist stay underground and must build a fan base by going to open mics and touring the country to be heard.

I had noticed this young man when he was posting a lot of his recordings online and telling his fans, friends and anyone who would listen what he has been up to and what he is currently doing in the music world.  Myself being a bit distraught with this genre of music "rap" I wasn't so quick to listen.  However the more I seen of his postings the more curious I had become.  So I took a listen and was impressed by the true lyricism this young man brought to the world of music. Talented, Jeanius writes his own music of course and very particular of whom he has producing it.  Far from a "sell out" and that is what I like so much about him! I know that all artist like to be separated and again I have said this before, however What I truly enjoy about this mans work is that he places me back when I really enjoyed "rap music" conscious rap.

Born and raised in New York, Jeanius has now taken his brand to Philli and is making waves there on the radio, fans and much more!

I say that Jeanius Exantus is setting the example for young people in the genre of rap.  There needs to be no profane language to get ones point across. Being a married man and father who holds true to setting this example for his son and your sons!  How truly wonderful is that?! 

Jeanius states, People are going to want you, need you, exceed you, take you, love you, hate you, play you, rate you, save you and break you......but that's what makes you dream on, we make songs for movies. not radio.”

One writer had this to say about Jeanius, "Rythmatic piano and an "old school" vibe MC greets my ears. I am thinking about Lupe Fiasco, and the verbal patterns of Common Sense. I am introducing myself to Jeanius.. And a "genius" he is. I was hooked when I heard "I See You Trying." His metaphors and lyrical word play keep me rocking like an avid listener on Lennox Ave waiting my turn to ride the beat.  The more I ventured into this artist, I realized he didn't limit himself to standard "hip-hop" traits. With "You Want Me" he creates a Pop music vibe which is sure to be influenced by his time living in Japan. Truly it is a club song! With Jeanius I hear a poet, lyricist, and hip-hop "resurrect."

I am sure that the underground above ground and all around town are blessed to hear an artist of this caliber! My ears are!

Jeanius of course is full-time in this music world and the young man is a model! I love it! He works with A CONSCIOUS MUSIC GROUP/ CNKPRODUCTIONS, MS Studios Entertainment Media Group, Crystal Jenkins Photography.

So as we proceed to give you what you need! Put your lighters up and show your love for Jeanius Exantus! As he hits the stage with his lyrical style and stage presence!

To locate this artist he can be Googled and found so many places. And please also feel free to contact me in regards to this artist by email for more information.

The wonderful thing I love about life is that it takes you on some wonderful journey's and within that journey you meet some very interesting people, “Nate Rich” is indeed one of those people along my journey. The adage saying goes, “Never judge a book by it's cover” And I must be honest that when I met Nate I did just that; he has stated, “I'm not who you think I am get to know me first!” And I must say that he is correct. The way I judged this man was I never would have thought that he would be into the arts! A photographer! Nate and I had a lot in common and he has a great sense of self with a wonderful humor and extremely intelligent. Who knew that a man who was in the tech field would have a soft side when it came to holding a camera?

When I chatted with Nate and he expressed his pure excitement and love for taking pictures I will say I was taken back! Nate had asked me had I seen his latest production and I had not. So it was as we were chatting I went and took a look at his photos. I must say I was surprised, all of this talent that he possesed and I was now just finding out. I had gave my commentary on so many photos. And I was not the only one! Nate had hundreds of compliments on his photos!

The steady eye of a artist looking through a lens and giving you a story of depth and reality. I tend to lean more forward to the intimate pics that Nate takes. The ones that have a huge sense of meaning when looking at the models eyes, their facial expressions and also I am able to get a sense of their mood. The light that is cast upon them and the focal point, the photographer. Nate does that for me. Even the pictures that are taken of himself he reveals “deep thought” and that is what I have studied in his photos.

Nate states that he is “Just a simple guy that grew up in a small town with a big city mind.” In all and true honesty from my perspective I see different. Any person who delves into any art, or shall I say is in the arts is far from simple. I tend to look at artist as very complex individuals, of course that is a compliment. When creativity flows in your veins and you are always in deep thought of what you want to do and your next project. In my mind you are a genius of brilliance! You are an artist, you thrive in what you do and are anxious to share your work.

As most photographers carry around there camera, Nate does this as well. He envisions beauty and drama in most anything! From natures sunset and rise, to a bird taking a break sitting on a landing. A hobby that turned into a craft, that is now a full fledged business he has started. Nate is what I would like to call one of “Atlanta's premier photographers.” This is because Nate takes his trustee sidekick with him to many of the events that are held in this cosmopolitan city. With the sleuth of up and coming artist based in the Atlanta area. Not counting the many celebrities that he has captured with that lens of his.

To capture life and make it stand still is history in the making. How many of us have gone back to look at photos when we were children, when our parents were younger. And also to see their parents when they were young! It is absolutely amazing!

Nate is currently the CEO and Founder of SNF Holding and N8tRich Photography based in Atlanta Georgia where he currently resides. Nate says he has “Chased a dream and is about to catch it” And I am more than sure with this once upon a time hobby now a dream come true he will continue to flourish and grow, master and move forward in the artsy world of photography. Continuing to make memories not only for himself but for others as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen lights camera action! Nate Rich is armed and ready to place you in a beautiful long listing artful memory!

If you would like more information in regards to this artist and his work please contact me via email.



Here it is again that I have met and come across another unique individual in my journey. “Eric Dennis” who calls himself “Daemon Blak” However I am jumping ahead of myself. It is on this journey and road of life I came across this brilliant unique individual who's taste I will say have varied from the time that I have met him until now. And that is the beauty of life, we all are ever changing moving into different paths, wants and needs.

I have known Eric for going on six years now and it was to my surprise that "Daemon Blak" had told me that he was forming a band. Why did this take me by surprise? Well honestly it did because when I met Eric he did not reveal to me that he was a guitarist. It wasn't until the latter part of me knowing him that he had expressed his fondness for music and his “baby” Daemon Blak plays the bass and program drum machine. If you ask him where he was trained he replies, “In 1987 I took recording engineering courses at the Music Business Institute in Atlanta” And I again had any knowledge of his love of music.

"Daemon Blak" doesn't play R&B, soul, pop or jazz no"Daemon Blak" has a thirst and hunger to dare to be different. He told me, “Toy you may not like the music I play.” And it wasn't that I didn't like it, it wasn't a genre of music that I listened to. So again when Dennis told me that he played heavy metal, I was taken back wholly. Why would he choose this genre of music? The answer is because it was his desire! Simple yes?

"Daemon Blak" first started in a group called “Hammer of Fate” the band broke up and that is when he formed his own band “Dark Blu”  Eric has been recording and writing music since 1980. Dennis told an interviewer, “Since it has come to my attention that there are opportunities for hard rock songs in TV, film and video. I have songs that are in pre-production that I intend to submit for these opportunities.” Eric  also states that, “I am influenced by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Slayer”

Of course rock and roll was invented by People of color, and as we go back to a lot of the music greats before there was talk of punk or even heavy metal. Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and even a sleuth of blues men were considered to have laid the foundation to the music of rock and roll. “Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats” brought a rock and roll bluesy sound with “Rocket 88” also blues men who had a bluesy and yet edgy style were Howlin' Wolf, Lowell Fullsom and John Lee Hooker. These pioneers put the rawness and and edge to music in their day. When Jimi Hendrix (who also is a major influence for Daemon Blak) popped on the scene and wanted to play rock of course it was a shock. A black man who was not only the lead guitarist but a soloist as well. And all the people I have mentioned are true and indeed legends and considered greats!

So why not? Why not Heavy metal for Daemon Blak? It is this music he feels kindred too. He operates and owns his own independent label with a recent single released from his “Blazing Inferno” CD “Fall From Grace” There are also other singles you can find and download on MP3, “I Believe, Losing Grip and Fallen Down” Daemon Blak has played live before many audiences and says yet at this time there are still not a lot of “his people” that listen to this music. Well if we look at the history and of Rock and Roll you will hear the same thing coming from those who play as the like of Lenny Kravitz and Prince who's audience does not fill stadiums or arenas of African-Americans. Though Heavy Metal is a not in the same classification.

So for all of you heavy rockers and head bangers coming to the stage throw those lighters up for Dark Blu coming to put some paint where it ain't!

You can Google "Daemon Blak" for more information of this band and artist. You can also contact me via email in regards to this artist.


Here it is once again that another fabulously and talented man graces the page of the “Artist Corner” What is indeed fab about this man is that he is an alumni of my Alma mater”Gardena High” Is it that I may have partiality to him because this is so? I say no to you, not true. And the reason I say no is because talent is just talent no matter who you are, where you have been and where you are at in your life now. Talent follows you until your last day of your life because is has been imbedded within side of you.

Darryl Moore is one of those talented people who has seen a lot and worked with a host of talent. Let me take the time out now to do some name dropping if I may. Darryl has worked with; Chick Corea (one of my faves) Billy Child, The Pharcyde, Solomon Burke, Lowell Fullsom (Chess Records blues man) The Underground Railroad, Chab Tatea. And trust me the list does indeed go on!

Darryl plays the drums and all percussion instruments and he is a great composer. Darryl has attended the Musicians Institute and has his Journeyman Program Certificate. He has also worked on recording projects with a lady I enjoyed from the first CD she dropped, Ms. Erykah Badu, George Clinton, Anne Muldrow, Nate Morgan and Disney Projects! What is it that this man hasn't done? He has an incredible resume!

I must be honest and say that through certain websites I have been able to find people that have been out of my life for years. And it was my pleasure to come and find out that Darryl grew up in the same city as myself not living far from me, went to the same school, and we have quite a few of the same interest in common. Of course one of those being the arts. I am behooved when I meet a person who is deeply involved in music, art, photography and more. Darryl makes me feel like a novice, a real beginner in the world of music and that I need to sit up under his tutelage for some serious “schooling” Darryl's music loves go deep and back to where black musicians had an uncompromisable flair and style. And when I have listened to the music Darryl has composed it takes me to the days of Thelonius Monk and Miles Davis, John Coltrain. And for me that is a wonderful compliment! I can truly say I have not studied these artist as Darryl has. Funk, rap, R&B, neo-soul, jazz, salsa music is just a tip of the iceberg in various genres of music he has played, composed, engineered as well listened to. What music has he not accompanied with his strong ties to percussion?  He is the rythm and heart if the band!

Darryl has worked and provided the music scoring for many movies including an HBO production of “Strapped” Darryl also stays very close to home for all of you that live in California near the Crenshaw Leimert area. Working closely with “Project Blowed” and if any of you were familiar with “5th Street Dicks” Then it was possible you have seen him around town. That is what I call staying true to your roots because Leimert Park is full of artist of all calibers.  Maybe you even seen him  at the "World Stage" listening to poetry, the man is deep and has ties to many of poets.

You may have seen Darryl hanging out with the likes of “Ice Cube” or you may have seen him with “Bootsy Collins” or even “George Clinton” The list is endless! And these artist and many more hold Darryl in high regards because the man has talent!

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome with me to the “Artist Corner” A talented composer and percussionist Darryl Moore! And please keep clapping because we do need and encore!

Darryl Moore can be goggled, however there are are more than a few Darryl Moore's.

So if you would like more information in regards to this artist please contact me by email.

It is a pleasure, my pleasure and always a pleasure to come across talent. Again there is no surprise that I have a love for music and a love for photographers. You would have to ask a photographer personally what he/she sees and are looking for when they look through that tiny eye of their lens. And I am more sure that I will not be far from the mark when I say that they are looking for the moment that moves them. As most artist do, they will write, produce, and play music just for themselves. And so many times being a perfectionist they will listen, read, or look at what they painted, sketched or even photographs they have taken and say, “I don't like it” well when looking at Tana's work I can say, If she does not like it, I am sure taken by it!

I welcome to the light a prolific artist/photographer who has a wonderful claim to fame, Tana Lopez a phonemically woman who has been taking photographs for the majority of her life! And not just taking photographs no, no, no! This talented soul has taken photographs close to her heart! Now you must love that! How do we get to see photographs in many magazines, websites, internet, and books of the heartland, countries and continents if it were not for the photographers that went to these foreign lands to show us their beauty?

What brought me to even see the work of Tana was her posting musical jazz artist in her area, or wherever she ventured to. She labels herself “jazz photographer” jazz photographer? Well let me see. My words, “amazed” This woman has a intrusive eye, she had worked with, “Jazzman Music” She also networks with “H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Jazz Alliance. And owns her own business Eye Woven Images.

Her bio is even more extraordinary, what more can she do? How about taking photographs for a non-profit organization that assists individuals in Ghana with healthcare and schools? She traveled to Africa in the summers of 2010 and 2011 to take these photographs for fund raising efforts. Can you say humanitarian? I say it with a smile. These luscious photos were held in an exhibition at the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center in Baltimore Maryland. As some write, sing, paint or protest. Tana has a heart made of genuine gold because she wants to motivate the masses and show the world her caring heart.

One of Tana's favorite quote is, “Always take a stand for yourself, your values. You are defined by what you stand for, your integrity is not for sale.” Oprah Winfrey. Can we not agree with that?

Why would this woman of vast talent and love of the arts not have a love for people? She has studied at the University of Maryland, College Park; minoring in Psychology and Social Science. A wonderful choice of service. Some consider psychology psycho babble, I scoff at this, only to say in my opinion this area of study assist one to understand the mental and emotional state of others.

It takes faith and belief in ones self to stand out and be noticed and make a difference. Because there are so many that want to tear one down for what we see, believe and love. Tana lives her dream with each photograph she takes. She breathes life when she devotes herself to many humanitarian causes. She is filled with energy when she hears the music music that moves her to tap her feet and bob her head. Jazz; a woman after my heart, a woman after some of the same loves in my life.

The nationally known and published photographer or artist has so much to give and share of her love in taking photographs, life and photographs that move us beyond words. With true fans and those around her to encourage her. I am more than sure we will continue to be graced by the beauty she sees behind her lens.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's shine the spotlight on Tana Lopez as she walks the red carpet and runway! Please paparazzi hold your shots, your camera until she gets center stage! That indeed will be the best photo! A round of applause for a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart!

Tana Lopez can be Googled on the web, and she also has her own sit.  If you would like more information in regards to this artist please contact me.

Anyone that can get in front of an audience and relate what they feel, well this has my vote.  Long now gone are the days that we have Def Poetry Jam.  I must say that this is a  forum that I miss extremely.  Riddles, rhymes, politics and unadulterated lyrics that spew forth from a true thespian. It is an honor to continue to locate talent that is raw.  I am a writer, why wouldn't I love a poet?

How many of us are in awe of those who can get on a stage, any stage and have the courage to speak into a broad audience? Believe what we speak and make sure that it is delivered with life and every breath in our body exude life from those words through ones pores! Here it is, and here you are!  P 16!

"Truths she spits," is all I can say listening to this young talent rip some of her profound spoken word over a webcam. I almost cannot sit still and with every punchline I am drawn in even more.  I am astonished and blessed to hear her lyrical whips. I am hanging on to every word like a loose thread on your favorite robe. My full attention has been gained! I imagine her tightly gripping the mic, eyes closed then, opening back to connect with her audience. Pausing for affect at the right times. Yes, I am in the presence of a wordsmith!

I came across Latasha "P16" Parham in chat session where I open a forum for other artist to come and sing or "spit" their artistic abilities. Her voice went from cool and calm, to an aggressive "I mean what I say" stance. I have flashbacks of my hunger and thirst for the art. She breathes the words and lives them not just ranting on frivolous facts.

I can tell she loves what she does. P16 is a very intelligent individual. We've  had multiple conversations that lets me know she is a knowledgeable person not just blowing smoke. I enjoy the back and forth we have, the laughs and the serious vibes we exchange. 

She brings knowledge, sarcasm, and in your face emotions. She puts herself in the position of the subjects she writes on and lives out through character as well as poet. P16 can hold herself down as an artist since she has been performing adult slam competitions since 16 year of age. In 2007, she landed a spot on the Killeen Poetry Slam Team. P16s solid solo performance on the final stage at The National Poetry Slam, helped KPS to earn 2nd place in the nation.

Since then, P16 has released a spoken word album, "P is 16" (available on iTunes), featured and performed across Texas and The Bay Area of California. Currently, she is working on a Hip-Hop project. "I've taken a huge break focusing on school. Now that I'm back home in San Antonio, I am beginning to perform more and spend more time facilitating writing workshops to help the youth find and nurture their voice. The youth inspire me to continue writing and performing." 

    I can honestly say, when I meet an artist of this caliber. I am as well inspired to keep writing to keep pressing forward with my dreams. Her thirst for words reminds me to be humble and open minded.  

Please give this artist, poet and fellow friend some snaps, claps and cheers. There is no place she is afraid to go, there is no topic P16 is afraid to tackle. I respect her flow and cannot wait to partake in her Hip-Hop project, as I am sure I will be just as blown away! Make sure to check P16 out on iTunes. We support the greatness of this artist!

So poets and poetess' give a round of applause and snaps up in the air as this young lady approaches the M I C! All eyes on her! All ears hear!

If you would like more information on this artist, she can be Googled. And of course you are more than  welcome to contact me email in regards to this artist.

It is great felling to have known a lot of people in my circle who have an amazing amount of talent.  Some of those that I have met have kept quiet on what they love and enjoy doing.  While others may be more vocal such as myself; I make no qualms in telling others what it is that I enjoy doing.  However it is the small percentile that keeps their talents and some of their joys to themselves.  And as I say this let me welcome to the Artist Corner a wonderful talent and man that has done just that, Charles Samples!  However his Frat brothers, close loved ones as well as his self refer to his alias “Bigg Dogg”


I met Charles in the ending of 2005 as I was garnering a sleuth of people to come read my work and see what it was all about.  At the time we were just email buddies and nothing more.  This went on for it seems years until we finally exchanged numbers for dialogue via text messaging and some phone conversation.  Charles still keeping to himself the many talents he hosted silent.  It was one day that Charles told me he could sing.  Well…honestly having been in the entertainment industry and from California, “Hollywood” I was very skeptical.  Everyone (so it seems) sings, writes, and produces, models and so forth in California.  And are there just for that reason, “They have talent” So I wasn’t so quick to be happy to hear this bit if news from Charles because I am a hard judge in that area. 


While I was walking, and Charles was sitting in his car said he had an instrumental CD in his car and he said he would like to sing for me.  I of course said “sure” bracing myself for the worse. The music came on and as soon as his mouth opened and he started to sing my shoulders went down and I was in awe! I can only say wow!  What came out of this mans mouth was truly beautiful and this of course was a song he had written and music he had produced!  Again I was in the W. O. W. factor! His voice is deep rich a strong baritone and alto.  It quickly took me to some fabulously wonderful talent I have enjoyed.  The likes of Will Downing!! He riffed, held those notes long and strong and hit every note…rich… sweet….soothing.  This is the type of voice that you listen to with your spouse or lover.  Glass of wine in front of a roaring fireplace; or candles lit and you’re in chill out mode relaxing, yes he has that quiet storm!  His voice and his music will move you. 


Charles Samples being a very humble man said, “My music is really not about me as an artist being glorified but rather how much I can give of myself to glorify the music and the people who are touched by it and lifted to the place of their dreams.”  Yes he does that and so much more.  How can one be so humble and passive about being in love with singing and producing music?  Charles Samples is an extremely talented man who just not only produces and sings.  He writes his own music and to also top that off he plays piano, organ, drums, bass guitar and has a infinity with working the mixing board and recording sound equipment.  Well why would he not?  Maybe Charles’ next goal will be an engineer!


What brought Charles to the music family was his mother.  She played organ and the piano and was often hired to play at weddings, funerals and musicals.  Charles stated, “I was intrigued at how many respond to my mothers skillful playing. How it enriched the listeners and took them to a whole new rim. So I was exposed to this art form of sound and melodies and have since embraced its power and somewhere along the way learned it's interpretation and the significance of it in my life and even more so...  over the years.”  I love the life of the arts and how a lot of the many people who are artist have picked this up in their home by loved and close family members either playing music in the home or family members that were into many genres of music and introduced that life to their children.


It is in my opinion the “hobbies” that can turn many of us into a great artist.  Talent unseen and unheard by millions, however it is by those who have had the pleasure such as myself to hear an artist bring such delight to my ears and whisk me off to a wonderful place of solitude enjoyment from him sharing his talent.


Please give a huge warm welcome and round of applause to a man of many talents Charles Samples! Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to salute a man with a magic voice!


If you have any interest in hearing any of the music in regards to this artist please do so by contacting me. 


First and foremost let me start off on this piece by stating that when listening to this artist it takes me to a wonderful place and brings wonderful memories of a movie I have watched too many times to recall. “Brown Sugar” So let me enlighten you; the movie stars Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan and these characters they represent are in love with the movement and culture of hip-hop. One is a writer and one is a producer of music. Their love for the art starts when they meet each other as children and as they grew into adults they were haunted by the experience and never let go. I like that word haunted, of course I am using this word haunt in a grand way!

Coole High, takes me to a place when I had began to fall in love with hop-hop. A Tribe Called Quest, Diggable Planets, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Public Enemy and KRS-1. These groups and artist had lyrics that had a meaning and their music and vibe was insatiable! Where hip-hop and rap has changed so much since it was introduced to us in the very late seventies; it's infection has reached many genres of music and crossed over and is now a mainstay. Rock, pop, neo-soul and R&B even Latinos have come aboard and made hip-hop a part of their repertoire.

I was all smiles when I heard the lyrics of Coole High, I tuned the beat out and I closed in on the words/lyrics. Of course knowing I am a writer I am moved by words and the meaning behind them so strongly. And I can tell you this, Coole High is 100% involved spiritually by every vowel, syllable, verb and constentnant he spits on the mic! True to his art and craft he holds no punches as he reveals to you his inner feelings as he rocks this mic and draws his listeners to his lyrics and vibe.

In a world now where many artist (in my opinion) have falling off and rap is now commercialized and the real world is polluted with non-sense and catchy beats to sell records, I believe that call it “selling out” Though I can only make comparisons at this time, they indeed are compliments when speaking about this talented man. Coole High is to me a beautiful and spectacular pot of gumbo. And to make it taste incredibly smooth to the pallet; I would throw him in the pot with the likes of Common, The Roots, Mos Def and even some artist who are not rappers. Erykah Badu, Music Soul Child, Jill Scott! And this would be my perfected pot of true lyricism at it's finest and in my opinion it doesn't get any better than this right here!

Close your eyes and place yourself in the heat of the city, waiting on the bus are train to get to your destination. You need a pick me up, so you turn your I phone on and listen to “Futuristically Speaking” or “State of Mind” I can go on and on with his music. Coole is of course not only a rapper but a producer who infuses the beautiful sounds of Jazz, hip-hop and funk!! He currently represents and is working with ReddOktobba Productions and has showcased many productions in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, NYC. Coole has also developed the soundtrack for the award winning independent martial arts/action film, "The Empty Hands" - an film featuring MoSha, Kevin "Uptown" Brown, and a guest appearance from "Isaac Hayes". He has also worked with several artists including a compilation project with DJ Scandales, production for TopDollaRaz, LiKWUiD, Sleepwalkas, and Tah Phrum Duh Bush.

Being in the fore front, underground, promotions, producing, rapping and a business man Coole High is the epitome of “Cool” and a greatness untold and kept hidden from so many parts of the “free world” I say this in jest because he is famous in his own right! A huge celebrity destined to stay motivated and celebrating life with who he is and what he does! I have to throw my lighter up in the air, snap my fingers and call him blessed.

Coole High brings a line from one of my favorite artist, “I've been doing this (explicit) for years!” Erykah Badu. And so he has. Even in tragedy when all hope felt lost Coole was encouraged by his friends to continue his quest in the music world and they reached out to him assisting him with what was needed to overcome this tragedy. Ahhh the love of fans and friends and encouragement is a wonderful and beautiful thing. And I am so thankful he continued his journey in his love of music and art of producing. Such talent like this should not be with held from the masses!

So as you walk into you kitchen (music) and you reach into your cupboard ( tracks) and you decide to cook something different (downloads) I employ you to cook (listen) to something wonderful and genius. To be open to some delectable and infectious food (lyrics) of the infamous Coole High! So as he comes on to the stage stand to your feet! Kings and Queens (lovers of real hip-hop) from the East to the West; from the North and dirty South! Welcome to the M.I.C blessing us with his lyricism....Coooolllleeee Hiiiigh! (yells & screams)

If you would like more information in regards to this artist you can simply Google him or type in his name Coole High and be direcetd to his website,or you can contact me personally and I will be more than happy to give you his information.

I come to you with an open-mind and open heart.  Some people will tell you that they love ALL music.  For me I would be telling an untruth if I were to tell you that I indeed love all music.  I am in love with the music that feeds me, heals me, places a smile on my face, and also music that will pull tears from my eyes.  And last but not least I of course enjoy the music that makes me bob my head to an infectious beat and dance!  Isn’t this what music is truly suppose to do?  Make you feel good and want to move?  Rather that is smooth and mellow moves or some hardcore dancing.  Music feeds one soul and gives meaning and life, a way to breathe and also a great form of expression.


I cannot categorize this artist for I feel she is many things! And I must say I enjoy saying that; so not being a musician myself I can only compare her sounds to music I have enjoyed and played in my personal space.  “Reverse the Mood” is a funky-retro jazz mix; a track that I can relate and listen to while entertaining, writing and driving down the coast! It is addictive.  If you are a jazz fan and know anything about “Soul Ballet” then you have just a small portion of the music that SB Favor creates and produces.  “Reverse “The Mood” would be considered cocktail music and if I had to place it under the label than so it shall be. But again I would place her in a box.


One thing I must iterate when speaking in regards to SB Favor is that she is not a part of the norm.  While it is expected for some African-American producers to stick to a particular genre of music as their staple.  This would not be a label or stigma for her.  I like that!  Who would want to be placed in a box?  Sure there are a lot of producers that can serve up a pop, R&B or even a gospel tune.  But when you are thinking outside of the box and want to live outside of the box you create a movement of sounds, tones and beats that are unique. 


SB Favor cannot just be considered a woman who makes instrumentals of neo-jazz music; oh this would be an unfair treatment to the many other talents she hosts! When diving into more of her musical montage you get an eargasm of her funky house vibes when listening to “Joyful” and let’s not leave out “Down The Road” if you are in the mood for what I consider house electronic a bit on the techno side! I said a mouthful didn’t I?  Well there is much to say about this talented artist.


SB Favor not only can produce a track but she also knows how to engineer and maneuver in a high tech studio.  Able to play the Keyboard and piano of course, and wait it does not stop there the lady has a beautiful voice!  And if I had to make any comparisons she brings Amel Larrieux and Goapele to my ear drums.  Her voice is absolutely titillating and gives you a warm and satisfying feeling. This woman is a full force to be reckoned with! And let me not forget she is also a writer!  I don’t know about you, but there are not too many women that are capable of holding it down and all together like this.   And in the world of music it is indeed a financial asset to multi-task have knowledge and be diversified in many markets and have the experience.  SB Favor brings that!


I am absolutely thrilled and honored to place such a beautiful woman not only on the outside but on the inside on the Artist Corner.  How could I not? Talent and a host of skills that is well respected and needed in this industry.  Why not be a one person one stop shop when it comes to music?


SB Favor like many has been in music most of her life.  And it has been an extreme passion of hers.  She states, “I’ve been making music since I was eight years old” I am more than impressed.  Already knowing what was in the cards and plans for her life.


 SB Favor made her debut singing in church, her roots which have left her with wonderful and many fabulous memories.  Because music is her passion she studied music theory continuing her education once she graduated from high school.  And to continue her goals in music, SB Favor has opened up her own business and studio “SB Favor Music Productions” What I also love about her production company is that she will take the time out to write a song befitting her client.  Weddings graduations etc., etc.  How wonderful and unique can one person’s business be?  You can express what you like and what you want and SB will poetically with her talented passion write and produce a song befitting for you.  I can honestly say that this is a true talent at its best.  Being a writer is a wonderful thing however this is a talent that I do not possess.


So come on a musical ride with me, “Time is Ticking” one of  SB Favor’s electronica jazz instrumental and cruise with the top down along the Jersey shore.  Feel the warmth and vibrant energy of this mixologist, productionist, and soloist and tune yourself into her musical directions and feel carefree.  SB Favor states, “I can make you dance even if you don’t want to” Pretty powerful words aren’t they?  Confidence coming from a woman who has the power to do so. 


Ladies and gentlemen please stand to you feet!  Bringing to the stage a one woman, one band, one writer, one singer and producer! SB Favor! Let’s enjoy her musical fabulous production and work of art!



If you would like more information in regards to this artist she can be found on the World Wide Web simply by typing in her name! If you would like to contact me in regards to this artist, please feel free to do so.











 “Stellar Essence”, the flawless description for the new talent coming to the scene. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you an Atlanta based artist, Courtney “Coco” Carter. Coco brings a style to music that has long been swept under the rug. She combines the power to flow with her lyricism as well as belt out ballets. She has a conscious approach that enlightens and lingers. It is a ceiling feeling. This is the way to express the way I feel when I hear the soulful songstress /hip-hop artist Coco Carter.

Ironically enough her first single is entitled “Ceiling Feeling.” She is the new artist on Purple Lotus Entertainment founded by Sarafina Ethereal. Purple Lotus has dubbed Ms. Carter’s style as “Stellar Essence.” Not often do artist come around that are multi-talented in the aspect of song and rhyme. She also plays the piano and writes her own music. “She is definitely something special.” Sarafina states during a studio session.

Coco Carter was introduced to me by Sarafina at Apache cafe. When she got on stage I was more than spell bound by her fluidity and style. Her conscious lyrics will keep the hip-hop heads bobbing while her songs will have you chanting her catchy hooks and bridges. Coco Carter is a student at Georgia State University. She is currently working on her first solo project which has yet to be titled but promises great things.

Coco has performed at, Apache Cafe, The i Lounge, Phase1, The Green Room Actor’s Lounge and school functions. I certainly expect greatness from this artist as she presents herself to be a fresh breath of air to the hip-hop scene. Please don’t be confused. The talents of this young woman can simply not be summed up in one style of music. She is eclectic and her eccentric vibes send electro waves to any listening ear.

Coco Carter can be found on Face book at Coco Carter. As well as YouTube on the EtherealsTV channel. She is also a part of the cosmic soul movement that is ever present in the Atlanta area.

 Like the night sky the stars and moon mesh perfectly. And in the spring the flowers bloom and weather changes. The beauty of the season gives you a calm and natural energetic high. And this brings me to the next artist that may not sit center stage, however he is on the stage, off the stage and in many studio sessions.

There are many of musicians that don't get that center star spotlight however they have contributed their art to the song. Rather that be writing, engineering, producing or playing an instrument. Ladies and gentlemen I bring a hot artist to come hang on the block and make it hot as all of the artist that hang and bring their magnificent light and wonderful energy. Joseph Love!

Joseph Love is an incredible talent that has his hands in the pot of the music industry. Multi-talented and quick to learn and get in where he fits in. And his resume proves it! Joseph says he knew he wanted to play the bass guitar when he saw the Brothers Johnson live in concert. Impressed by the show and the two lead guitarist jamming, just like an addict the man was hooked!

From the age of twelve Joseph Love practiced until he had perfected the bass guitar. Self teaching himself and honing his craft and of course being so young learning to play an instrument he did what any person would do, yes he joined the high school marching band. And by doing this, now Joseph Love was more than bitten by the bug of music! Of course this also led him to continue his thirst for music and he continued his education in music.

Josephs resume is not only impressive but just a mere image of the musical genius he really is. Take for example that he has played with the following super stars in the music industry.

Diana Ross

The Dramatics

Leon Sylvers Productions

Paul Jackson, Jr.

Marlon McKinney musical Director of Earth, Wind & Fire

Wayne Vaughn

Rickey Rouse

Mahlia Franklin The Brides of Funkenstein

Rikki Rocket of Poison

Hank Ballard, Jr. Trumpet

Jonathan "Jon John" Robinson 

Natalie Cole

Stevie Wonder

Chaka Khan


Atlantic Starr

MC Eight


Martin Nelson (Boys To Men)

Wayne Vaughn (Lets groove tonight)

And a sleuth of West Coast rappers he can also add to his long list of resume. Not only does Joseph Love play bass guitar, he plays keyboards and dabbles a bit on the drums. Well why wouldn't he have a keen sense and ability to master other instruments? You have got to admit that this man has paid more than his dues in the world of music.

Multi-tasking is also in Joseph Loves vocabulary, not only is he a man that has showmanship he has written, co-produced, produced and engineered with a sleuth of artist. Jam sessions, studio sessions and playing on some major hits! Have you ever heard of a small company called Yab Yum Records? Ahh let me not tease and speak of this company as if it were nothing. This company was ran and owned by Tracy Edmonds wife of Babyface. And through this company a great deal of wonderful artist songs went platinum and mulit-platinum and made a huge contribution to the world of music we so dearly loved to listen to.

We all speak of paying dues to get what we want and to get where we need in our careers. And of course in life we have had our ups and downs. I must say that no matter what may come or go in the life of Joseph Love he is dedicated to his art and he has also paid his dues by working for the following record companies; A&M,Universal, Avenue Records which is a subsidiary of Rhino Records. Also working very closely with DJ Aladdin! My goodness what has this Man not done?

Joseph Love is also the owner and CEO of “The Joseph Love Company” that was founded in 1999. Specializing in Executive Management Consultant, The One Stop Shop For Entertainment, Music Publishing, Radio Promotions, Marketing, Artist Management, Internet Promotions, Record Label Representation, Touring and Booking of Artist. He is also apart of the “Q Group” A fall out music consultation since 1999 to present and currently with “Musicians On Call”

When you love what you do as a artist you sleep, eat and wake up thinking what is the next move. What can I do next to make my mark. What spectacular new inventive and creative venture will make a mark on this world and show my talent and get me noticed. We all thrive in this world to be seen and noticed for our beautiful abilities we bring to the table in our true art form. And I can say that Joseph Love has not and will not give up on the call in his life to continue to move forward and show not only the world but himself there is more to give! And we patiently wait for him to bring his musical talents to the world and continue to wow us!

Ladies and gentlemen let's turn the spotlight on Joseph Love as he plays his bass guitar and give us a solo and funk lesson!!

If you would like more information in this artist, you may contact me.

Let us all give a warm hand clap for Znuff Starr! Yes ladies and gentlemen, lovers of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz, blues and in my opinion a bit neo-soul. It was purely by suggestion and in a deep conversation that I was told about this artist he was spoken highly of. As I watched his music video “Look At Me Now” The groove and the mellow sounds takes me to great moments living in Cali driving the coast. Except on this track you need to have a convertible and all sounds cranked up! Infectious, mellow for a drive and more than enough for you to tap your feet, bob your head and move your body. I like that! Znuff Starr is a talented force to be wreck end with. This performer and artist hails from the East Coast, New Jersey. I like that because Hip-Hop as a whole gave us some wonderful music from the East Coast. And it is extremely apparent that they are with this gem Znuff Starr.

I looked up the word Hip-Hop in the Urban dictionary and it gave me words I would like to share with you. It's a culture, it's a state of mind, it's a language, it's fashion, it's a style, it's something you feel every moment of your day. And I concur with this because we have seen the many phases Hip-Hop has gone through. You heard me say it before, I enjoyed the 80's and 90's rap the most. But, and yes there is a but. Znuff Starr embodies all the music I love! And so it is with open arms, ears and eyes I embrace his talent and welcome him to my collection of music. And to the Corner to hang out on my block and grace us with his talent.

Znuff Starr gives you a glimpse in his world on “Ridding Getting High” The vocals and his rap style show you his versatility. Because I enjoy fashion I was very impressed with Znuff Starr's flair and steaze. Again going back to the definition of Hip-Hop where fashion is concerned. His energy fits each song he sings or raps on, “Freak Show” and “Sewaside” are just a couple of examples of how he shifts and slides into each role of his lyrics.

Znuff Starr is a busy man who is a business man. As this is a business and capitalizing on as much as you can sets a proper example to us all. Co- founder of a Seattle based group called the Block Burners, along side with Redskin and Kube 93's Dj B Mello. Also Znuff is running his own record company called Blockstarrz Entertainment Inc. and has affiliations with independent fashion designer's such as Katina Johnson "Hot G 7 & J'mar J. Grayson. Znuff Starr is one of the main host of The Trap House Rock Show, a certified Indie Republic Station. An artist that has his hands and ownership in all the key components of this industry and business. We know of so many that just toured and got behind a mic and didn't learn the back hand of the buisness and also be a true visionary of this game. Kudos for Znuff Starr!

Znuff Starr has an incredible resume of performing and making music with the likes of; Nrc's Dj A.P on Av8 Records with artist like Wycleff Jean, Craig Mac,Channel Live, Treach, and on vol 6 a remix with Jaheim "let it go”. He has also worked on house record with the infamous Harry "Chu Chu " Romero.

Let us not take a cat nap and sleep in any sort when it comes to raw and refined talent all embedded in one. Let us be on the look out and play check “The Fan In The Mirror" Let us be open to music again, when rappers were creative with their beats, clothes, lyrics and the like. A story to be told by this man who is not only a fan of it but a realist in his movement! I am excited because I miss the days of Hip-Hop that gave me raw and electric energy through my speakers. That gave me a push where I wanted to “cop that CD” Because at this moment this artist right here! She needs some back in the day feel and some right now feel. Znuff Starr gives me that!

Ladies and gentlemen and all you loyal Hip-Hop fans as myself bringing to the stage please stand and show your love for a unique and wonderful artist and lyricist Znuff Starr! Please step into the spotlight Znuff Starr this stage belongs to you! Now blow it up!

If you would like more info on this artist you may contact me by email. Or you can Google Znuff Starr!

Ladies annnnnnnnd Gentlemen! I proudly bring to the center of the ring weighing in at 168 pounds standing at 6'3 defending the super middle weight division Richaaaard Pieeerson!! Lets get it on!!

In speaking with this kind soul that has the fists of an iron cannon I was so humbled and yet very surprised when I interviewed this man. Richard Pierson born November 26, 1980 a conscience soul in the making.

The question I had to pose to myself was “How can a man be the king of a jungle and have the heart and compassion like Mother Theresa?” Balance, life, love and knowledge of self. A strong belief in God and placing him first in life. That is how. In speaking to Mr. Pierson I was taken back by his beginnings as a child that brought him to the man he is today.

When I asked Richard why did he choose boxing, he gave me two answers. The first was he had lost a daughter at birth his second child; she was alive for two seconds. Can you imagine a child coming into the world and only living for seconds? I try to fathom the hurt and the pain that both parents endured. Just imagining welcoming a beautiful bundle of joy all smiles, and then death occurs. Losing a daughter due to neglect and improper malpractice of the doctor. Richard of course wanted justice and could not get it because there were no lawyers that wanted to take his case on. His daughter was clearly mishandled! So out of anger at the age of nineteen Richard needed and outlet and that led him to boxing. Boxing was introduced to him by his mom, but not yet would he take it seriously until this tragic event. Richard wanted to hurt somebody, spew his aggressions on a willing opponent. Richard couldn't fathom boxing at such a young age, of course his mother could. She wanted her son off the streets and Richard focusing on something better than death, crime, drug abuse and the many unattractive elements that is known in the projects. Raised on 12th Ave. and East 22nd a block that is known to this day for its high murder ratio.

We all have talents and skills that are graciously given to us and once Richard started training and then actually got into a ring and had his first fight he knew that this was something he was born to do. Boxing was now coursing through his veins like hot lava! And Richard Pierson has now been boxing for ten years seven KO's, ten victories and only two loses that speaks volumes of his talent! I asked Richard which fist posses more power. He told me “Both” And I can tell you that he indeed has a powerful left and right hand punch! Ouch!

In 2008 Richard had stepped away from boxing being disgruntled and discouraged in regards to his management. It was in 2009 he had come back to boxing and now with a more personal vendetta and overwhelming strength from within had encircled him and his life. Because of the experiences that Richard had experienced as a child growing up he did not wholly believe in God. Not at all! He wasn't reared or raised having knowledge however, Richard says this was his realness, his foundation and he prays before he goes into the ring. Maybe this is why he has the record he possesses?

Richard was so utterly honest and forthright when speaking to me about how he was raised and what he had experienced. You see it in movies, matter of fact Richard likened himself to the movie New Jack City. How ironic that when he had told me this I had just watched the movie a week before interviewing him. I have had to seen this movie over a thousand times it seems and it never gets old for me because I read in between lines and verses actions and deeds. And each character speaks bold and loud as does Richard.

Richard graciously told me that as a child he didn't feel he got the attention from his mother that he deserved. Not fully understanding as a child that his mother worked two and three jobs in order to support the six children in the household. This led to Richard doing hustling and scrambling in the projects. Selling crack cocaine that his older brothers would give him. This was an awe moment to say the least for a eight year old who was now afforded what he felt the “luxuries in life”. Clothes, shoes and whatever an eight year old could ever dream of. At the age of ten Richard had mastered how to cook, bag, and cut up cocaine. Richard painted a picture of his project housing being exactly as it was in the movie New Jack city, “The Carter” I shutter just to think of a child or anyone for that matter living this way. How be it that a child of eight is selling drugs? And at the age of ten mastering the process? I do not and shall not blame his mother for you see she was doing the best she knew how. Working two and three jobs to take care of her children.

There was no father figure in the household and Richards mother never married the father Mr. Pierson. Richards father has twenty-four children! And Richard says that he has a rapport and relationship with most of his step siblings that are close and around his age. He holds no animosity against his father nor the siblings that were brought into the world. I admire that about this wonderful being. However as I spoke more to Richard there would be much more that I would soon admire.

Once upon a time it was prevalent that some men left women when they fathered children. Of course not wanting to be bothered nor responsible. Some men showing up to see their children when and if they felt like it. And some men not showing up at all. Those days are getting slim where as men are stepping up to the plate and showing more worth and love than ever before. And I must say that this warms my heart. Here you have Richard who is the father of eight children that all reside with him! Five being biological, taking in four that were non-related by blood into his home. Is this a saint or what? Richard told me that he was in a relationship with two women, one for two years and Richard took him into his custody to raise because he had built a bond with the child. There are also three other children they he has adopted from a ten year relationship that he was in. Again because he didn't want to part from the children and they all were very close. I tell you that this man is a saint! This kind soul also is heavily involved by volunteering at the Boys And Girls Club in Patterson New Jersey. Let us also note that Richard donates blood due to his sister having to get blood transfusions every other Friday. Also not stopping in just giving blood he also donates platelets to cancer patients because they lose them when going through chemo.

I asked Richard does he allow his children to come and see him when he is boxing, he quickly said no. stating that, “It is a difference when strangers are watching me fight in comparison to my children. They see a bloody nose and will get emotional. I don't feel they would fully understand.” Though his children are fully aware of what their dad does.

Not only is Richard a full-time dad, trains hard, boxer, and volunteers at the Boys And Girls Club. He is also a full-time student! He is in school taking up Child Development. Richard has a full schedule, one so full in fact I am wondering when and how does he do it all. Richard told me that he gets no help from anyone. May I add that the man can cook? Oh yes! He cooks Sunday dinner for his family and plans on opening up a restaurant in the future called “Bay-Bops Kitchen” with his sister. The man also is a writer and poet, a man after my own heart. Again I ask you what does he not do?

Long gone are the days of selling crack cocaine. Long gone are the days of being teased wearing not his brothers but sisters hand me downs. Long gone are the days of being sour and mad at the world. Mad at a father that he barely knew who passed when he was fifty-three years old. It is on with the new and positive way of life. Being the father to his children, the father he wanted. Being a kind and honorable man that not just his children will look up to but others as well. A man of the people holding down his community and sharing his life story to encourage the youth. There are some that talk the talk while Richard Pierson talks the talk and walks it.

I must inject that for a man of his age to be so dedicated and loyal to not only his life and craft but to be a dedicated and loving father speaks volumes of his character. And if we all can take just a little piece of what Richard with us and give of ourselves as he does. Wouldn't the world be a better place? As for myself if I could have just a piece of the courage, strength, tenacity that Richard has. And give more of myself in ways that he does. I am encouraged as I relive his story and the pains he speaks of now so non-nonchalant.

Ladies and gentlemen in this corner wearing the blue shorts your next Super Middleweight champion of the world Richaaaard Pieeersoooon!!!! (roars of applause, cheers and whistles)

If you would like more information in regards to this performing artist please email me.

I cannot tell a lie because at this present I am under oath. I will not compare this artist to any other artist that is relevant in the industry right now. There is no competition! However a song does come to mind when hearing her melodic voice, “If I was a bird” performed by Floetry. Only because her voice takes you to new heights and gives you chills, makes you smile feel good on the inside. Is that not what a singer is suppose to do? The words have more meaning, the production of music has more meaning because the delivery is strong. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you “Noni Joose” A spectacular woman that has a way with a song, her audience and her delivery that is in my opinion impeccable.

My first time hearing the voice of Noni was in a small cafe, eatery be day and on Wednesday night it was an open mic. A night that was given to the poets, rappers, singers and comedians. As Noni approached the front of the room where a mic, speakers and a instrumental track. The energy and vibrancy that had begun to shine before she had even hit the mic; she was filled with the “Joose”! I was blown away by her voice and how she hit every soprano note perfectly! How she scatted and I felt that I was sitting amongst the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington I was in the 40's , a decade I love and fantasize of living in for years. Chills escaped my pores and ran up and down my arms and the hairs of my arm stood up and applauded her voice and how Noni made me excited. I was in the decade when music was raw. Poetry was appreciated. Bands were appreciated and the audience consisted of famous people in the Harlem Renaissance. Noni took me there!

In a time where the music industry, great music is now considered to be underground. R&B is now defunked, neo-soul came, conquered and got lost in orbit. Pop music is and has gone left when it use to be right. I shake my head because so many talented people are singing at open-mics, jazz clubs, lounges and traveling from venues to venues to be heard and seen. Now you have artist that can not carry a tune and I am frowning my brow because I cannot hear or see nor feel anything spectacular coming from them. However now I am grateful for these venues and people in the industry that still make pure music even though it may not be listened to by the masses at this time. But there are still some of us that like talent and enjoy great music!

Noni Joose has the capacity to multi-task her talents and yet stay very true to her roots of the music she wants to be known for. Noni's sophisticated jazzy spiritual soul is what the industry needs now! We need a mature voice to capture the masses and fill you up with smiles and warmth. When you listen to her sing “All of Me” acapella your senses are heightened. Feel her voice course in your veins when you hear her breeze vocally through “Mary Jo”. Raw, yet this artist is refined like granulated sugar it gets no sweeter than this! The perfect track to schmooze on and be sure to appreciate is “Full Moon” The range and depth and the cry in her voice is magnificent!

When placing anyone on this corner, the hottest on the block and close nit diverse artist that bring a non-compromising talent that shines and deserves to be given their own place to be represented and spoken highly of. We in this community want you the purest of talent seeking souls to get the best of the best. To feel and be moved in the right direction and not left.

So it is with great pride and pleasure that I continue to scour this earth for pure talent and something to move the masses and again in just hanging back and out one night I had the pleasure of meeting Noni Joose. Glad to have made her acquaintance, all over her at the end of the show and performance. Being a groupie and her number one fan. I fell in love with her! Fell in love with the place she took me, fell in love that she not only had talent and beauty she was very charming and humble. Me gushing, that there were still singers that sang and performed in this way. Shocked someone so young at the time appreciated real raw sophisticated music. Edgy, and Noni has been known to create music ensued with jazz, hip-hop and lyrically she sets high standards with each note. Her latest production of work “Goddess Vol.1” speaks to ones heart and soul moving you to a perfect vibe an flow. Wonderful....

So ladies and Gentlemen it is with great pleasure I stand as a proud red robin mama bird. My breast plate held high and my shoulders or shall I say wings back firm and at attention. I proudly present and welcome Noni Joose! A force and voice to be wreckend with, stand to your feet and give a roar of applause cheers and whistles, the Goddess that sings the hip- hop jazz blues, Noni...Ladies and Gentlemen.

If you would like any information in regards to this artist you may Google Noni Joose or contact me.

Boom! Clack! Boom Clack! It is the sound of the rhythmic drum, could be the sound of ones heart rate speeding as it enters in the realm of excitement. The throbbing beat one may have in their eardrums. But for me it is the non-rehearsed lines in each poetic line that this kinetic spirit brings when she soothes and moves the crowd. Sanctuary please be at ease as I introduce to you a phenomenal young woman...Ebony Payne. There is much to say of her because she is not just one to talk about it but be about it. Ahhh my type of lady! There is much to be said of a young woman in action and on the move who is true to her craft and her art and nothing can be more serious for her and to her.

Ebony Payne is a poetess who has reached many with her linguistics to teach and reach those who have an ear for truth, realness, love and also politically correct; soothing and mesmerize with each syllable served. Now that is what a poetess is suppose to do. I love the line, Wings never come in easily. They sprout just behind the shoulder blades and cause a great degree of pain. It looks strange during developmental stages then you'll come to an age and maturity where they'll fill in securely.” Ebony Payne

Ebony Payne is a young lady on the move who I am proud to host on the Artist Corner and feature. Not only a poet, writer and performer; Ebony Payne is also an activist that has helped to raise awareness about safe sex, STD's, HIV/AIDS, high-risk sexual behavior amongst youth, and drug abuse. How wonderful that she gives back to her community? And this is why I say let us not talk about and be about it!

Not only being an activist Ebony Payne is also the President of Black On Black Rhyme Jacksonville Florida Chapter where she is originally born and raised. Being the first female founder of such an organization. Black On Black Rhyme and I quote “Is a collective of poets, musicians artists and lovers of creativity. They perform all over the world uplifting the down and down with their uplifting. Come rise to the skies with these women and guys.”

Ebony Payne has done a host of incredible work and toured with Back Talk house band and opened for Jamie Foxx at the New Orleans House of Blues. She was a radio co-host on Clear Channel’s 100.7 The Beat, alongside legendary hip-hop artist Thrill Da Playa. Talk about loyal to her art and to what moves and grooves her spirit, love and mind. It doesn't stop there! Ebony Payne as I stated is also a writer; Ebony Payne has completed her 1st novel, has released 3 albums Old Soul, Struggles Embrace, and EbEnFlo; and is working on a graphic novel, "The Random Happenings of my Universe".

Ebony Payne continues to reign and hold her spot in this world by being active and participating in seminars and workshops. All hail to the Queen as she sits on her throne and makes her world not only rotate on its axis but heavily pursues and ensues the many God given talents she has been blessed with.

I can only dream of a world where the youth stand and be noticed and take life by the reigns and compete with the many forces that are ahead of them. Not being dismayed and dis-encouraged by life's pitfalls is how one steps out on faith and plant the seeds of life and watch them grow into something fruitful. Life is words and words are life! If we believe it then we achieve it making our lives full frontal view. I see an exceptional future for this young artist that is on the path of something divine and healing as she paves the way for those that can follow and see an example of positivity before them. I quote from Ebony Payne “It occupies the pages of my notebook every poem in my mind; the sandbox that encases grains sifted through time by order of divine appointment. Bestowed an anointment.” Beautiful words recited and written by a beautiful soul.

There is no stopping this creative force as she continues to give you her soul and heart rhyme by rhyme; bit by bit and words that have meaning and substance. One must sit and relish the example Ebony Payne leads with and the motivation she has that keeps pushing her in the right direction.

Sanctuary please stand to your feet and give two snaps in a circle and two to the side and welcome Ebony Payne to our block!

If you would like more information about the organization that Ebony represents and more info in regards to this artist please feel free to contact me. 

When I think of think of this man I hear the song M.I.A came out with years back, “No one on the corner has swagger like us” due in part that he comes to you giving you that full frontal east coast vibe and swag; true realness as there is no other like him, there is no competition. A great and wonderful asset to have when you are an artist. Some could say that the man is a narcissist. I concur, if you don't believe you and stand by what you do and who you are when you do what you do and how you do. Then who will?

I must let you know that Mr. Terence Merritt is a survivor of cancer! Yes indeed! And when we met on a personal level he had just finished up chemo and was beginning radiation treatments. When I was offering my condolences and showing empathy for his health crisis. He abruptly stopped me in mid sentence. As stopping a runner in the Olympics jumping a hurdle in mid air; “No, no I do not need that and do not want that. I do not need your sympathy. I'm good. I feel good about me and I am positive. I am healed” He replied in his east coast accent I fell deeply for. Alright then! So from that moment on I knew that I was dealing with a winner. So it is with great admiration that I welcome a beautiful soul and edition to come and hang out on the corner and represent!

Terrence Merritt a man of many talents that he holds true and dear to his heart. Writing being one of them; I find it ironic that as I started this Corner a block for artist to come hang out on that I have come across so many writers and poets that made me want to burn my notebook. I say that in admiration of their gift and talent that supersedes what the artist may actually feel about themselves. Even though Terence Merritt has a slight cocky edge about his truth and realness. There is a humbleness that embodies his spirit, and I like that very much. Not only a writer, Terence Merritt is a published author who self-published his first book Their Backs against the WallI admire writers that take it upon themselves to do self publishing because the literary world cannot only be competitive but harsh to newcomers in this industry and at times one could lose their faith in their art they have been blessed with. Terence Merritt has received a sleuth of compliments in regards to his first book and is now working on second book “Will You Stand By Me Their Backs Against The Wall Vol. 2” when you have fans that are waiting to get your next piece of work this indeed is a great sign that your work is not in vain! This is a compliment and a rush of inner confidence that is well deserved!

Staying true in this game of artistry can be grueling and hard on ones spirits and try you in so many ways. However Terence Merritt proved many wrong! When he found out he had cancer (which is now in remission) he was in the midst of starting a clothing line he aptly named, “ALL ME baby!” Terence had explained why he named his clothing line this and his response was, “The name of my clothing line is called ALL ME. It is about the empowerment of self. Yes GOD is there and some family members are too, but at the end of the day who is there to help you move forward? I mean you worked hard for your job, body, degree, education, life and family.” I can rock with that! And it would be a pleasure for me to rock some wear that made me feel good about me and where I am in life and where I am going!

Terence Merritt did not let his illness keep him down for long, no way! No how! He pushed himself to continue to design his clothing and now sales them in Atlanta in the Little Five Points area. And he also continued writing, he is a contributing writer for Blackoops Entertainment Magazine where he speaks on personal relationships. In regards of how to deal with your mate sexually, personally and mentally. I have mad respect for this man that is beating the odds in all his personal and artistic endeavors. It takes a lot of courage and tenacity not to let the elements of life and health cast you down and give you a spirit of depression and no hope.

So as I turn the spotlight on a leader and not a follower. On a provocative doer and just not a dreamer Ladies and gentlemen show your love and give Mr. Terence Merritt an overwhelming applause! From the east to the west this man represents! To a man who can show us not only by talking but leading as an example!

If you would like more information in regards to this artist please feel free to contact me.

 Remember the movie “Breaking”? I know when you look back at it now you may say OMG! did we dress like that back in the day? Yes we did! Oh and when the rappers wore leather pill box hats and leather pants? When Hip-hop was not even considered REAL music. When DJ's were stars and the cent-re of attention, the block, your house party! Hail to the mighty DJ's....Well I am bringing and honored to host a fantabulous DJ who has gotten the block and the club rocking and is dedicated to his craft. And speaking in regards to craft...let us take a moment to pay homage to the many DJ's that spin records for us to vibe and bob our heads to.

Well Let me be straight forward and say this first and foremost; that I, Toy High recall the days when DJ's would scratch on vinyl and it would get the crowd jumping! I am from the west coast born and raised and loved it when the east coast brought this form of “scratching” to the masses and made it a “brand” in our culture! I recall the dances I went to when in high school and the DJ would play your favorite cut, well it just wasn't my favorite jam but majority of the kids in school! And when the DJ would bring in the next song by letting the next jam fade in to the current song he was playing and he would scratch and mix it up! It drove the masses into a deep frenzy with yells and screams and got us pumped! And we forgot about how we were tired and our body wanted us to take a seat or hold up the wall. Noooo! Now we are jamming to “It takes two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. This continued on as I grew into an adult and clubbing was now an addiction for me. Let me also be clear, (clears throat) I went to the club to hear the music, to dance in hopes that the DJ had skills and knew how to mix and scratch all the latest jams. And some had some skills to keep the club rocking and me on my feet in four to six inch heels!! But if the DJ was what we called “whack” we knew we were in for a sorry and sad night because the DJ always rules and moves the crowd. And in the immortal words of Rakim, "No mistakes allowed!"

So with that small introduction let me mix and scratch (in my mind) a wonderful DJ of music who has crafted his skills for thirty years, wait I can hear him playing Guy “I Like” and how he mixed and scratched in Chubb Rock “Treat em right” I have no idea how he did this, but this man has some real skills! And I like, oops no love what this DJ brings to the turn tables. I have mad respect for the art, and yes for me this is an art! So to all the purest of great music from back in the day, I bring to you a veteran who is still hot and still making those turn tables burn and get the masses on their feet! DJ CJ Flassssshhh!

I came across this artist and his love of music by a friend of mine that recommended me to listen to his show live. A bit hesitant I reached out to the artist after going to his site and I will say I was impressed. And I was also very elated when I reached out to him and humbly asked could I do a piece on him. So as I sat down and chilled out being open minded and tuned into “The World Famous Rick & Russ Show” I was right at home as CJ Flash got on the wheels of steels and impressed me with his skills. I was taken back to those moments of being young again! To those moments when R&B and Hip-Hop were beautiful and sincere! I was hooked! What had really made me feel special was I felt that CJ Flash had gotten in my head and played and scratched up everything I wanted to hear. Was he only doing this for me? I can't say yes, but it sure felt that way. And as the show ended, or their time slot; he had begun to get in the groove of it all and made it hot!

I have a mad respect and loyalty to the DJ's of the world who like CJ Flash have been doing this for years and made it not only a craft but a way of life! When I asked CJ Flash when did he get the bug for this art he told me, “I was twelve years old” Really? Not only was there an interest in being a DJ but he is in the business of making music, yes of course why would he not be? Not only being an extremely talented DJ, CJ Flash is also known to move the crowd with composing, songwriting and producing music from hip-hop to jazz. A man after my own heart!

CJ Flash has seen the many highs and lows that come with not only being a DJ but also how the industry of music and the culture of music has changed drastically. We all have if we are truly purest of music. DJ's that have been on the scene and have been in the clubs rocking the top 40 hits from the disco scene (that is as far as I will go) and how and where we are today. Imagine being at the forefront as DJ CJ flash has been. CJ Flash told me that his father was a DJ as well and he had an infinitive collection of 45's. Wow! Being a DJ from back in the good ole days before technology has most DJ's now with their MAC laptops, downloads and CD's; I could imagine beautiful vinyls in their beat up coverings or even slip covers and CJ Flash basking in the delight of the wonderful collection his father owned. Looking up to his father and wanting to emanate him because he so respected his father. Looks as if it was only natural for CJ Flash to follow in the same foot steps.

CJ Flash has a wonderful ear for music, one must be this way because not everyone can be a DJ. You must have an ear for music and one must posses skills. Producing music, composing and writing indeed takes talent and one must have innate ability such as CJ Flash who has made his mark in this world. CJ Flash is the President and CEO of Music for the People Entertainment in Berkley California. He also has worked for Associated Entertainment and graduated from College for Recording Arts. Because of his popularity and mad skills CJ Flash earned himself a spot on what was then the Bay Area’s hottest underground music show - Music For The People on KALX 90.7FM in Berkeley. IN the 90's he teamed up with two of the hottest Bay Area D.J. Organizations - The Original D.J.’s & The World Famous Rick & Russ Show. Currently, they play for a variety of venues around the country and the Bay Area including The Oakland Jazz Festival, The Stone Soul Concert (hosted by 102.9FM KBLX). In February 2008, C.J. joined the Katt Williams’ “It’s Pimpin’, Pimpin’” nationwide tour. For over 100 shows. And has worked for a host of musical notables such as Robin Thicke, Trey Songz & Jay-Z! Now this talented DJ has some clout in this industry!

So let's throw our hands in the air and wave them like we just don't care as we get our groove on and as we welcome DJ CJ Flash to his wheels of steel and rock the stadium...Ladies and gentlemen keep on dancing and bobbing your head as DJ Flash represents with a surreal flair and motion!

If you would like to know more about his artist please feel free to contact me.

It is in my daily conversation I use lines or phrases from a movie or lyrics from a song or rap track. Some people catch it, and some people don’t. So when sitting down to write this piece on an artist who holds his very own place slanging lyrics; one other artist comes to mind from the west coast, Ice Cube.  Let me take this line and say that he “I push rhymes like weights” is the line to a perfect beat created for the talented Nova the Rebel! He is indeed a force to be noticed in the much dying world of hip-hops present state.  Of course me and my opinion only.  Nova the Rebel swoops in on the low key like Clark Kent and sees his fellow love interest of hip-hop (his fans and myself) Lois Lane; are thirsty for some refreshing beats and verbal word play. 

Nova the Rebel hails from Cleveland Ohio where he has made a huge mark on his fan base there.  Just picture a seven year old rapping on a mic attached to a karaoke machine? Some say that we have an inkling of what we want to be in life when we are young. And some of us do attain the desire and dream of how we see ourselves when we get older.  Usher in Nova the Rebel!

I am excited when an artist such as Nova the Rebel who comes in and shows us real skills and stays true to the art and not what is commercial.  Of course I say he holds the candle true to artist that I more than love their work.  Talib Kwele, Mos Def, De La Soul, Lupe Fiasco and Q-tip.  There is an art to have a skill to take verbs and adjectives and bring them to the mic such as this artist Nova the Rebel.

I spoke earlier that I am a movie buff, and so it is the scene and line in the move Dream Girls.  When 

Beyonce Knowles character Dena Jones says to the character Effie White played by Jennifer Hudson

“Come on Effie it’s just a few oohs and ahhs.” Well I take it as Nova the Rebel gave me oohs and ahhs! He took me away with his single “We Fight We Love” And I smirked, I bobbed my head and a full smile came across my lips.  She likes, she wants more.  And so I on a quest for finding out more of this artist came across the video, “Okay” and after that vibed and grooved with “Touch Your Soul Freestyle” And this artist right here, this right here true hip-hop heads; I was convinced! And so as I fiend for more, I got “Give It to ‘em”.  Respect.

When one is on a quest; a journey to accomplish and pursue ones dreams.  You let yourself be known. 

Nova the Rebel performed for Cleveland based hip-hop show "Did it Happen Overnight?" which came on

 public access television, has performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as Peabody’s Concert 

Club, Rock star Rock Lounge and the 20/20 Martini Lounge. He has been interviewed and featured in 

Cleveland based magazine, "B-Fly", interviewed and spotlighted on, interviewed on Ms. 

Kitty Williams Radio Show, was a regular on 89.3 FM the Cleveland State University radio station, was the

 First Champion of Cleveland based rap battle ground "Spit boxing" (which was a place where the battle 

rappers engaged in verbal combat), interviewed on Urbanunionradio with DJ Ice Mike and Chef and his 

single “Paper Callin” was also spotlighted on DJ Latin Assassin’s Z107.9 FM Cleveland Homejamz which 

generated radio spins on the radio station.

His recognition in the industry stands out and is very clear from the many accolades he has received.

Winning an award for Lyricist of the Year from, winning awards for People’s Male MC and

Artist’s MC at the Fourth Annual Rebel Army Awards that took place on October 1, 2011 in Cleveland 

Heights, OH at the Grog Shop in which Nova the Rebel also performed. He was also nominated for Lyricist

of the Year at the 2011 Ohio Hip Hop Awards.

I can only appreciate real artist in this industry that truly believe what they do and how they do it makes a

statement.  Staying true to the game is a bigger responsibility than just verbally professing it.  Success 

does declare itself in present life if we see the fruit that it bares.  And so it is, and so it shall be that this 

artist right here is forthright and indeed bringing it correct! I applaud his tenacity and his drive.  And of 

course his talent!

So it is with a great pleasure that I bring this artist to come hang out on my corner and hold down the block!

Lovers of hip-hop and fans of lyrical verbal movement! Please stand to your feet and throw your lighters up for Nova the Rebel! (Applause and yells!)

If you would like to know more information in regards to this artist you can Google Nova the Rebel or 

contact me.  

He haaaaails from Harlem New York! In this corner we have Phantom! I always wanted to introduce someone like that, sounding exactly like the ring announcer that introduces the fighters in boxing! I am excited to introduce this talented artist who has and eye for detail in his sketches and drawings! Bringing an urban flair in all of his sketches a raw realness one cannot surpass!

When looking at this artist's work these characters he sketches reminds you of the sassy girl next door you grew up, or the true hip-hop B-boy he commands attention!

It is with honor that I have the first artist to come hang out with me on the corner that is talented and far from cocky. Well maybe a little cocky, I mean when looking at the detail of his artistry  I myself would be a bit cocky. Phantom is the brilliant and bold artist that we here on the Artist Corner raise our pencils and sketch pads to!

I cannot express how again I am so moved by artist and their talent. I recall back in college I had taken art as an elective. And this was my third bold interaction with art on a different level. I enjoy being amazed and behooved by the fine lines in a portrait, sketch, painting or drawing. I of course cannot tell you the beauty and awe I feel when I absorb the lines and realness in the sketches of Phantom! His clinquant ability shows with each thrust of his pencil. Revealing nouns with such visual prominence! I stare at his work and ask myself, “Have I see this person before?”

It was just by chance that Phantom had not only told me but showed me his work at the same time! So many sketched portraits that were revealed to the visual Orpheus my eyes took in! There was sketch after sketch that received immediate oohs and ahhs that it was in no time that I asked Phantom to come hang out on the Corner; an artist that was a serious “must have”

In being an artist of course all of your senses are opened and you have a non-judgmental understanding immediately! The sharing of the arts is a stimulus in itself and you have immediate respect. And Phantom gave me that visual fix. I am not the only one that has been behooved and beguiled by this mans talent. Phantom has been asked to do contribute his artistry to many causes and various companies. Mos Def and Jill Scott are huge fans of his work as well! And with star power like that purchasing your work; and the many appreciators along with consumers Phantom has a wonderful future ahead of him.

Imagination vision and precision is what I see and feel when looking at the work of Phantom. The talent that he and his pencils create is quite phenomenal and a lot of passion. And this is always what attracts me to artist that are diverse. Their talent shines so bright and you are immediately attracted to that light. I indeed ask you to join me and look forward to indulging in the many wonderful works that Phantom will surprise our eyes and dazzle us with his fine sketches.

Ladies and gentlemen let us please take a slow deep breath, close your eyes, and then open them as Phantom walks through the door. And lets us walk on stage to the sketched gallery of his soul! Curtains and doors open and the crowd walks in and we oohh and awe!

If you would like more information on this artist please feel free to contact me.

OK I have a joke! Yes! I do! Okay here it is... Why did the chicken cross the road? To get his paper! Rotf!! No? Not funny? …. And that's fine! However I am happy to announce that I do have someone that is much more hilarious in telling jokes more funnier than what I just did. Hey you can't knock a girl for trying. Writing is my art and comedy is the art form in which Sam J expresses her art and I am here to tell you that she is simply hilarious and Sam J's approach to comedy is a laid back one. But please don't be fooled! No not at all! She approaches the mic and Sam J hits hard! In watching Sam J as she relates to her audience; she acts as if you are a group of friends and family she has known all her life. As if it is only a few of you hanging out. And on this journey of hanging out with Sam J you get thrills and chills of laughter!

Bringing my first comic to hang out on the Corner is very special one. And I am extremely elated to have Sam J come and keep our sides aching, stomachs and back hurting bent over in laughter! Where do they do that at? Apparently in Boston where Sam J is now wowing crowds with her brand of humor. What a transition the lovely Sam J has made. And trust me when I say transition I mean transition! Sam J was originally in the entertainment world of music! And I must say that she was a success at it. No Sam J was not an artist herself. Behind the scenes in A&R promotions and management. When I asked Sam J was she still in the music slash entertainment business. Her response was, “Nope fully focus on this comedy thing” As she should be! Wow! I mean coming from the music world, a comedienne who brings her swag on stage and full confidence that she will indeed make you laugh.

Sam J has come through many obstacles in her life. And I will say that Sam J is a true testament of what tenacity, strength, courage and hope. Not all of us can say that we have been to the mountain top and jumped on another mountain and concurred it! I say Sam J has made and placed comedy now in the centre of her life and by making others laugh I am sure Sam J will be cashing big checks soon and will be a household name before long! How could she not? Laughter is not only food for the soul but it is also healing to the body! Do we all not like to laugh? Here a great joke or story? Have we not laughed at how crafty comedians are when they tell stories that of tragedy and make them comical? I raise my hand and say yes I have. Sam J has her stake in this, however her laid back comedic style raises the bar!

I have a mad respect for any comic who can stand in front of a crowd to be scrutinized. Anticipating the comic on the M I C to make them laugh. And for the comic this has to be a small angst of sorts. You don't want to die up there on stage. Your jokes that you may think are funny. And maybe to a selected few they very well are. But the comics main objective is to make the audience laugh. Sam J does that with each and every joke she tells. Her jovial heartwarming persona rushes the audience and they are now caught up in her rapture of jokes! It gets no better than this!

Sam J horned in on her comedic skills and continues to get sharper and sharper. Her timing is impeccable! And not being a comic the one thing I do know. Timing is a must in this business, and of course great jokes.

I love laughing, crying from laughter. Body in a good pain from laughing. Face hurting because I have laughed so hard. Splitting headache from laughing! Don't you? Isn't it true that when you leave a comedy show you feel as if weights are lifted from your shoulders? You should! That is what a great comic does. All those worries and issues in life melt away and you are whisked off into the pleasure zone of laughter!

So it is with great pleasure Ladies & gentlemen I ask that you show your love and give a standing ovation for Saaaaaaam Jaaa! As she comes to the mic in showering us with her comedic skills. MAKING us laugh because that is exactly what Sam J does. The spotlight is on you!

If you would like more information about this artist please feel free to contact me.

Why when I heard this artist sing live the song that came to mind was by the Ojays “I love music”? Well I know why, because I do! And this talented artist who has been on the scene makes sure that you do! If you appreciate a sweet voice, a voice that can give you chills, a voice that can hold a note. Oh I am missing something here...A PERFORMER. Then let me stop there and say here he is DeP (pronounced Deep) This performer/singer/songwriter brings passion to every word and syllable when he is performing. And of course I love that. We all love that! Is this not why we go to see our favorite artist perform on stage? We want to feel and see the passion that resides in that person. We want to get a hold of the mood and ambiance that the artist creates. Hence let us all think DeP.

DeP has an incredible voice! And what I truly appreciate about his voice and his zealous talent is that I can feel the depth in his  voice. We are talking about the game, not practice this is indeed a franchise player! Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Neo-soul. He would fit in perfectly in all genres. Of course singing ballads for DeP would be like one blinking their eyes. It comes for him unconsciously and effortlessly. The way he riffs, harmonizes and holds a note gives one chills. Oh my how we so need this voice in the world of music!

I can appreciate majority of music that is out today. I may not like all of it, but I can appreciate it because it is the way the artist is expressing him/herself in this day and time. However it is talent and longevity, hard work and perseverance that makes ones presence known and appreciated. DeP has a severe choke hold on the industry right now. “Celebrate” is a song that will be tearing up the charts soon! However it is the song “Something More” that oozes a sensuality and calms me. A perfect song for a romantic evening! I am fanning myself over here! And the video for this single is hot! I am sure the ladies will appreciate the delectable delight and visual eye candy! And please be sure to listen to the titillating “Contract” DeP went deep on this one!

We all like to be compared to some wonderful people if we are in the world of being an artist. If a photographer one would have no issue being compared to Gordon Parks. If a female singer and one is compared to Aretha Franklin, that would be awesome. So even though I love compliments, I at times like and don't like comparing people to others. But here we go, she clears throat. Drum roll please! If Sam Cooke.. yes I said Sam Cooke. DeP would be the new millennium Sam Cooke. DeP has that earthy, raspy gospel feel to his voice that has a lot of soul. But enough comparing him to others because there is no competition to what DeP brings to his music or to the stage when he lights it up with his enigmatic energy.

In the world and words according to DeP, “I think R&B is making a come back. I think it has fell off the scene but it really hasn't gone anywhere.” In that statement I take so much from it. Being that most of the music we here today from artist is considered pop. What happen to Rhythm and Blues? Or as Eddie Murphy’s character said in Dreamgirls “Rough and black” That course harsh realness that we all have related to in the past in regards to “our music” the depth and the energy R&B gave us. So yes I concur R&B has fell off the scene, and it hasn't gone anywhere. However who will bring it back and give us what we have been hungering for? You guessed it! DeP! And of course thinking deep always the songwriter. So credit this to the fabulous music that he brings to his fans, and the world. Moving, creating, evolving eargasmic soul-lust.

Do in part that I can officially say DeP is always on the move touring nationally with so many artist to let the lovers of R&B know that we haven't gone anywhere! We are still here alive and bringing you what your heart desires in the world of music. Give me a dozen more of Deps and I will be fine! I love music! And I love the music that is created, sung and delivered in a great performance.

DeP has worked with a plethora of well known artist as well as toured! Too many to mention.  So this here should tell you that many artist appreciate his talent and his body of work.  This right here says a lot about this man who in my opinion tells us humbly (my words, not his) "I can give it  to you but what are you going to do with it?"

Ladies and Gentlemen coming to the stage right now is the new prince of R&B! So I am indeed going to need you to stand to your feet and give this brilliant talented man a huge overwhelming applause as he puts the R in the rhythm and the B in blues and has us swaying from side to side and even up out of our seats to dance! Give it up for DeP!

If you would like more information in regards to this artist you may contact me, or you can Google Think DeP

I am simply excited as I bring you the next artist on the Artist Corner! A man that when I think of him I feel many things and different attitudes. A vast persona emulates from his being. And that is what I love about this artist! The artist quirky idiosyncrasies! Follow me as I take you on a journey. If you are a fan of R&B you will remember the artist “Dave Hollister” A beautiful talented man who once sang with the Teddy Riley inspired group “Blackstreet”. Well now that I have caught you up, Dave Hollister dropped a funky hot hit on his first album titled, “I Came in The Door Pimping” And when this artist walks in the door he is “handling strictly business, nothing personal baby ain't trying to be shady that's just the way it goes.” (Dave Hollister). Ha! I love what I do! And so does he! “Eugee” who for this piece I refer to as Kevin, “Kevin Wilson”. A mufti-talented man that says I will, I am, I can and shall explore every genre of my talent! A mouthful I am sure just reading that sentence.

Kevin Eugee Wilson” has toured the world singing back up for some fabulous performers! Dave Hollister being one of the singing sensations on that list. Not that Kevin should mingle in the background! By no means! This man has the riffs and harmony to fit in and sing lead for a popular doo-wop group from back in day! A voice that moves the crowd! So now that you understand, if Kevin and my favorite neo-soul artist went on tour; it would be Kevin that would be the main attraction for me, the headliner if you will. Kevin would be the reason why I attend the show! And that says a lot! However this is just only one of the ever so many talents of Kevin.

Journey with me as now my role has been changed. I am now the Ringmaster, and I tell you why. I am placed before you as I pump you up! The crowd the audience and get you all excited. Bring glory at Kevin's many feats. This man also lives behind the control booth of your television. Kevin started in the television game as a PA and with in a very short time he was giving the opportunity of promotions. Project Coodinator to producing segments. That led to him now being a full-time producer! Ahhh!!! The pure love of what you do and how you do what you do to get your feet in the pool of success. Letting those know who you worked with need you and can't do without you! That is Kevin! A Chi-town native born and raised artist represents.

Kevin has worked the background behind the cameras and control booths for the Emmys and walked Red Carpets. Worked for power mega networks! Oxygen, E! A plethora of shows. Bad Girls Club, Love Games, Bad Girls Club Reunion Show, Bill & Juliana and many more! Kevin is making his name and brand stick in the hearts and the brains of many. Sylver Lining, Kevin's management booking agency is on the rise! Let us also note that Kevin will be producing upcoming shows and independent movies under Sylver Lining! We can't wait! Looking forward to all of his many life events.

However, I am not finished with this man who makes sure he does everything his heart leads him to do is also and actor! Yes! And if you look on your screen, you will see him hanging out! Kevin has sung and acted in plays! When sitting down and speaking with Kevin; his heart brings him to his first love. Acting. While I throw Kevin in the pot with Dwele, Rashaan Patterson, Raheem Devaughn, Dave Hollister, Maxwell and D'Angelo. Kevin doesn't have that same fire as does the acting bug. However ladies and gentlemen some birdies in the air heard him say, and I quote. “I know some producers and I will put something out underground” A funky, edgy, jazzy, soul, neo, earthy flow! Yes! Just like that I would huuuuur up and download that quick from iTunes!

Kevin is a man that has many directions he can go into and in this business and world of entertainment! Kevin doesn't sit still because he has a vast amount of energy, know, willingness to learn, grow and build. As all of us as artist should be able to do! I love the fire and tenacity that Kevin has for his future and life!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please as we all stand to our feet! All looking regal, funky, and snazzy! Because we could be at the Grammys, Emmys or Oscars with this man! Let us show him love as he walks up to the stage and dazzles us with his many performances! Welcome to the Artist Corner Kevin Eugee Wilson!

If you would like to know more about this Artist; please feel free to contact me!


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